Vegas 2015 recap

We had a super relaxing spa day! Lexi Sindel, Alexandra Snow, Meggerz, Momo, Ceara Lynch & me (Mistress T)

We had a super relaxing spa day! Lexi Sindel, Alexandra Snow, Meggerz, Momo, Ceara Lynch & me (Mistress T)

I’ve survived another of our legendary Vegas trips! I had an amazing time, as always.

I cherish the relationships I have with others in this wacky industry. It means so much to have peers to discuss the unique issues that come with this business. I’m sure it’s the same for anyone, whether you’re a lawyer, work in the medical field, a teacher, a mechanic, a bar tender, a CFO, a coder, etc.  There are things about your work that only those who do the same work understand. For me living in Vancouver I’m often fairly isolated from others who understand my work. My friends are very supportive, but it’s different hanging out with those who walk the walk & talk the talk.

So these Vegas trips are great opportunities to network, meet new friends and build on the relationships I already have. Sure, we party a bit, but we also share meals & talk, go to the spa & talk, hang out & talk. It’s fun AND it feeds my soul.

Goofing around in our shared hotel room...Meggerz & I.

Goofing around in our shared hotel room…Meggerz & I.


Myself with Meggerz & Lexi Sindel.

Myself with Meggerz & Lexi Sindel.

Myself, Momo & Lexi Sindel.

Myself, Momo & Lexi Sindel.

Here’s a shout out to both Kinkbomb & Clips4Sale who hosted amazing dinners & events. These events bring the community closer & it’s very much appreciated.

We has some crazy nights too...Alexandra Snow, Shauna Ryanne, Jasmine Mendez, Ceara Lynch, Lexi Sindel, me & Nate Bitch.

We had some crazy nights too…Alexandra Snow, Shauna Ryanne, Jasmine Mendez, Ceara Lynch, Lexi Sindel, me & Nate Bitch.

Shauna Ryanne & I with Elmo....mmm furrries:-)

Shauna Ryanne & I with Elmo….mmm furrries:-)

Out for dinner with Meggerz, Ceara Lynch & Alexandra Snow.

Out for dinner with Meggerz, Ceara Lynch & Alexandra Snow.

Here’s also a shout out to The Cupcake Girls. They provide excellent free services to women in the adult industry. (Like legal advice, medical/dental, counseling, educational support, emergency services, etc.)  They have a suite at the AVN convention where gals can come get their hair or make-up done for free, get mini massages, something to eat, etc. It’s a wonderful place to connect with other ladies in the industry & a very positive way to spread the word about the good work they do.

Meggerz & I at The Cupcake Girls suite.

Meggerz & I at The Cupcake Girls suite.

Caroline Peirce & I at The Cupcake Girls suite.

Caroline Peirce & I at The Cupcake Girls suite.

So, until we meet again! Thanks to the ladies who made this trip awesome. Particularly…& because your photo is here:

Princess Meggerz:

Ceara Lynch:

Alexandra Snow:

Lexi Sindel:

Shauna Ryanne:

Caroline Pierce:

Jasmine Mendez:


Mistress T

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The Cupcake Girls

The Cupcake Girls suite in Vegas 2014.

Meggerz & I enjoying cupcakes after our massage.

On my recent trip to Las Vegas I received an enticing twitter invite from ‘The Cupcake Girls’ to come to a VIP suite at The Hardrock hotel & eat cupcakes & enjoy a variety of services for FREE. They had me at cupcakes…but there were also professionals available to do massage, hair, make-up, nails, etc.

I figured there must be a catch, but no! I even offered tips to the women who massaged me & did my make up, but they refused. It was a completely free service. WHY?

Here’s what their website says:

“For womeThe Cupcake Girlsn working in the adult entertainment industry, non-judgmental support, consistent caring, and community resources are seldom, if ever, provided. In 2009, after a trip to Las Vegas opened our eyes to the needs of these women, we started knocking on doors of strip clubs with little more to offer than love and a box of cupcakes. Much to our surprise and delight we were not only invited in, we were invited back, and today we offer our unique brand of caring and support to women working in strip clubs in Las Vegas and Portland, and brothels in Nevada.”

