A Typical Encounter…

MistressT_hote_seductionRecently I accepted a private session. It’s a rare event these days. I’m pretty busy with producing vids, yoga & life in general. I’m selective about whom I meet with privately. I want to enjoy the experience too, so I screen for compatibility.

This young man would be traveling to Vancouver on business, staying in an upscale hotel & requested times with flexibility that worked for me. His interests were simple. Mainly, he just wanted to meet me. He had been a fan for years. Of course he wanted to have some kind of intimate experience with me & he wanted to cum. He was willing to work within my boundaries & let me decide how that part would go.

I get a thrill walking through lobbies of upscale hotels. I dress discretely & aim to be invisible, but good staff are trained to make everyone feel welcome so there’s always at least eye contact a smile exchanged as I make my way to the elevators like I’ve been there before. As I’ve been walking a few blocks my tight black dress has shimmied up to my hips, luckily covered by my longer coat. I’m sharing the elevator with a conservative looking man so I stand there feeling risky & a bit silly with my fanny in the breeze…until he gets off & I can pull my dress back down into place.

I knock on the door & am greeted awkwardly as I enter the room. Guys never know what to do in this moment so I give him a nice hug to put him at ease. He seems young to have the kind of job that would bring him to Vancouver & to this fancy hotel room…about to pay me a premium rate for my attention.

I like young people. They’re usually not bitter yet. Still enthusiastic about life. Still hopeful. Some people hold on to that spirit. For too many it fades.

Back to my young professional. He’s keen to please & has fetched a nice bottle of bubbly for me. He had asked in advance what I’d like & even though I said I would only have 1 glass he’s chosen what I assume is the best he could find. Impressive.

We sit in the wing back chairs & chat. He’s nervous, naturally…but I can see how he’s come so far for his age. He parrots poise & confidence well…& I sense he would be good at whatever he put his mind to.

We discuss his fetishes. Bless him, he’s not great at communicating them. I knew from his emails that he was a fan of my cuckolding vids. I draw out a few more details including that he had had cuckolding fantasies with an ex girlfriend. I let him gaze at my cleavage while finishing his glass of liquid courage before moving things to the bed.

I played the role of his girlfriend…confessing that I’ve been sleeping with other men. His pants grew tighter as I unbuttoned his shirt, looking him in the eyes & saying that I want to tell him what I’ve been doing…that I want to share it with him…

I ask him if he’s jealous. I ask if he wants to hear more. I tell him that he must have noticed he wasn’t quite satisfying me in the bedroom. I care about him so I tried to make it work but I needed to be sexually satisfied in other ways…by other men.

Cloths come off, the descriptions of my liaisons get more graphic…things get hotter, I tease him, stroke him & eventually he erupts with his head nestled in my neck while I whisper in his ear about the other man’s cum in my pussy he’s going to have to clean up.

It was sweet, intimate & hot. I held him after. He held me. Flesh against flesh. Breath coming back to normal. A smile playing on his face. He’d done something naughty. He’d lived out a fantasy and now we lay together like a real couple. He had been masturbating to my vids & reading my blog for years. He did feel like he knew me. And I felt like I knew him, in the way that I feel like I know many of my fans. I know a very real part of them that is kept secret from most others or in some cases, everyone else.

It’s moments like this that I feel a great sense of fulfillment in my job. Allowing these men to express a part of themselves they need to keep secret most or all of the time. Not just allowing it but celebrating it.

This was a fairly typical encounter for me, by design. This is what I look for when screening clients. A potential 2-way connection. I have range, sure. I enjoy a variety of different scenes & activities…but I want to feel a connection.

And in this moment, if you’ve read this far & you’re getting a warm n’ fuzzy feeling about me than you probably understand that & you “get” me. xo

Mistress T

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Custom vids!

This guy had a sweater fetish & wanted interactive instructions.

This guy had a sweater fetish & wanted interactive instructions.

I love bringing life to your fantasies! Here’s everything you need to know about ordering custom vids from me.

#1. Requests start at $200 (additional $50 if you want me to use your name in the vid). That’s usually it unless:

-your request is overly complicated

– it involves more people

-you want it to be over 15 minutes

-you need me to wear something I don’t already own (then you’ll either need to buy the item & send it to me or pay extra for me to buy the item.)

