Paying for sex…

This post is all about ME paying for sex (not men paying me to have sex with them).


I’ve long had a fascination of paying for sex. It felt dirty & exciting. In my early 20’s I had a very handsome boyfriend who would play along with one of my fantasies. I liked to imagine that I was a very wealthy woman who attended a high society party where the individuals who were ‘for rent’ sexually wore a certain flower. You could arrange to have the person of your choice join you in your room during or after the party to service your intimate needs.

During sex I would have my boyfriend act professional, polite & service oriented. I would have him say: “Is that the way you like it Ma’am?”


I have had a variety of occasions to pay for sexual services from both males & females for myself & partners. A Lithuanian prostitute in the red light district in Amsterdam. A high end prostitute in Mendoza, Argentina & a lower end gal in a brothel in Buenos Aires. (In Amsterdam & Argentina I paid for prostitutes to fuck men while I watched.) I’ve paid male service providers for massages with hand releases for myself (rub n’ tug). Etc.

As some of you know, I have filmed almost exclusively with volunteers, fans & personal lovers. I have never paid male talent for my site but I have had the pleasure of working with them for other production companies. I felt that when it came to submissive men it just went against the authenticity to pay them. I’ve received some back lash for that but the show has gone on….I have done just fine with this business model…but then I decided to try something new.

It occurred to me that I am in the position to fuck the men who are the porn Gods of the day. The men that most men want to be. The men that most women want to fuck. I am not just a porn performer who has to fuck who ever the producer tells me to fuck, I am also the producer, in full control of everything & I can fuck whoever I choose.

It was an amazingly powerful feeling when it dawned on me that all I have to do is contact whoever I wanted to fuck & just set up a paid shoot. I get what I want PLUS it’s for business so I’ll make that money back.

With that sense of power coursing through me I thought: “If I could fuck ANY man, who would it be?” Shane Diesel, the biggest black cock in porn, a true professional with a great reputation. Now that’s going to happen. This week!

In a conversation with another female porn producer she told me that she likes paying male talent because then she knows she’s going to get exactly what she wants. Now that’s FemDom.

So it’s with great excitement & a bit of nervousness that I prepare for this occasion. I bought really good lube today, for example. I also had to decide whether to do the scene with him just POV (just the 2 of us) or with a cuckold. Having a cuckold in the scene is always a gamble. The energy between 3 people doesn’t always work. My priority is to have great sex with Shane. This is for me. I’m going to need to be relaxed & comfortable to take that huge cock safely. Dealing with another guy might be distracting. So even though the vid might sell a little better with a cuckold I decided to make all of you my cuckold. As you watch the vid you can imagine you are right there, seeing what you can’t give me.

So I’m paying for sex really & I’m very okay with that. I admit that I like the idea of it being a guys job to fuck me properly. In my head I will likely be playing out fantasies of being a high society lady who pays for sexual services and/or the owner of a plantation (you know where I’m heading with that one.)


To add to the hotness my current boy toy is really into cuckolding & black bulls. He won’t be accompanying me this time but it’s is hot knowing there is an authentic cuckold I’m close with these days who is very horny about me fucking a black porn star he’s idolized for years. It’s refreshing to be involved with a guy who loves & supports all the kinky stuff I’m into.

So, wish me luck! xo

Mistress T

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That’s life.

Life has it’s ups & downs…

Yesterday I was invited for dinner with the Club Stiletto crew. These people are like family. We’ve been filming together for over six years but our personal friendship has grown into something even more special. Shoots these days are as much about personally connecting as they are about work…& the experiences are always positive & enriching.

Yesterday I brought along my boy toy. The one who loves my feet & ball busting. The boy I wrote about just over a month ago:

He’s still in the picture & things have moved along…to what, I am reluctant to try to define or label. It’s nice. I’m happy.

We filmed a couple quick scenes & took some pics then got on with the drinks, food & fantastic conversation.