So, this is an organization that supports women in the adult industry. Very cool.

Meggerz & I went twice during the week & enjoyed amazing, professional massages & professional make up application. We ate (they had lots of food, not just yummy cupcakes!) & chatted with interesting women. We were even given grab bags at the end with free Mac make-up & other great stuff!

Mistress T at The Cupcake Girls Suite.

Feeling pretty relaxed & happy after my massage!

So here’s a shout out to an organization that is doing great stuff:

Find them on Twitter:

Their website:

Mistress T

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The Hangover Heaven Experience!

Click to watch the vid!

Click to watch the vid!

Click pic to view vid or click this link:

My recent trip to Vegas as was so eventful I’ll have several blog posts to cover all the action. I’m starting with the end, for no particular reason.

My last morning in Vegas I filmed this vid of myself & Meggerz trying out the Hangover Heaven service. They come to your hotel room (if you want) & give you an IV drip of fluids to hydrate you & get you back on your feet. We loved it! Check out the vid above & see some of the pics below of the night before to understand why we needed a hangover cure in the morning.

Hangover Heaven’s website:

Princess Meggerz:

Meggerz & I getting cured of our hangovers via IV drip. Amazing!

Meggerz & I getting cured of our hangovers via IV drip. Amazing!

Our last night in Vegas we were taken out by Kinkbomb. We were actually spoiled rotten by Kinkbomb last week with fancy meals & epic club nights. Here’s my Kinkbomb studio:

Beachers Madhouse in Vegas

Beachers Madhouse Vegas – Midgets, furries, celebrity look alikes, crazy shows & antics. This place is a hangover producing machine!

Dommes in Vegas during AVN's.

Surrounded by beauty: (Left to right) Kyaa, Ceara, me, Meggerz, Shauna Ryanne (red), Jasmine Mendez (green)

Fantastic ladies I partied with above:

Goddess Kyaa (far left with glasses):

Ceara Lynch (gold top)…check out her blog for more pics from Vegas:

Princess Meggerz (black top):

Shauna Ryanne (red dress):

Jasmine Mendez (green dress):

Mistress T with furry in Vegas Jan 2014.

I love furries!

Mistress T at Beachers Madhouse in Vegas Jan 2014.

It was furry lovers heaven!

Mistress T with Pee Wee Herman & a sock puppet furry.

Pee Wee Herman, that perv…& a giant sock puppet. Add vodka & shake:-)

Mistress T

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Mixing business & pleasure (as usual!)

I was in Vegas last week for the annual porn convention (AVN/AEE: Adult Entertainment Expo). It was my second year at the AEE & my 3rd time sharing a room with Ceara Lynch, one of the sharpest people I know.

The week was a whirlwind of filming, business dinners & drinks, Vegas shows, signing autographs at the Clips4Sale booth, networking with smart business women, etc. I have so many great pics I want to share so I’m just going to throw them up…& I might make another post with more pics later.

A special thank you to both Clip4Sale & KinkBomb for hosting the various social events that enabled me to meet & network with my peers. The dinners were delicious, the parties debaucherous…all much appreciated.

I filmed with Ceara, Meggerz, Kyaa, Alexandra Snow…as well as Cheyenne Jewel (no pic below but vids will be out soon)…as well as for/with & Obey Amai.

After Vegas a slave drove me to LA & I filmed with Lexi Sindel of the FemDom Empire & Deviant Kade of Pupstail. So it was a VERY productive & interesting trip!

Here’s a list of links to see more of the ladies in the pics below:

Ceara Lynch:

Alexandra Snow (Domina Snow):

Princess Meggerz:

Goddess Kyaa:

Ashley Fires:

Jodi West:

Sarah Diavola:

Mistress T

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Mistress T in custom T-shirt.

