Tampa & Friendship

I have two completely different blog topics but I’m rolling them into one. What the heck.

#1 (Business). Announcing my upcoming trip to Tampa.

#2 (Personal). Sharing a really sweet message from a friend.

So, #1: TAMPA. I’ll be there for FetCon mid August.

Here's me at FetCon 2012 with Domina Snow & FTKL

Here’s me at FetCon 2012 with Domina Snow & FTKL

Film slaves are welcome to apply with appropriate pics (nude torso) & a list of activities you’ll do on film. I won’t have much time & I’ll be screening VERY carefully so don’t waste my time & yours. Only apply if you really have something of value to offer & you are dead fucking serious about following thru.

Custom vid requests with me & other ladies attending FetCon are welcome.

#2. Friendship.

I recently asked a friend who owed me a favor to help me with updating my Kinkbomb studio. It’s a small thing but one less thing for me to do which is helpful. She’s a personal friend & only knew a little bit about what I do for work. She sent me this random message today, which to tell you the truth actually brought tears to my eyes. I just wanted to share it:

Here is your unsolicited compliment of the day:  I just have to say. I know it is interfering with your relationship finding, and I know you are worried about your future, but from what little I can see through the kinkbomb stuff I’ve been doing (quantity & variety; creativity; quality (as I gather through the previews), it blows my mind that you are running this business on your own.
A) For godsake I’m SURE there has to be a guy out there who feels the same way that I do. I know guys are stupid, but seriously…it doesn’t take long (or 2 university degrees) to figure out that YOU aren’t MistressT, nor does it take long to figure out how brilliantly you run your business…surely that is going to be attractive?? Geez I don’t understand men…. and,
B) You have so many transferable skills that you will be able to use. I am not sure I know anyone else who could do what you do from a BUSINESS perspective. To be able to combine incredible creativity, knowledge of what crazy shit people want, courage to deliver, knowledge of how to film AND edit (as I said, from the previews, your videos are pretty fucking high quality), marketing, and all by yourself. Mind-blowing. Maybe you will attract a different following as you get older, and still love your job and want to continue it. Maybe not. But either way, I can’t see you being anything other than extremely successful. I’d pay you for marketing & business advice any day. You have so much to offer aside from what you do on camera.
I’m sure what I’ve seen has just scratched the surface, but I’m blown away. That’s my 2 bits. Or 3 bits. If you wanted abuse, I guess you went to the wrong desk (Monty Python Reference)

Pretty sweet, eh? Love my friends. I feel very blessed…or whatever you feel when you don’t believe in God or angels. Lucky? Yeah, we’ll go with that:-)

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Vegas baby!

A few of us gals in the industry decided to get together in Vegas for a few days of non-work fun. For many like myself, this business can feel very insulated. Sure, we banter on twitter & can email each other any time…sure we have friends who work in other industries…but many of us don’t have people around us who understand the day-to-day realities of our business.

Going to conventions/traveling to meet & make friends with others in this biz has been very fulfilling for me.

The crew this time: Domina Snow (Alexandra Snow), Ceara Lynch, Meggerz, Mandy Flores & Humiliation Princess Rene. LOVE these ladies!

We stayed at a posh hotel, went for nice meals, spent a lot of time at the spa, did Karaoke, went to the Micheal Jackson Cirque du Soleil show, went to strip clubs, went to a bunch of bars & night clubs, went shopping…& somewhere in there some of us slept. It was pretty non-stop.

It was a non-work trip, so no filming, but we did manage to snap a few pics. Below you’ll find a handful of my fav’s.

I think we’re all planning to go to FetCon in Tampa mid August so if you want to request (paid) custom vids with any of us feel free to email to inquire: MsT@MistressT.net

Mistress T

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Mistress T in Vegas July 2013 with Mandy Flores, Rene, Alexandra Snow, Meggerz, Ceara Lynch.

The whole crew! Mandy Flores, Rene, Alexandra Snow, Meggerz, Ceara Lynch & me!

Ceara Lynch, Mandy Flores, Meggerz & Alexandra Snow Vegas July 2013.

They do look they’re having fun, don’t they? Ceara Lynch, Mandy Flores, Meggerz & Alexandra Snow.

Mistress T in front of Bellagiao Fountain, Vegas July 2013.