Here’s some snaps:

Mistress T pony riding.

A nice day for a ride on the Club Stiletto pony!

Mistress T kneeing a lucky slave in the nuts.

Nothing says “I love you” like a knee in the gonads.

Mistress T & slave.

Isn’t it romantic? I know, even I’m surprised at how erotic ball abuse can be…

So as you can see from the ball abuse pics…our relationship might be a little unusual. I never thought that I would actually find ball busting arousing. I do: with him. We go out dancing at fetish parties. I kick him in the balls & he gets hard. It turns me on & we make out. The way he reacts when I abuse his balls is so fucking sexy, so passionate. He loves it & surrenders to it beautifully. He also loves my feet & worships them during sex which sends me over the moon. My feet are certainly an erogenous zone.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re not interested in all the details of my sex life…wait, that’s probably all you’re interested in…but there’s more to life than sex…

We had a fun evening with friends & left mid evening a little tipsy. I wanted to continue so we made the rounds, going to see a friend who was singing at a bar, going to see our pal Samantha Mack who was DJing at a strip club & we ended the night at my favorite gay bar silly dancing to fantastic music while my boy got hit on by cute gay fellas. My boy isn’t exactly 100% straight so this all added to the fun.

Back at my place we snacked on home made salsa he had made & brought to me as a gift. We went to bed & he woke me up in the morning with a kiss & “Good morning beautiful”. I confess, it nearly brought a tear to my eye. As hard core as I can seem in my vids I am a softy & a romantic in other ways. There’s not many gals who wouldn’t want to wake up like that.

I said at the beginning that life has its ups & downs. This afternoon I got a message from a dear friend that his cat had passed away. I made my way over to his place. I held him & cried with him. I listened to his heart breaking story of his pets last hour. I then had to help him figure out what to do with the expired cat. It’s unlawful to bury an animal in Vancouver so I checked with the SPCA & confirmed we could bring him there for cremation. The cat was wrapped in a towel but I felt he should go in a plastic bag. I closed the door so my friend wouldn’t watch while I put his beloved pet in the bag. I had never handled a dead animal like that & was surprised by the weight & stiffness. I carried the bag carefully to the car & off we drove to the SPCA. I sent my friend to look at the dogs while I waited for assistance. There was a long wait & I sat there with a dead cat in a garbage bag on my lap while other people adopted their new pets. It was surreal.

Life isn't always sunshine & lollipops. Sometimes it's about waiting with a dead cat on your lap to arrange cremation.

Life isn’t always sunshine & lollipops. Sometimes it’s about waiting with a dead cat on your lap to arrange cremation.

I spent hours with my friend until it was time for him to go play hockey and just as I arrived home I got a message from another friend who just had her heart broken by a boy. Off I went to offer what comfort I could. It’s a brave person who can love with all their heart knowing the potential for pain & heart ache.

Tomorrow I have a friends daughters bat mitzvah in the morning & another friends wedding in the evening.

This is life. People love & lust, pets die, hearts get broken, daughters grow up, people get married…I am no different than many of you reading this. I hope my blog serves as a reminder that porn stars are people with real lives, not just objects or fuck dolls.

It’s time for bed. It’s been a long day of being a supportive friend but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my work, I really do…but the friendships I have in my life give my life real meaning. I love being the 1st one called when support is needed.


She who is also Mistress T

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Burning Man Road Trip 2013

A road trip with my best friend is probably my favorite thing in the whole world. We listen to music & informative pod casts while blasting down the highway in his convertible. We stay in cheap motels, explore little towns, eat at roadside diners and talk. The kind of talking you do when you have endless hours to do it. It’s not a quick recap of your day, it’s the digging deep conversations, the meat of life.

Mistress T August 2013.

In the RV on the way to Burning Man.

My view as we drove to Burning Man in the middle of the desert in the RV.

My view as we drove to Burning Man in the middle of the desert in the RV.

