Casting call! (No experience req’d)

Although I have worked with professionals a few times in the past I film almost exclusively with fans & personal friends/lovers. That means that YOU could have a chance to be in my films. Pretty thrilling, eh?

Here’s everything you need to know:

#1. At this time I’m only filming in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you aren’t here or coming here in the next month please do NOT email me asking if I’m planning to come to your city. I film in the UK in the spring & fall. Other than that, these days I’m only filming in Vancouver.

#2.¬† I’m currently looking for film slaves for the following roles:

Stunt cocks for hand job vids & possible intercourse (bulls in cuckolding scenes). You must have a BIG/THICK, fully functioning cock. That means you can get erect, stay erect & ejaculate fairly easily. I can work with premature ejaculators but I can’t work with guys that are super difficult to get off. I need cum shots. Any race or age (18-60) is fine if you have a good body for filming: not super hairy & no big tummies. Of course, the better looking you are the more interested I’m going to be. Video is a visual medium!

>BONUS if you show your face on film and/or are okay getting your cock sucked by another dude.

Mistress T with a huge cock.

Big cocks & huge cum loads make me HAPPY!

Black bulls with BBC given preference...naturally:-)

Black bulls with BBC given preference…naturally:-)

Cuckolds who suck cock & will eat cum (not cream pies as I only have condom-covered sex in Vancouver). This is the opposite of the stunt cock. I don’t care how hairy/fat or ugly you are & the smaller & more useless your dick is the better! You must be okay with being humiliated & showing your face on film. Bonus if you can take it in the butt (strap-on).

Mistress T in a cuckolding scene.

My sissy, cuckold hubby fluffs a bigger cock for me…

Cuckolding, cocksucking filmed with Mistress T.

Screenshot from a cuckolding vid with ‘Encouraged Bi’ for my site.

Strap-on bottoms: do you have a gaping slut hole that can handle very large insertions? Great! I don’t really care what you look like but bonus if you’re attractive, have a functioning cock & show your face. Must be able to take HUGE toys in your butt.

Mistress T with a large strap-on.

Giant strap-on scene for my site. Wow, right?

Mistress T & Deviant Kade

Deviant Kade taking my big black dick…

Facsitting/ass worship slaves & pony boys (scenes for Club Stiletto): must show face.

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my ass...but without a mask, obviously. See how the hood kind of ruins it?

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my ass…but without a mask, obviously. See how the hood kind of ruins it?

Mistress T pony riding.

A nice day for a ride on the Club Stiletto pony!

Would I REALLY be talking on the phone?!

Ass worship! Get in there!

My club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth

My Club Stiletto Pony in front of Clips4sale booth. (Shoulder riding)

#3. I don’t pay males in my vids. I figure that getting to hang out with me & do kinky stuff is enough of a treat…and a great opportunity for those who can’t afford a private session. Also, with a reference from me you could have a chance to film with other Goddess’s like Kandy Kink, Miss Jasmine, Bijou Steal, etc…I also have on occasion whored out my ‘film slaves’ to girlfriends for personal fun (not filmed).

#4. You must be over 18, be photographed holding your photo ID beside your face + sign a model release (even if you don’t show your face in the vid). These records are kept VERY secure & would only ever be used if YOUR age or consent was every questioned by the proper authorities…so probably never, but by law I need to collect it, so I do.

#5. To apply send a brief, polite email with the following:

– state that you are in Vancouver or the dates you will or can be here. (Again, I film in Vancouver only at this time). I won’t cover your travel expenses.

– list exactly what you’re willing to do/interested in doing on film. (Suck cock? Take a big strap-on? Want to be a ‘bull’?)

– include appropriate photo’s (clear nude torso with erect penis, try using the bathroom mirror). Include your face if you’re willing to go unmasked.

– DO NOT send a long flowery, complimentary email or try to engage me in sexy email chat. This part is all business for me. I’m coordinating scenes & filling roles. It’s personal when it’s in person but email is logistical. Be respectful of my time & to the point.

Email address:

Mistress T

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UK: Spring Trip 2014

Mmmm...England, it was nice to be inside you again...

Mmmm…England, it was nice to be inside you again…

I’ve just returned from my spring trip to the UK. I go to the UK every spring & fall to film content & connect with Sidonia Von Bork from The English Mansion & my kinky friends.

This was a fun-filled & relaxing trip. More like a vacation than anything. Lots of wonderful meals out, exploring the English countryside & adorable little villages, going to spa’s, hanging out in the hot tub, etc.

I spent most of my time outside of the city of London but I did come in for one perfectly executed night. I arrived by train, a fan picked me up & took me to get measured for custom boots, took me for lunch & then dropped me at my hotel where I had a couple of awesome sessions. I actually came into London specifically for a special regular client who comes to the UK from another European country just to see me…which is surprisingly common. Guys come from Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, etc. just to see me when I’m in the UK. I love that!

My one evening in London I went for dinner with a good friend & thoroughly enjoyed rich conversation. At this point of my life I’d rather really connect with someone & go on a quiet midnight stroll around Notting Hill than go out clubbing. The next morning the fan from the day before picked me up & took me lingerie & chocolate shopping, then to Camden Town for shopping & sight seeing…then lunch before dropping me off at the train station. It was so wonderful to have a chauffeur & tour guide! My quick trip into London couldn’t have gone more perfectly.

Me being chauffeured around London...lingerie & chocolates!