Everything is SO flashy in Vegas…

Mistress T with Ceara Lynch in Vegas July 2013.

Arsty pic of Ceara Lynch & I.

Fun pic of Mistress T with Meggerz, Mandy flores & Alexandra Snow.

Artsy pic of myself with Meggerz, Mandy Flores & Alexandra Snow.

We went to the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show (wouldn't recommend it actually). , Mandy Flores, Alexandra Snow, Ceara Lynch, me & Meggerz.

We went to the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show (wouldn’t recommend it actually). , Mandy Flores, Alexandra Snow, Ceara Lynch, me & Meggerz.

Ceara Lynch with her birthday dessert.

We celebrated Ceara’s bday.

Mistress T with Meggerz, Mandy Flores, Ceara Lynch & Alexandra Snow.

Spa time! Meggerz, Mandy Flores, Ceara Lynch & Alexandra Snow.

Mistress T with Meggerz & Alexandra Snow.

Meggerz & Alexandra Snow with me at karaoke.

Ballet & Fuck Marathon

I have two different blog topics for today but decided to combine them into one. So, kind of a double hitter.

First is regarding the big news story this week of the ballet dancer who got punted from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for being in a porn film.

More details & related video’s:


Royal Winnipeg Ballet dancer gets fired for doing porn.

Ballet dancer gets sacked for doing porn.

In a nut shell, a very talented & successful ballet dancer decided to express himself artistically in a different way by doing porn & then lost his prestigious job as a ballet dancer for it.

A great quote by one of his friends: “So many people are watching porn but people are not supporting the people making it. You’re still allowed to look down on them, which isn’t really fair.”

Jeppe Hansen (the ballet dancer turned porn performer) says that he hopes this opens up the discussion of what art is & the parameters around how sexuality is expressed artistically…especially considering how much sexuality is in mainstream media like music video’s, movies & commercials.

I applaud Jeppe & am confident this young man will do very, very well in life even without the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, which can go fuck itself really…because how the hell does one of their dancers doing porn effect how he performs as a dancer in one of their performances?!

NEXT TOPIC: Fuck Marathon.

In other news, twitter followers got a taste of my often bizarre personal life this week as I tweeted live from a fuck marathon. Here’s the full story, or at least as much as I’m willing to share publicly.

On Wednesday I received a text from a girlfriend asking if I wanted to have a dirty day the next day…get a few guys over…ya know. Sure, why not?

She has been a very dear friend of mine for years. She & her husband have a relationship that inspires me. They’ve been together for many years & have the healthiest relationship I’ve ever seen. They love the heck out of each other, still have tons of passion for each other, they’re best friends, work like a team…& yes, they have sex with other people.

Between her & I we rounded up three different guys to come over at different times. The first guy came back a second time later on…and she actually started the day having sex with her husband in the morning. So, it was a pretty full day for her! I confess, the day was really more about her. Sure, I had some fun myself but I didn’t actually have sex with all those guys, not that I wouldn’t have if it had felt right in the moment. I just let her enjoy the majority of the days offerings.

Mistress T with people having sex.

Let the games begin!

Mistress T in a threesome.

That’s it, put your back in to it!

I did enjoy the sexual freedom & naughtiness of the whole thing. I loved texting my lovers & asking them to come over for a threesome with my hot bi friend. I loved blowing their minds. I loved laying in bed naked with them eating the dark chocolate, raspberries, strawberries & blueberries they brought as gifts…as the sun was setting, all the smiles & touching…I loved being propped up against pillows, holding my wine glass while he licked my pussy & my girlfriend sucked his cock. I felt like a Queen being entertained & spoiled by her subjects…her sex slaves.

Mistress T being orally pleased by a black man.

Feeling like royalty…

Often sex for me is less about the actual act & more about all the surrounding moments. The lead up, the hunt, the flirting, kissing, touching, skin on skin…the play of candlelight against skin, the look on my lovers face as they climax, the giggles, the debauchery, the freedom. The next day, the replay, the memories.

Interracial sex with Mistress T.

This was so beautiful to watch. I do love to see a black man sexually servicing a white Goddess.

There’s so much more to sex than just penetration.

I feel blessed to have wonderful friends in my life who are on the same page, who challenge me to be even dirtier than I already am.