My best friend & I set out for Burning Man with a sense of adventure. The road trip there & back, done many times now, is often even more special to me than the actual Burning Man event. We drove for a couple days in his convertible & rented an RV closer to Nevada where we continued in to meet our camp which included cherished friends we’ve been camping with for years & a few new additions this year: Ceara Lynch, her boyfriend & ‘Nate Bitch’ (sub boy that stayed with Ceara & I in Tampa & Vegas.)

Mistress T, Ceara Lynch & Nate at Burning Man 2013.

Lucky sub boy Nate Bitch, myself & Ceara Lynch, the morning after our all-nighter, watching the sun rise.

As always, Burning Man was great. Here’s a hodge-podge of pics from the week-long event:

Mistress T at Burning Man.

Behind the famous free bar at ‘Distrikt’. That’s right: free booze. It’s the Burning Man way.

Mistress T at sunrise at Burning Man 2013.

Sunrise after staying up all night with Ceara, her boyfriend & Nate. Those are naked fire dancers…yup, that’s pretty typical at Burning man: nudity & fire.

Sunrise at The Temple. Ceara is on the far left.

Sunrise at The Temple. Ceara is on the far left.

Early morning sun by a really cool art piece that they burned at the end of the week. Ceara in the background.

Early morning sun by a really cool art piece that they burned at the end of the week. Ceara in the background.

Mistress T in front of iron wolf at Burning Man 2013.

Another awesome art piece.

Ceara Lynch & Mistress T at Burning Man 2013.

Ceara & I goofing around in front of a giant “Worlds Best Grandma” cup. I’m sure all you boot bitches are jealous. Lol.

Mistress T at Burning Man 2013.

I danced every day & loved it.

Burning Man 2013.

This was my view at Distrikt dancing every day. Amazing party people!

I had a couple of nice visits from the famous Jack Hammer who I had met while filming at a couple years ago. He’s an amazing performer & person. His fight with Cancer is inspirational (currently in remission).

Mistress T & Jack Hammer at Burning Man 2013.

It was great hanging out with fetish film star Jack Hammer.

With another amazing Burning Man under our belt we headed out to trade the RV back in for the convertible. The loose plan was to head to LA to film with Lexi Sindel but my friend didn’t feel like doing the long drive South so I spontaneously came up with another plan (& booked a separate trip to LA the end of Sept. See previous blog post). With limited internet access I got the address for a hot springs resort a couple hours away. I didn’t have much information and was surprised to discover a full-on hippie extravaganza. Sure, there were hot springs…but so much more. Naked people everywhere, healthy hippie food, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dancing, loads of self-improvement work shops…ya know, the usual new-age stuff for hippies with fat wallets. I’m pretty comfortable in that scene. I don’t necessarily fit in but they tend to be a friendly bunch & stress-free.

I loved it there. We soaked under the stars for hours & met some groovy folks. I was given a kind of water massage/hippie dance thingy that was fun & only a little creepy. It really felt like we were in a very different place, a different country or even a different planet really.

Photography was not allowed at all, actually no cell phones either, so the only photo I have is just outside the resort where a deer was enjoying the offers at an alter:

Just outside of the hippie resort where tame deer are well-fed.

Just outside of the hippie resort where tame deer are well-fed.

We were supposed to leave the next day but I met a fellow who caught my fancy. Actually it was his trouser snake that caught my attention…remember, everyone was naked, so ‘trouser snake’ is even funnier. We stayed a second night so I could have my pipes cleaned and it was well-worth it.

Those two days at that resort were surreal. We made fast-friends with many people who worked there or went there often. It quickly felt like home & I understood why some people go there & never leave.

Back on the road again we ended up in Portland for the night & were treated to the hospitality of Ceara Lynch. She just moved into her giant new house so had plenty of space for us. I’m so proud of her, at 27 to have put herself through school & bought two houses.