Me being chauffeured around London…lingerie & chocolates!

I had such a lovely time in the UK, relaxing while also being productive filming awesome smut for my site, The English Mansion & Nikki Whiplash…I didn’t want to come home to Vancouver & face the mess at my new apartment. I moved less than a week before I left for the UK & as I type this blog I’m surrounded by chaos. I have a lot of work ahead of me unpacking & settling into my new home. For the moment, lets look at pics from my trip & look forward to my next trip in the fall!

A few snaps from my day with Nikki Whiplash who I’ve had the pleasure of filming with often in the past. You can find me on her ballbusting site as well as facesitting & some other fun stuff:

Nikki Whiplash & I reunited for kinky exploits.

Nikki Whiplash & I reunited for kinky exploits.

Still want to get between her thighs? Beware of Nikki Whiplash's severe scissors!

Still want to get between her thighs? Beware of Nikki Whiplash’s severe scissors!

Action shot & tweet about Nikki & I ballbusting this perv. (Follow Niiki Whiplash on twitter! She probably won't smash your nuts.)

Action shot & tweet about Nikki & I ball busting this perv. (Follow Nikki Whiplash on twitter! She probably won’t smash your nuts.)

I love the diabolical mind of Sidonia Von Bork who never runs out of creative ways to use & torment slaves. We always have a blast!

Inescapable bondage & no one to hear his screams...Sidonia Von Bork & I prepare our toy...

Inescapable bondage & no one to hear his screams…Sidonia Von Bork & I prepare our toy…

Ah, the foolish smile of a slave who doesn't know what Sidonia Von Bork has in store for him...

Ah, the nervous smile of a slave who doesn’t know what Sidonia Von Bork has in store for him…


…presenting: Slave in a sac! You could win him & a new dinette…spin the wheel!


Tickle fight?




Whipping is even more fun than knitting!


Lots of comfy furniture to sit on…but noooo…I chose the face of some weirdo jerking off in a cage…seems reasonable…

Mistress T

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Acceptance Is Awesome


A couple of years ago I moved into a new apartment. My neighbors found out about my alter ego “Mistress T” and flipped out. They even tried to get me evicted. Some of you may remember the blog entry I wrote about it: “Judgement Sucks Monkey Balls”. Over the last couple of years I have received tons of support from fans and a lot of inquiries about how it all turned out. So I’ll tell ya…

At that time I assured my neighbors & landlord that I would be the most quiet and drama-free tenant & neighbor they could ever want. I have an unsual business but the day-to-day ‘me’ lives a quiet, calm life. I am usually just editing video at home, having friends over for tea, going out to eat with friends, etc. I tend to do the bulk of my filming out of town these days & what I film at home is always quiet scenes with the camera on a tripod (usually hand jobs with guys who are personal friends & lovers.) There’s no film crew or parades of strangers coming & going. I rarely see clients for private sessions anymore but when I do it’s usually at their hotel room, not in my home.

I have parties now & again but usually gatherings before going to fetish parties so we’re all out by 11pm.

So over the last couple of years my neighbor below me has lived in quiet bliss. I walk lightly in my socks, don’t play loud music or anything. We become friendly & enjoyed chatting when we ran into each other. Recently I needed a reference for a new apartment and he was happy to assure my potential new landlord that I would be an excellent choice as a tenant. He saw no reason to mention my occupation as it has had zero impact on my neighbors.

That could be the happy ending we were all hoping for but it gets even better.

As I was doing the final move out of that apartment I heard a knock on the door. It was the lady in the building who had given me the most trouble. The one who was most opinionated about my work, the most fearful, the most judgmental & the one who tried the hardest to have me evicted. She came to apologize to me in person. She said that she was wrong. She said that I was one of the most responsible & professional people she’s met & she wished people she worked with & other tenants in the building were more like me.

I was so moved, I felt that lump in my throat. I know I shouldn’t care what people think & I’ve had to grow a thicker skin…but being really honest with my own feelings: I do care. Judgement does cut me & acceptance touches me. I know very well that there is a stigma with adult work. When people can look past that & see the real person, not the job, see the woman who does yoga, loves animals but doesn’t like babies, wears flannel pj’s, tries to do the right thing, cares about the environment, who hates being taken advantage of, who can’t watch scary movies because she has nightmares, who wears a hat a lot because she doesn’t like doing her hair…who is a quiet, considerate, responsible neighbor.

I was sad to leave that apartment, especially now that I have finally been accepted…but a major, disruptive year-long building renovation was about to start & my quiet oasis would be gone. Construction at 7:30am daily? Fuck that.

Speaking of construction, the construction workers had been anything but discreet about their leering, ogling & making machismo comments to each other, nudging & smirking. As I was moving my stuff out, one of the construction workers (showing how brave he was in front of his buddies) said to me it was a shame I was leaving (accompanied by giggles from his pals). I turned, smiling, and looked him in the eyes & said “Oh yeah? Why is that?”. He just shut up & looked away, embarrassed to be confronted. They all did. Way to keep up the stereotype of construction workers being sleazy to women, guys. Keep up the great work. *eye roll* Can you imagine if I had stayed & had to put up with that every day? Like I don’t get enough clumsy, creepy advances from my fans. Ohhhh…*zing!*

So, I’m settling into my new home, hoping there won’t be any drama this time. But if there is, you all will know about it.

Mistress T

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