Keep being dirty my friends.

“You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ Mae West


Mistress T

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Mistress T nude.

Why this image for this blog post? No reason…I’m nude, exposed…it’s pretty. Whatever.

Judgement has been the topic of several of my blog posts & as much as I wish it would go away so I wouldn’t need to talk about it anymore, alas, that’s not reality.

I also like to talk about it because I know so many of my readers struggle with this too. Many have never told anyone about their fetishes or have had negative reactions after someone has found out.

Imagine making your fetishes your job & having your face all over the internet broadcasting how kinky you are. That’s the difficult path I’ve chosen. I love my work but there are trade-offs for living my life so out in the open.

The last few months I’ve been dabbling in online dating. I would love to have a significant other in my life. Lovers come & go. Some turn into wonderful friends. I’ve been blessed. Yet I still feel like my life would be enhanced by a very significant other. Of course my job & lifestyle are an obstacle but I know a lot of women in my industry who have found wonderful partners.

Most of my 1st dates have been fine. There just hasn’t been chemistry. Most guys I tell about my alter-ego say they don’t have a problem with it but I’m very aware that a lot of guys are just lonely & will say anything for some company. I tell them all right away what I do so that if it’s an issue we can just get that out of the way.

In the last week I went on a couple dates with two different guys who really seemed to have potential. Yet, the sting of judgement got me in two different & unique ways.

1. After a couple dates with the 1st potential Mr. Right he accidentally let it slip how disgusted he was with a particular sexual activity that just happened to be near the top of my list of favorite activities. (Don’t bother asking me what that is specifically. My sexuality is complex & part of it requires me to not tell the entire world EVERYTHING.) If he had just not been into it I could have let it go, but it was the judgement, the disgust of it that got me. As I tried to make my exit he back-peddled trying to say that maybe he could try it but the damage was done. Most of us fetishists would rather indulge our fetishes with someone who is also into it, not doing it ‘just’ for us.

2. Contestant #2 feared his teen daughter would get teased at school if her class mates found out her dad was dating a porn star. As I made my exit he seemed concerned that he had hurt my feelings. I laughed at that. My answer would have been too complex. I thought of his daughter finding out years later that her dad passed up a potentially wonderful relationship with a women for such a silly reason. She probably worries about how lonely her dad is & would be happy just to see him happy. I have some personal experience as the teen in this case but that’s a longer story. I didn’t bother saying any of that because the damage was already done. Deep down I felt there was judgement & narrow-mindedness on his part that he wasn’t being honest with himself about.

These were just two guys that I went on a couple of dates with. There was no emotional attachment, only the potential for one. In the long run I probably won’t even remember them. It’s the judgment that leaves a mark.

So if you’re reading this & thinking about your own personal experience being judged for being different, for having a fetish or kink, for wanting something out of the norm, know that you’re not alone. The world is FULL of deviants, perverts, fetishists, sinners, lovers of the alternative. I have many wonderful friends who don’t just accept me but celebrate all that I am.

If you’re reading this & you’re guilty of having judged someone, for shaming someone, for making someone feel broken for being aroused by something other than what arouses you: Do not judge others for sinning differently than you. Or: Judge not lest ye be judged. All of us ‘could’ easily be judged by someone for something. Sexual diversity should be celebrated.

Vive la différence!

Mistress T

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More Adventures

Mistress T in fishnets.

Fishnets are great for ‘fishing’ for lovers. I usually catch quite a lot…

Even I find my life bizarre at times. My Saturday last night was blog-worthy.

It was a fetish party night. In Vancouver these days there’s at least two a month. It’s my regular thing & I’ve been going for ten years now. I know a lot of people. Everyone dresses in sexy attire. It’s very friendly. I drink, I dance & I make out with people.

Last night I went to a pre-party. It was at the apartment of one of my ‘occasional’ casual lovers. I arrived before everyone else so I could squeeze in an orgasm to set the tone for the evening. A moment after arriving I checked to see how much time we had & advised him to get a towel for me to sit on so I didn’t make a wet spot on his sofa. I lifted my dress & with him kneeling on the floor he happily licked me to climax. Just in time as the other guests arrived moments later.

It was a nice pre-party with some very interesting people. All of them sexy, every one.