Mistress T & Ceara Lynch.

A quick Portland visit with one of my favorite people: Ceara Lynch.

We then made our way home to Vancouver after a rejuvenating & memorable two week adventure.

Mistress T

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LA California – late Sept 2013 – Apply now to meet me.

There are no pictures in this post because I don’t want you to get ‘too’ excited resulting in you sending me some one-handed half-brained email.

Yes, I am finally coming to LA the end of September 2013. Considering the amount of emails I regularly get from California begging me to come there I have no doubt my dance card will fill up quickly.

The main reason I’m coming to LA is social. I’m traveling with a sexy gal pal who wants to visit friends there. It’s a personal trip primarily…BUT I’ll be mixing some business with pleasure… In addition to filming once again with Lexi Sindel & her crew of deviants at the FemDom Empire I will also be filming for my own site & seeing a few lucky fans.


I am planning to film a scene with Shane Diesel who has the biggest black cock in porn. I don’t normally work with professional male talent but I have been a fan of Mr. Diesel’s ‘work’ for awhile & figured, what the heck. It would be pretty legendary to fuck him. I mean, most people would jump at the chance to fuck the porn stars they’ve been masturbating to for years…if I have the opportunity I might as well jump on it, er, I mean at it.

The scene with Shane Diesel will be for MY site, done my way, in my style. Him as the black bull obviously. I’m happy to film it without a cuckold (point-of-view style) but if you would like to be the cuckold in this scene you may apply. A small white penis & a generous tribute would give you an edge over the competition (for once, your little dick could be an advantage!). Age or body type actually doesn’t matter in this case. You will have to show your face/sign a model release. An opportunity of a lifetime for some cuckold fan, to serve myself & Mr. Diesel: holy guacamole, eh?!

Photo’s: I don’t normally do still photo’s of my shoots but if you have a good camera & skills you can apply to be the official photographer for the shoot with Shane Diesel. It’s not a paid gig…but I doubt I’ll have a hard time finding a willing perv for this role.

Other than being a cuckold in the scene with Shane Diesel I may accept a couple of private bookings or other film slaves. Also, ‘social’ slaves/service slaves who just want to meet me, take me/us out for a meal/shopping, pick us up from the airport, chauffeur us around or be useful in some way. Not to sound crass, but money talks. The time I’ll have to see fans in any capacity will be limited & the highest bidder who seems enjoyable to be around will get my attention.

If you want to see me in LA follow these instructions carefully:

#1. Email (Don’t use my blog or twitter to apply.)

#2. In the subject line write the city & what you are applying for:” LA – Private session” or “LA – Film slave” or “LA – Service slave”.

#3. In the email list what you want briefly but clearly. Point form is great. Just tell me exactly what you want or what you would be useful for.

If you’re applying to be a film slave send clear nude torso pics including your erect penis. (I usually don’t appreciate receiving random ‘dick pics’ but when applying to be in a vid I need to see what you’ve got, either small for small penis humiliation or very large for other scenes. I prefer a fit body type with less body hair 90% of the time.)

SERVICE SLAVES: I enjoy meeting fans. If you just want to be useful by chauffeuring us from the airport to our hotel, giving us foot rubs, taking me/us out for a meal, etc. that can work out really well. If you want to be casual/natural, fine, if you want to be locked in chastity while we hang out, teased or humiliated, used as a foot boy or whatever, some play can be incorporated into our time together. Tribute required…tribute always required.

I encourage you to think beyond traditional 1 hour sessions (not really my thing anymore). I’m a creative real life Domme & a pretty down to earth person. Tell me what gets your dick hard & something can probably be customized. I’d rather have 1 or 2 generous slaves who want to have a more interesting experience that spans a few days rather than 20 guys who want factory-style 1 hour sessions with laundry lists.

Now, LA fans, take a deep breath & send a carefully crafted, well-communicated email. Aim to impress. Good luck!

Mistress T

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