Phone Sessions


I’ve signed up for a brand new service from IWantClips called IWantPhone. It’s kind of like NiteFlirt, for those who are familiar with that…but I was never keen on that service for various reasons so never used it.

Basically, you pay to talk with me on the phone. It’s not cam, just voice.

This is new & I’m new to it. I’m not used to carving out time in my busy schedule for phone sessions but I’d like to do more. I actually love interacting with fans. Please be patience in the coming months as I try to add this to my repertoire. I get a lot of requests for distance training so I know the demand is much higher than I could possibly keep up with but for what it’s worth, here’s the link (It seems you need to be a member there to access the link but it’s free so whatever):

Here’s what my listings look like & rates (for now, I might change things as things get figured out.)



Mistress T

Members Site:




Canadian wish list: Click here

US wish list: Click here