FetishCon in Tampa 2013 – The Recap!

I just returned to Vancouver from five exciting days at FetishCon in Tampa. I’m repacking my bags to go to Burning Man but I have a few minutes to fill you in on the trip & share loads of great pics.

If you’ve ever been to any kind of conference for any industry you know the drill. There’s a big conference room in a hotel with a bunch of ‘booths’ with exhibitors selling their stuff or promoting their business in some way. There are business mixers giving attendees a chance to network. FetCon is the same except the exhibitors are selling fetish clothing, sex toys, bondage toys, etc. & the business’s promoting themselves are adult businesses, Dominatrix’s & fetish porn stars. Like business mixers in any industry you get a fair share of people getting drunk & wild…but at FetCon you get more slutty cloths & fetish attire than business suits.

I go there to connect with people in my industry & I do some filming. The social aspect of it means the most for me as I run my business on my own in Vancouver & even I get tired of my own company. It’s fantastic to talk shop with those who understand the unique aspects of my biz.

I shared a room with Ceara Lynch. Her lucky slave got to sleep on our sofa & had the time of his life. We hung out with Domina Snow & Meggerz quite a bit. I don’t think I would ever get enough of their company.

The trip was a success. I didn’t even mind traveling this time. I found the flight & hotel pleasurable. So my travel burn out has officially passed. That’s a good thing as I have a ton of travel coming up this fall. Burning Man right away with a slow drive back…spending a couple days here & there in California…I plan to get back to the UK & The English Mansion (dates not yet set but likely October). I have a tentative trip to Ohio to visit Domina Snow early November. I’d like to try to squeeze in a few days in NY to film with Gary Pranzo & to visit Meggerz. The end of November my 3 week trip to Peru is already booked.

Anyway, here’s just a bunch of pics from FetishCon 2013 in no particular order. Enjoy!

Mistress T

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Image of Mistress T by Space City Soles.

An image shot by Space City Soles who I had the pleasure of filming with.

Image by Space City Soles: https://twitter.com/SpaceCitySoles

Domina Snow dominating Cheyenne Jewel with Ceara Lynch & Mistress T watching.

Behind the scenes…Ceara taking a pic of Domina Snow dominating Cheyenne Jewel.

Cheyenne Jewel: https://twitter.com/Cheyenne_Jewel

Domina Snow: https://twitter.com/DominaSnow

Ceara Lynch: https://twitter.com/cearalynch

Missy Rhodes & Mistress T at the clips4sale booth.

I’m sure someone has a creepy wolf fetish…? Missy Rhodes & I at the clips4sale booth.

FTKL with Mistress T at FetishCon2013.

FTKL didn’t get to tickle me this year…or did he???

FTKL: https://twitter.com/FTKL

Mistress T at FetishCon 2013.

Awww, this poor slave was blindfolded & missed out…but you didn’t! (That’s Ceara in her onesie pj’s behind me. Yup.)

Mistress T & Caoline Pierce at FetishCon 2013.

Caroline Pierce’s cleavage, meet my cleavage…
LOVE this woman.

Caroline Pierce: https://twitter.com/Caroline_Pierce

Gray Pranzo & Mistress T at FetishCon 2013.

Mutual fans, Gary Pranzo makes great Giantess Special Effects porn.

Gary Pranzo: https://twitter.com/GaryPranzo

FetishCon 2013

Goddess Phoenix, Rachel Steele, Domina Snow & some goof ball…

Goddess Phoenix: https://twitter.com/GoddessPhoenix1

Mistress T & Larkin Love at FetishCon 2013.

Larkin Love’s impressive tongue.

Larkin Love: https://twitter.com/MissLarkinLove

Clips4sale booth at FetishCon 2013.

Ashley Fires, me, Alexandra Snow, ?, Ceara & Meggerz at the clips4sale booth.

Ashley Fires: https://twitter.com/AshleyFires

Meggerz: https://twitter.com/meggerz

Missy Rhodes: https://twitter.com/ontherhodes

Alexandra Now & Mistress T.

Are you seeing this?! Domina Snow: deep throat Queen!

Fetishcon 2013.

Amadahy, Ceara, Meggerz, Snow, Sarah Blake, Justine Joli, Larkin, Mistress T & Evelyn Milano.

Goddess Amadahy: https://twitter.com/GoddessAmadahy

Justine Joli: https://twitter.com/justinejoli

Evelyn Milano: https://twitter.com/worshipevelyn

Fetishcon 2013, Mistress T with Ceara Lynch, Meggerz & Amadahy.

Meggerz, Ceara, me & Amadahy…out for dinner.

Goddess Amadahy: https://twitter.com/GoddessAmadahy

Rachel Steele, Mistress T & Domina Snow at FetishCon 2013.

Red MILF Rachel Steele & Alexandra Snow, out for dinner.

Red MILF Rachel Steele: http://www.clips4sale.com/5674

Mistress T trampling.