My uniform for signing autographs at the Clips4Sale booth at the AVN/AEE in Vegas Jan 2013.

Ceara Lynch, Mistress T & Domina Snow at AEE Jan 2013.

Ceara Lynch is secretly VERY happy to be photographed with Domina Snow & I…what a poker face! Ha ha

Mistress T with a furry.

Oh-my-god: a furry in satin PJ’s?! Irresistible!

Ceara Lynch on 1 side...on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation...yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Ceara Lynch on 1 side…on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation…yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Goddess Kyaa, Mistress T & Alexandra Snow.

Goddess Kyaa, Alexandra Snow & I enjoying the spa…& each other:-)

Mistress T and Goddess Kyaa in Vegas.

Goddess Kyaa & I getting cuddly in a snazzy Vegas pool.


Mistress T & Ashley Fires in Vegas Jan 2013.

I just love Ashley Fires…planning to film with her in the next few months!

Mistress T getting a foot rub.

Such a lucky foot slave!

Mistress T & Meggerz in Vegas Jan 2013.

Night clubbing in Vegas with Meggerz!

Mistress T in a purple dress.

A pic taken during filming with HumiliationPOV. com

Mistress T, corporal punishment in a corset & stockings.

This pic was taken after filming a real punishment scene. You’ll have to watch the vid to find out why he was punished!

This lucky foot slave served Ceara & I for most of the trip, in vids & in person...he slept on our sofa & rubbed my feet as often as possible: heaven.

This lucky foot slave served Ceara & I for most of the trip, in vids & in person…he slept on our sofa & rubbed my feet as often as possible: heaven.

A fan on his hands & knees kissing my feet...yup, this stuff really happens.

A fan on his hands & knees kissing my feet…yup, this stuff really happens.

Clips4Sale dinner in Vegas.

Clips4Sale dinner. Ceara Lynch, Alexandra Snow, Dariusz (fr C4S), Sarah Diavola, Ashley Fires…sitting on Neil’s (owner of C4S) lap is myself & his lovely wife.

Ashley Fires & Mistress T Jan 2013.

Ashley Fires lubing up my latex pants at the Clips4Sale booth.

Mistress T & Jodi West at AEE.

It was amazing to meet Jodi West at the AVN’s. We create very similar MILF porn…almost like sisters! ha ha

Jodi West, Domina Snow & Mistress T

I was thrilled to meet fellow MILF porn star Jodi West…Alexandra Snow hamming it up in the back ground.

Alexandra Snow & I getting playful during a night out in Vegas.

Alexandra Snow & I getting playful during a night out in Vegas.


Alexandra Snow & I in latex, ready to film in her luxurious Vegas suite.


Alexandra Snow & Mistress T with Strap-on's.

Me with Domina Snow during filming in Vegas. Suck it!

Me & Meggerz, one of the lucky few to get a limited edition Mistress T-shirt from AEE in Vegas.

Me & Meggerz, one of the lucky few to get a limited edition Mistress T-shirt

Clips4sale's white party. Meggerz, Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Jason Ninja, Ceara Lynch & Sarah Divola lower pic.

Clips4sale’s white party. Meggerz, Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Bianca, Jason Ninja, Ceara Lynch & Sarah Diavola lower pic.

Want my autograph?

If you’ll be in Vegas next week you can find me signing autographs on the AVN/AEE convention floor, at the booth listed in the pics below. The images below tell you which booth I’ll be honoring with my presence *smile*.

I will be at the booth on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013 between 2pm-6pm. You can meet me, have your pic taken with me or get me to sign one of these promotional cards (see below).

I plan to have a very limited supply of special men’s t-shirts with my image for sale as well.


Mistress T

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My little promo cards for the AEE/AVN's in Vegas next week,

My little promo cards for the AEE/AVN’s in Vegas next week,

Info on where you can find my smut.

Info on where you can find my smut.