The fetish party was slower than usual. It’s a long weekend here (Canada Day) so people are out of town camping, etc. There were a lot of familiar faces though & I really got my dance on. I was invited into the ‘make out room’ & gave my kiss-proof lipstick a run for its money. He was a new friend, I don’t recall his name, one who didn’t know about ‘Mistress T’ & I loved that. I prefer to be wanted for ‘me’ rather than the ‘porn star’. He asked me if I would make out with his girlfriend & I gladly obliged. She was sitting by the dance floor & I strode over in my platform stiletto’s, slowly straddled her & brought my face very close to hers & just breathed (I was chewing cinnamon flavored gum). Take notes boys, most women do not want to be attacked when you kiss them for the first time. Give her a chance to make the decision, to meet you part way. She did & we kissed softly while I was careful to keep most of my weight on my legs & not her lap.

There’s an art to good kissing & I pride myself of being really fucking good at it. Men & women tend to be different…but everyone is unique. Read the signs, body language, breathing, etc. Use your hands well…I might stroke someone softly or pull their hair & choke them.

They asked me to come home with them but I had had a few drinks & actually prefer to not have sex when I’m drunk. I prefer to eat hamburgers. I’m mostly vegetarian which makes eating burgers when I’ve been drinking seem even more hedonistic. When sex is part of your work, it’s funny how the urge to rebel comes out in other ways.

As I was making my exit I got an email from a fan offering me $750 to come over to his place. I still wanted a hamburger more than the money so I went to my favorite late night diner & messaged him for awhile to get a feel for the situation. He actually sounded fun so I finished my meal, made my safety call (called a friend with the address of where I was going) & headed over. It was a nice place in a nice neighborhood.

He opened the door at about 3am, me half in the bag, now changed into my comfy (non-fetish) attire. A sun dress & flip flops. I sized him up quickly & checked my gut. Just a harmless, horny, lonely guy. I entered & he handed me the wad of cash. I got myself a glass of water (I wanted to check the place out a bit) & then asked him what may be a famous Mistress T line someday: “So, what are you into?”

The first thing he said was golden showers. Perfect, of course I needed to pee so told him to strip & get in the bathtub. As I was standing above him, pissing on his face, focusing on not falling off the edge of the tub I marveled at my crazy life.

Rinsed off on the bed I told him to tell me what else he’s into. Cuckolding, being made to suck cock, humiliated, degraded…I felt like I had won the lottery. I started to stroke his erect cock, I like to feel a hard cock in my hand. It gives me a great sense of power. Then I told him to take over while I used my most powerful weapon: my mouth. Not like THAT! I meant my verbals. I told him that a woman like me would never fuck him or even have anything to do with him without him paying for it. I told him that he might be useful someday as a cock fluffer for me. Maybe I’d pimp him out at a sex club or a gay bar. I called him names, painted a bleak future for him as my cuckold, I went on & on, looking down at him, looking him in the eye, whispering in his ear as he stroked himself off. Then I kissed him a few times on the forehead because I like to let certain men know I don’t mean all the awful things I say.

We laid in bed awhile longer chatting. Him with spunk all over his tummy & me still in my sundress. I asked how many women he had emailed looking for a late night hook up. I knew how hard it was to get a Domme over to your place at all, let alone in the middle of the night with no advance notice. I figured he had tried them all & probably some escorts too. As it turns out, he had only emailed me. He’s just a huge fan & took a shot. I only accept about one client a month these days so I told him he was even luckier than he thought he was. I also told him that he was a sucker for paying me $750 to pee on him & talk dirty for less than an hour. I gave him back a few hundred.

As I left I called my pal Samantha Mack to say I was fine & walking home. She insisted on coming to pick me up & we went for a bite at our favorite 24 hour vegetarian place. As I crawled into bed at around 5am I mulled over my bizarre life. So many crazy adventures!

A note on safety: Going to a strangers place in the middle of the night while intoxicated is pretty much the riskiest thing you can do. I don’t recommend it. I went with my gut, I made a safety call, I have self defense training, but if the guy had wanted to do me harm the odds would not have been in my favor. Part of the reason I did it was for the thrill, although I also believe there are more people in this world who would rather hug you than hurt you.

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