#2. PAYMENT via the tribute button on my clips store & put your email address in the comments area. Do not pay until I have said yes to your request. It takes up to 2 weeks for your vid to appear on clips4sale where you’ll buy it for another $10 (approx) or if you’re a member of my site it will be released here for no extra charge. (Amazon Gift Card is another acceptable form of payment).

#3. Email me the basic outline of your request BEFORE you pay. I’ll let you know if it’s do-able. Include the obviously important things. Don’t send a long script, just a brief outline hitting the main points. We can go into more detail if I accept it. Example:

“A humiliating jerk off instruction for a virgin who you caught jerking off with your panties. Please wear office attire & glasses, like a mature business woman & tease with lots of ass views.”

Note: There’s lots of things I don’t, won’t or can’t do so be sure to be clear in your request right away so I can figure out if I can do your request. Examples of what’s on the no-go list (these have all been requested recently too):

– I won’t kill or swallow anything living, goldfish, etc.

– I don’t smoke.

– I can’t lift & carry even a smaller dude.

– I won’t put pantyhose over my face.

– I won’t swallow cum or take a cum facial.

– Nothing goes IN my bum.

– A lot of sex scenes aren’t possible because, well, I’m not a big LA porn production company & I just film sex scenes when I feel like it, the way I like, with who I want to.

Anyway, it’s doesn’t hurt to ask but use some common sense before requesting something you doubt I’ll be able to do. If you’re familiar with my work you probably have a pretty good idea of what my range is.

So that’s basically it. Here’s my email: MsT@MistressT.net

I hope I can make your fantasy come to life!

Mistress T

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Loan $ to a worthwhile cause & get FREE PORN!

Okay, this is huge.

Have you wanted to join my members site but couldn’t for any of the following reasons:

1. You don’t have extra money to spend on porn?

2. Your wife or girlfriend might see it on your credit card statement & give you a hard time (even though I have discreet billing, I know it’s still scary for some.)

3. You don’t have a credit card? (But you could pay by paypal if I accepted it, which I don’t)

I have an AMAZING solution for you!

You can now “loan” money through a charitable organization called Kiva & I will give you the equivalent in free time on my site. In other words, you’ll donate money to a good cause (that YOU choose) but you’ll actually get the money back (because it’s a loan) AND you’ll get free porn for it.

Now bare with me as I get this rolling. You’ll need to actually email me the receipt for the money you loaned/donated via Kiva & I will manually have to set you up with a membership on my site so if loads of guys do this it might take me a couple days to get back to you, but don’t worry, you’ll get your free porn.

Here’s step-by-step easy instructions:

1. Go to http://www.kiva.org/about (I suggest you watch their info vid so you understand a little more about this charitable organization).

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.28.31 PM

2. Choose who you want to donate money to by clicking “Lend” in to top left corner & scrolling through the many worthwhile applicants (I chose to support a couple of women in 3rd world countries who were trying to start businesses).

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.01.39 PM

Choose to lend where you like, women, conflict areas, education, etc.

Choose to lend where you like, women, conflict areas, education, etc.

3. Loan the money. You can pay via paypal. If your wife, girlfriend or anyone else sees this you will look like a saint, helping a charitable organization. They’ll never know you’re also a porn pervert who will now have access to amazing jerk off material because of your good deed!

4. Send me an email with proof that you’ve done it: MsT@MistressT.net (You can request a username/password)

I’ll give you the equivalent in time on my site. I suggest a minimum of $50 for 1 month of premium access (streaming & downloading). Remember, this is a LOAN, you will get the money back at some point. So if you’re really too tight on money right now to buy porn or GIVE to charity at least know that your money is doing good until it comes back to you. And your reward for sharing what little you do have: free porn! Win-win.

If discretion is required you can create a new email address in gmail or whatever to email me…but know that whatever email address you use to email me I will not add it to any mailing list. You will not get anything unsolicited from me. Just confirmation your account has been set up.

Cool, right?

Questions, comments or concerns? If possible, please use the comments function on this blog in case others have the same question & would benefit from seeing the answer. Thanks!