A handy stepping stool while I order a drink from the bar…some men ARE useful!

FetishCon 2013 with Meggerx, ceara & Mistress T.

Meggerz, Ceara & I…feet up, drink in hand…

Mistress T trampling Jason Ninja.

Jason Ninja is so fun to trample!

Jason Ninja: https://twitter.com/jasoninja

Mistress T & a furry.

My secret furry fetish is starting to be not-so-secret…

Sex & cuckolding in reality

I film a lot of crazy stuff. Cuckolding is one of my own personal fetishes and can be played out in many different ways.

I have recently been spending more time with a boy who I’ve known for awhile…as a friend & occasional film slave. He’s kinky & submissive…also pretty cute. He’s in his mid 20’s & I find his youth refreshing.

His sexuality is complex. The times that I’ve considered taking him as a lover his penis wouldn’t cooperate for regular sex. He worships me & is intimidated by me sexually. He gets plenty hard when I kick him in the balls or when he’s worshiping my feet but when I’ve actually tried to fuck him he’s gotten all flustered. Kinda cute.

I haven’t really cared. I have other lovers & I genuinely enjoy his company & service. I love the way he dances (often silly/goofy on purpose which I find entertaining & strangely arousing.)

Yesterday I was out with friends. A couple I’ve had a strong friendship & occasional sexual relationship with for many years. We spent the day hanging out, eating, shopping, going to the beach & flirting. Here’s a snap from yesterday:

Mistress T at the beach

Beach time with my cherished, sexy friends…

At the end of the day she went to have a tryst with a lover. He & I headed back to my place for some fun & I texted the boy to come over immediately. I decided to cuckold him. The conditions were perfect.

While we waited the fuck stud licked my pussy expertly. Mmmm…& just as I came the boy arrived. I kissed him deeply & told him today he was going to see how a real man fucks me. He watched as I licked & sucked the fuck-stud’s cock. Then I told him to suck it a little for me. I wanted him to feel how big it was in his mouth so he would understand how his cock would stretch my pussy.

I licked the shaft while the boy gently sucked the head, our lips & tongues touching.

I had moments of awe…that I’ve played these scenes out so many times in vids & here I was doing it in real life & it was just as hot, hotter even, than the vids. Reality surpassing fantasy.

I wanted that big cock inside of me & I loved the fuck stud’s technique…I was excited to get on with the fucking.

He rolled on the condom & positioned himself so the boy could see his cock entering me. He told him to watch & learn. The fuck stud is the perfect combo of assertive & dirty while still being a really caring & nice guy. He wasn’t some douche who would get off on degrading the boy if he didn’t see how much it turned the boy on.

He fucked me, slow at first, gradually increasing the intensity, depth & speed. The boy was rubbing himself through his shorts & I gave him a foot to worship as I was getting fucked.

After a thorough & truly satisfying rogering from the fuck stud…who fucks in such a manly way, physically assertive, holding me down firmly & using his rock hard cock like a weapon…while looking at me with such compassion…his eyes rolled as he pressed hard against me and came.

As he went to clean up the boy & I kissed sweetly. I wanted to feel his buttery soft young skin against me & told him to undress. I could pet him for hours he feels so good.

Warm hugs for both of us as the fuck stud left to pick up his wife from her lovers place.

The boy & I cuddled & kissed in bed. He was so nervous & overwhelmed. His cock fluctuated between hard & soft as I touched it. I know many guys reading this are rock hard & imagine that they would be rock hard 100% of the time in my presence…while others who understand reality know that often guys struggle with erectile difficulties for all kinds of reasons…none of which include not being attracted to their bed partner.

I liked the idea of having him enter me after my other lover had just stretched out my pussy with his bigger cock. I kicked him in the balls a few times & his cock grew to full attention. (I warned you, his sexuality is complex.) I rolled the condom on & we started to have sex but he quickly lost his erection. I kicked him a few more times & then straddled him, riding his cock while punching him in the balls.

I confess, this was more novel than arousing for me at this point so I told him to lick my pussy. He’s somewhat inexperienced but takes instruction well & I soon had my second delicious orgasm.

As it turns out, bizarrely, there is a sexual position that works for him & once we got going it was surprisingly hot. Probably most exciting as this was the first time we had successful intercourse. He looked so intensely passionate by candle light, so beautiful…

I certainly felt satisfied after hours of ‘play’. Sure, the sex act with the stud was more satisfying, but I got a great deal pf pleasure in a different way with the boy. He truly worships me & has other things to offer. I always enjoy my time with him.

I could have left out all this fumbling around & ended the story after I got fucked properly by the fuck stud…but I thought it was more interesting to explain the rest. Porn messes a lot of people up thinking that sex always runs smoothly. It doesn’t. Sometimes you have to have patience & get used to someone before sex works at all. If there’s chemistry it can be worth the effort.