AVN’s in Vegas Jan 14-21

Please read Ceara Lynch’s blog post on this topic:

In a nutshell, we are looking for a film slave or more than one during our upcoming visit to Vegas during the AVN’s Jan 14-21. Ceara & I did this last year & the ideal candidate flew in from Toronto & had the week of his dreams with us. He wrote a bunch of blog posts about his experience & there’s lots of vid’s that document his adventures.

It could be you this year! Again, read Ceara’s post for more details.

I will be releasing a new vid on Dec. 18, 2012 with Ceara that we filmed together in Seattle recently called: “Your Dicklet Makes Ceara Sick”. It will be available on my pay-per-view clips store but I can’t link to it from wordpress so go to my site to find the link:

Here’s the preview images:

Ceara Lynch and Mistress T in a small penis humiliaiton vid

“Your Dicket Makes Ceara Sick”

Ceara also just released a hot jeans fetish vid that we filmed together the same day:

ceara Lynch & Mistress T

“Jean Therapy” available now on her pay-per-vew store & soon on

“Jean Therapy” is available now on her clips store. Find the link here:

So, there ya go. You could serve us in Vegas. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yup. Vegas is really cheap to fly to. Hotels are cheap. It’s hot there. Think about it. A naughty little get away. Make some memories. You only live once, right? I already have one slave coming all the way from London to serve us…but only for a couple days…so there’s still opportunities for…you?


Mistress T


Single in the city…

Mistress T in regular cloths.

Just a regular, every day pic of me at home…

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. You’re probably on the edge of your seat wondering what the heck is going on in my life *smile*.

Since I returned from the UK things have been pretty chill. I’ve been editing the amazing content I filmed there. Been catching up with friends. Doing yoga & swimming. Working on website improvements. Planning future trips & being good to myself.

I’ve also been dabbling in online dating. That’s been interesting.

The most important thing I take from this experience is that there are a whole lot of lonely people out there who just want to love & be loved. It’s amazing that with so many people living in the same place that people still can’t find partners.

I come from a small town & it seems that if there is a smaller pool of potential partners to chose from people just make due. They pair up for better or worse. Does that mean they’re happy? Maybe, maybe not, but they’re not alone.

I haven’t met Mr. Right. I did stumble across a Mr. Right Now…a bit of fluff to entertain me. A stunningly beautiful boy in his late 20’s that I already knew from a distance for years. We have mutual friends & I had seen him around, drooled over him really but never actually met. We connected through online dating & although he wasn’t what I was looking for in a life partner I enjoyed him for the evening & will likely see him again. Hot.

The rest of the men I’ve met were mostly boring, nice guys. I’m looking for the male equivalent of ‘a lady in the streets & a whore in the sheets’. A guy with a sexual edge, a little bit deviant…but still a good person. The search continues.

So, Christmas is coming up. It’s my least favorite holiday. Don’t get me started. I promised myself that I would get myself as far away from Christmas as possible this year so settled on a swingers resort in a hot place. Beach, pool, sun, kinky people & no kids. Perfect! I was willing to even go alone but a fantastic girlfriend jumped at the opportunity to join me & it’s booked. She’s going to be an excellent travel buddy.

Why a swingers resort? #1. No kids. It’s not that I hate children, I just dislike noisy children when I’m trying to relax at the beach or by the pool.

#2. Adults-only but younger, more open-minded adults (rather than stuffy older people that might frequent non-swinger adult-only resorts.)

Will I have loads of sex? Probably not. I have been to a lot of swinger events in my life & had very little sex. It’s not all about orgies & wife swapping. It’s more about being around like-minded people. The comfort that comes from being around people you can be yourself around. To not have to censor yourself. Often these places have a lot of fun, interactive games too. It’s fun!

Speaking of Christmas…I’ll be doubling up vids on my clips store & members site over the 10 days around Xmas & the New Year. I know this a lonely time for a lot of my fans who are sitting at home with lots of time to jerk off. I’ll make sure you have lots of good stuff to jerk off to. You’re welcome *smile*. Happy ho ho.