Mistress T

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Ass Worship!


Since “Kim K” has plastered the internet with her butt recently & “the bottom” is top of a lot of people’s minds right now, I decided to do a blog post about my rear-end.

Women in my family tend to have pretty big cabooses. Growing up I always looked at those butts with dread because the women in my family complained about them so much. It seemed like a curse. I never heard anyone say that a big bum was a good thing.

As my womanly curves developed I was a bit sensitive about my more ample bottom. I certainly didn’t view it as a positive thing. My family, society & the media had all told me that a large derriere was something to be embarrassed of. Well, except for Sir Mix-A-Lot, he couldn’t lie about his love for big butts…but I thought it was a parody. Any compliments I received I laughed off like people were just being funny or patronizing.

It wasn’t until I got into the adult business that I really understood that not only was my butt great the way it is…but that it didn’t matter what your figure was, guys like all sorts of figures. Some guys like skinny ladies, some like bigger gals, some like Asian, black or blonde…you get the point. Being sexy is so much more than just the measurement of a certain area of your body.

I’ve learned to love my butt…after thousands of compliments over the years. I wish every woman could experience that. It’s a shame that the media & society has brainwashed so many women to believe that they aren’t sexy just because they don’t look like runway models or Penthouse Pets. So here’s a nod to Kim for at least making big booty a more mainstream thing. Bottoms up!

Mistress T

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Here's a little inspiration to not get behind in your worshiping. Ha, 'behind'. I slay me.

Here’s a little inspiration to not get behind in your worshiping. Ha, ‘behind’. I slay me.

Are you an ass man?

Are you an ass man?

That magnificent ass...

That magnificent ass…


Looks like an ass you'd like to kiss, right?

Looks like an ass you’d like to kiss, right?

MistressT saddle up

Saddle up!

MistressT latex panties

Under that juicy ass!

Ass_hamdress_bum_outDS_ass_pic1redthongred_latex_assEM_morning_bum_feetOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Oral sex?

MistressT fetish goddess asslicking ass worship

I know you want to be him, but cool your engines & read this before emailing me begging to lick me…

I get a lot of emails from guys wanting to lick my ass and/or pussy. So I decided to make a blog post on the topic so I can just email this link rather than explaining over & over.

If you’re not a reader, the short answer is: “No”. But if you’re interested in more info please read on…

If you know my story from the beginning you’ll know that I started out doing no-contact voyeur shows/masturbation shows where the guy could jerk himself off while watching me…because although I was excited by being an exhibitionist & enjoyed naughty play I wasn’t comfortable actually having sex in that situation. I didn’t like the idea of feeling obligated to have sex with a guy just because he had paid me. From voyeur shows I transitioned to Pro Domme work & I followed the so-called traditional rules of Professional Domination (no intercourse, no oral sex, no hand jobs) & that was fine but they weren’t MY rules and over time I adjusted the rules to suit me (occasionally requiring oral service from regular clients I felt comfortable with, for example.) I even ended up in a long term relationship with someone who started out as a client.

At one point I decided that I couldn’t be sure ‘escort work’ wasn’t for me unless I tried it so I gave it a go & after about a half dozen clients my curiosity was satisfied. I simply do not enjoy being in a situation where I am obligated to have intercourse or oral sex with someone because they have paid me…when it’s my job to provide that service. All sex work is providing a service to a certain extent, even traditional Pro Domme work (you are exchanging a service for money). I am naturally Dominant & a control freak. There are limits to how “service-oriented” I can be before I hit a wall.

Hand jobs tho? I love giving hand jobs & I have no issue with that. But that’s my hand vs. my vagina, so that’s understandable. It’s certainly a lot more intimate for someone to touch my vagina or anus than my HAND touching them.

I know some people see my vids and get the impression that I do everything with anyone. BUT the men I’m intimate with in my vids are men that I am very familiar with. Often they are my own personal lovers. Sometimes friends or clients I’ve had for years. Sometimes they are slaves that have served one of my fellow Dommes for a long time, making them more comfortable to be with.