So, what happens now? Will the boy become my cuckold because he doesn’t quite sexually satisfy me but I like him a lot anyway? Will he start to satisfy me sexually so we have great sex but have an open relationship? He’s quite likely way too young to be a serious partner, he’s more of a play thing…but is he falling too hard for me to be treated so casually?

Who knows…but if anything blog-worthy happens you’ll be sure to hear about it.

Mistress T

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Method To My Madness

I could also say the madness in my method. I’m talking about how I create my vids. I’ve often been asked what my process is, if I follow a script, where I come up with my ideas, how I choose the film slaves or other performers, etc.

Mistress T mixing up another great vid.

Behind the scenes…the making of a Mistress T vid…

I have performed in well over a thousand vids over the 6 years I’ve been in front of the camera. Most of those for my own site but at least a few hundred for other producers. When I started with Club Stiletto I already possessed a strong understanding of fetish. I had been a Professional Dominatrix for years. Before that an avid reader of fetish erotica & a deviant experimenter of fetish in my personal life.

From the first shoot with Club Stiletto they would just say: “Talk to the camera about foot fetish for about 8 minutes & show your feet.” or “Be mean to this guy who’s playing your uncle & sit on his face in a bratty way for about 10 minutes.” and I would just do it.

The shoots were very casual & unstructured. I was given lots of creative freedom & positive reinforcement. It was fun.

When I started making vids for my own site I didn’t know how to do it any other way. I would start with a basic idea (cuckolding, small penis humiliation, boot fetish, etc.) I would just start the scene with a loose story line & it would usually turn out well. This could be a bit frustrating for those I filmed with because I would often go off in other directions mid scene & they would have to keep up. If you are a member of my site & you look at the vids I filmed 4 or 5 years ago compared to the last couple of years you can see that I’ve improved, I’ve become more skilled, but my style isn’t that different.

Over time I have had the opportunity to film with quite a few different producers (Kink.com, Mean Dungeon, FemDom Empire, etc.) & the privilege to film extensively with the best in the biz: The English Mansion. I learned that there are many different ways to do what I do. I’ve been on shoots where the whole scene was story-boarded & scripted. Very organized. I’ve filmed with producers who wrote out several complex scenes with multiple slaves & Dommes for the whole day. I’ve filmed where they kept stopping the scene every time the camera person changed angles & I had to remember the last thing I said & continue the dialogue as if there wasn’t a pause. Very challenging!

After all I’ve seen & learned I still do things the way I have from the start. Loose & casual. If I’m making a custom vid I accept brief outlines but refuse to follow scripts or memorize lines. I do things in my own style. I get a lot of repeat custom vid buyers so that seems to be working.

When I film with a film slave things get a little more complicated.

I’m a lot more careful about who I film with these days. My preference is usually fit men with above-average cocks. Bigger cocks just look better in porn, there’s more real estate to work with & since I do a lot of ‘small penis humiliation’ to the viewer it makes sense that the guy I’m filming with is larger. Over the years the numbers have proven without a doubt: bigger cocks equal more sales.

Many of the guys you see in my vids are actually personal lovers & friends. If you look closely you’ll see some of the same guys in various vids. All the other guys in the vids are real fans who email me to apply to be in my vids. I have never paid professional male performers for my vids but in the right circumstances I would consider it. I loved working with Wolf Hudson when I filmed with Kink.com & Deviant Kade when I filmed with the FemDom Empire. They are both true professionals worthy of being paid for their talent.

The first time I film with a new guy I ask them what they’re into. It can be nerve-wracking for a 1st time film slave & I do my best to ensure they are comfortable. As long as what they’re into is something I think will sell for me we’ll do that. Usually a hand job. That’s an easy one for most guys. Sometimes a ruined orgasm or humiliation or ball busting, etc. Once we get more comfortable with each other we can do different or more complicated scenes.

I do all my own filming. That means that I coordinate the shoot, set up the lighting, put the camera on the tripod, if there’s a film slave I give him basic instructions, hit the start button & away I go. I usually only have the most basic idea of what the scene will be at the start. Sometimes I have a moment of concern that maybe this will be the time I just don’t know what to say…but I always seem to figure it out. I think it gives my scenes a more realistic feel, since I’m making it up as I go along, just as most people do in real life.

I do my own editing as well & occasionally I’ll use a little editing magic to spruce up a vid. Recently I did a scene where I basically just gave a blow job for 8 minutes. (This was a personal lover & it was his 1st time being on film. For him, a blow job was my best chance to get a cum shot.) I couldn’t talk with my mouth full so I thought the vid was a little boring with no vocals. I decided to record a voice over (Masturbation Instruction) with lots of sensual, teasing verbals: ta-da! It turned out great & has been my best selling vid this month: “You Crave My Mouth”.

So there ya go. I’m not sure if you’ll be disappointed or amazed at how I create my vids. Maybe you’ll wish there was still some mystery to it…but really, it’s very fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. When I’m wearing pants anyway…and I like it that way.

Mistress T

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