That’s it for now…I’ll be making a blog entry in the next week about my upcoming trip to the AVN’s in Vegas Jan 15-21. Stay tuned.


Mistress T
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Vegas, baby.

Ceara Lynch invited me to share her hotel room in Vegas during the AVN’s (adult video awards & expo/convention thingy). Ceara & I have been friends for a couple of years. I have a great deal of admiration & respect for her…so of course I said YES!

She has written an excellent blog entry about the trip with lots of great pics:

I’m not as inclined to give a detailed day-by-day play-by-play…I’ll just write a more organic account of my trip, some highlights, etc.

The slave who won the opportunity to serve us for the trip was Slave Jay. He had said all the right things in his email introduction, had some experience in his personal life, seemed sane, wasn’t bad looking & made the deposit to show he was serious. We had some great correspondence prior to meeting so we already were somewhat familiar. He met me at the airport and we were together pretty much constantly until the last moment when I boarded my plane back home.

I’m a fan of ‘personal slaves’. Having done hundreds (maybe thousands?) of private sessions when I was a Pro Domme I am more-or-less done with the structured format of a planned, paid-by-the-hour session. I prefer a lot of casual time with spontaneous moments. For example: I prefer to get a foot rub right now when my feet are tired, rather than when a slave is paying me to worship my feet during a pre-planned session. Make sense? I’m also a natural Dominant so feel comfortable just being myself around a submissive male. I don’t need to put on an act or play a role. I find the slaves who fall the deepest for me are the ones who get to spend casual time with me…and I in turn enjoy them more when they are most genuine in their desire to please & serve.

Slave Jay tried so hard to please. I never paid for a single taxi ride or meal the entire time. It’s not so much that the money adds up as it’s so nice to be treated like a Goddess, never having to open my purse. He would draw my baths for me, sit by the tub giving me foot rubs, chatting with me…he kept our hotel room tidy, made our beds, brought us breakfast in the morning, etc. He was helpful, useful and pleasant to be around. He was an excellent film slave, willing to do pretty much anything. In public he would carry my jacket, open doors, etc.

He made a couple of mistakes for which he was punished. When he was late bringing breakfast he had to kneel on sharp bathroom tiles in bare knees for 30 minutes. Very painful & humiliating in front of Ceara and Rene. Another day he spoke out of turn (the details of this infraction will remain private). The punishment for this had to be harsh & memorable. He needed to learn his lesson. He was bent over the bed, hands secured behind his back and ball gagged. He was told there was no safe word. The punishment would be painful but not dangerous. I already knew that he had been caned & whipped in the past. I knew he could take it…but this would be more severe than anything he had experienced. It was not done in a sensual way. It was punishment. No warm up. I meant to leave brutal marks. Below, you’ll see images from the video. Ceara ran camera and the vid is called “Harsh Punishment”. Know that this was a 100% real punishment and it was well-deserved. I don’t normally beat slaves this way but if you consent to being my personal slave & you express the desire to be trained, if you fuck up, THIS may well be what happens to you.

Slave Jay is writing his own blog about his experience. You can read the first part here:


Moving right along…another highlight was meeting Nacho Vidal. If you read my blog entry about my first visit/interview at’s armory you may recall that I saw him briefly then. It was thrilling. He’s a hell-of-a-fucker…award winning & well recognized for being a great fucker/porn star/producer. He was nice in person & when the photo was taken he squeezed my hip (maybe noticing I wasn’t wearing panties?) and my knees went weak. *smile*

Another highlight was hanging out with the KinkBomb crew. Talk about spoiled rotten! Wonderful dinners, bottomless drinks, VIP treatment at the hottest nightclubs, lap dances in the nicest strip clubs: wow. I will be opening a KinkBomb studio soon. They certainly earned my business.

Sharing a hotel room with Ceara was great. We had a beautiful room & I enjoy her energy. She may be 10 years younger than me but she’s one of the smartest young ladies I’ve met. She done very well for herself so far & I look forward to seeing her grow & further succeed.