If you’re reading this & trying to figure out how you can get between my legs…it’s not impossible but it’s unlikely if that is your only selfish goal. You can pay for my time in private to get acquainted or if you have value as a film slave, you can apply…but don’t try to date me. I’m running a business. Respect that. Sure, I have been in a relationship with someone who started as a client (although that was 1 out of hundreds, so the odds aren’t in your favor)…but I have NEVER gone on a date (with no compensation) with someone who has started as a fan of Mistress T. Guys looking for free play greatly offend me.

So to recap:

– I don’t offer “escort” type sessions (intercourse or oral sex for pay). That means no oral worship, no direct contact between your mouth, hands or penis & my vagina or anus. By the way, prostitution is legal where I live so this is not a legal disclaimer, it’s real.

– Hand jobs are fine (along with strap-on, role-play, humiliation, foot worship, golden showers, ballbusting, spanking, sissy play/X-dressing & a few other things.)

– My social rate is $100/hour & I LOVE meeting fans! We can go for lunch or dinner…a walk, shopping, to the theater, parties, whatever. I’m a social chameleon.

– My private session rates vary depending on details but nothing in private happens for less than $300 the first time. I am very selective about who I see in private & rarely accept sessions these days. I’m pretty busy creating all the amazing content you love to jerk off to! I do need to eat though so you’re welcome to take me for a meal (at $100/hr social rate) & discuss the possibility of a private session.

Mistress T

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Jian Ghomeshi: Rough Sex vs. Assault

Jian Ghomeshi

Jian Ghomeshi

In case you don’t know who Jian Ghomeshi is he’s the CBC broadcaster who was recently fired over assault allegations. He made a very public Facebook post defending himself & it has been all over the news for the last week.

Several women allege that he hit them with a closed fist or open hand; choked them with his hands around their neck to the point that they almost passed out; covered their nose and mouth so that they had difficulty breathing; and verbally abused them before, during, and after sex acts. The women have said that they did not consent to this behavior.

Ghomeshi said it was “consensual”. He admits to being into rough sex.

Most say this is not a conversation about kinky sex, it’s a conversation about assault. I tend to agree but since I’m in the fetish scene I’m going to focus on the kink angle.

If Ghomeshi has alternative sexual interests, like cross-dressers, foot fetishists, pony boys, diaper play fans, etc…it can be challenging to find partners to play out fantasies with. Ghomeshi admits to being into rough sex. It sounds like he likes to choke, smother & slap around his partners for sexual jollies. This is actually only a problem when the partner does not consent to that & isn’t into it (or if he takes it too far….um, “closed fists” might be too far dude)….but THIS is the part a lot of people will have a hard time with: there are women who really get off on that kind of play. They are out there. I bet Ghomeshi has even found a few, maybe even introduced this kind of play to a few women who didn’t even know they liked it.

It’s a complicated issue. Especially if his fetish hinges on the women NOT being into it…then that’s just straight up assault. But what if he’s just been really bad at finding like-minded sex partners….and/or really bad at negotiating the parameters of a rough sex ‘scene’?

So to be clear, yes, I am a women saying that some women would want this kind of rough sex…in fact, if Ghomeshi doesn’t end up in prison I bet he’ll never have to look very far to find cooperative bed buddies again. Sure, most women will hate him for being a scum bag woman beater…personally I see a possibility that it was a little left of that. I see a man with sexual urges he was unable to control, a man who did not respect women enough to ensure he had their clear consent for rough play & a man who took things too far. So a weak, stupid man. A man who did not know how to get his kinks fulfilled in a healthy way. Possibly a man with some other issues…but I’m not a therapist, again, I’m focusing mainly on the kink angle here.

So for us in the kink community here are the take-away lessons:

– It’s never okay to physically hurt another person without their explicit consent and boundaries discussed & agreed upon.

– Even if you are playing the submissive role you must speak up if you are not okay with what is happening (and/or ensure boundaries were clearly discussed before). Sex games aside you must take care of yourself & assert your right to be respected.

None of us are mind readers. Communicate!

This is an excellent unbiased new article with all the facts (updated today):


Side note: A lot of the coverage on this issue is about creating a safe place for victims of violence and sexual harassment to come forward. I am in complete support of that & mean no disrespect to any potential victims. I have chosen to take a closer look at one aspect of this situation with a BDSM perspective.

Mistress T

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