Slave Jay took Ceara & I to an amazing Vegas show called “Absinth”. Acrobats, tight rope walkers, dirty humor…I loved it. I’ve attached a couple pics below.

I filmed some amazing content featuring Ceara, Princess Rene, Domina Snow & Sarah Blake. The last day filming with Sarah & Domina Snow was particularly enjoyable. (See pics below). We’ve planned to meet up in LA for DomCon in May to do it all again.

That’s the trip in a nutshell. I recommend reading the other blogs to fill in the blanks and get a different perspective. It was a trip that none of us will forget anytime soon!

Ceara Lynch, Princess Lyne, Princess Rene & moi, Mistress T

Meeting Nacho Vidal was a highlight!

Stomping on slave Jay's nuts (in public)

Domina Snow, Mistress T, Sarah Blake, Ceara Lynch, Princess Lyne, Princess Rene, Mistress B, Miss Sweet Feet

Images from vid "Harsh Punishment"

My club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth

Mistress T, Ceara Lynch, Princess Rene (on slave Jay)

Me & Ceara Lynch

Mistress T & Ceara Lynch

Domina Snow, Mistress T & Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake, Domina Snow & I


From the Vegas show "Absinth"

From the Vegas show "Absinth"

And the winner is…

Some of you may already know that my site has been nominated for an XBIZ award under the category of “Specialty/Alternative Site of the Year”. (XBIZ Awards are given annually to honor “individuals, companies, performers and products that play an essential part in the growth and success of adult entertainment.) The award events are in LA Jan 9-12. Initially it made sense for me to go. A no-brainer, as they say. It would be an excellent opportunity to schmooze with others in the industry, make new connections, etc.

Then I got an invitation I couldn’t refuse: share a (free) room with Ceara Lynch at the AVN awards in Vegas Jan 18-21. (Otherwise known as the ‘Oscars for Porn’). We can film together, schmooze & socialize together. Am I nominated for an AVN award this year? No, but I could have been if I hadn’t dropped the ball on the paperwork. I was in the middle of bouncing from one city to another when I missed a deadline. That’s what happens when you try to do everything yourself: balls get dropped.

Not being nominated for an award doesn’t really matter for AVN anyway. Most people go just to schmooze and get content. It’s a highly productive and fun event. Ceara Lynch is one of my favorite people, highly intelligent and cute like a razor blade. Her journal is brilliant:

She & I are looking for film slaves (male & female) in Vegas. Although our styles are different and my content tends to be more sexual, there are some common things we are looking for in film slaves: unmasked, willing to sign a model release, male slaves must also tribute (females get paid)…shoe/foot worship, spitting, ballbusting, humiliation…other scenes might be possible, just ask.

Scenes with ME for MY site that Ceara may be the camera person for or be a voyeur for could involve more sexual acts like forced milkings/ruined orgasms, forced bi, cum eating, even sexual intercourse with the right, attractive, well-hung, perfectly behaved film slave…sex acts between the female slave (oral service!) & I or sex acts between the female slave & male slave…again, to be clear: Ceara will NOT be getting naked or engaging in sex acts. This part is all about me…but she may be there as a fellow Dominant, voyeur and/or camera woman.

CUSTOM VIDS involving Ceara & I are also possible. We’ve filmed some amazing content together in the past (“Mum Sister Tag Team” is my favorite). You can email a brief outline of your request. I’ll let you know if it’s possible and what the rate will be.

So, I will be at the AVN awards for certain. If you’d like to meet me there send me an email. This invitation is extended to other industry folks who may want to hire me for their content, interviews, etc…as well as those with a big enough budget to have a private session with me. I could extend my stay in Vegas by a day or two one way or the other.

I’m sure that some of what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas *smile*…but with luck some of it will be filmed & sold on the internet for all the world to see!

Mistress T


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Mistress T & Ceara Lynch

"Little Ninja vs Ceara and T" featuring Ceara Lynch & Mistress T

"Mum Sister Tage Team" featuring Ceara Lynch & Mistress T