Rub n’ Tug.

Mistress T nude back.

This pic has nothing to do with today, but it’s pretty, eh?

If you’re not familiar with the term rub n’ tug it usually means a massage & hand job. In Vancouver (& probably in most places) men can go to ‘massage parlors’ where they typically get a (often mediocre) massage from a woman who then jerks them off. I’ve been fascinated with this concept since I first learned about it years ago…in that I wanted to get a massage & handy myself…but it’s harder to find men who offer this service for women.

Years ago I managed to find two different professional men who I paid for this service, on separate occasions. Paying was part of the thrill for me. No oral, no intercourse, no reciprocation. Just me receiving pleasure with them only using their hands.

Recently I stumbled across an ad for this service but it was free. Obviously I would be dealing with some pervy guy who got his jollies from rubbing down naked woman. No harm in that I figured as long as I got a decent massage and an orgasm. I liked the naughtiness of the whole adventure. I found it exciting.

I set it up & rang the bell at the door of a pretty house in a nice neighborhood. A conservative woman answered the door & I had a moment of panic thinking I was at the wrong place but my pervy masseuse was just behind her. Turned out he uses her place for these rendezvous & she probably wanted to give me the once over to ensure I wasn’t some crack head who would robe her.

The room was nice. A proper hippie style massage room with a real massage table & relaxing music playing. Spotlessly clean.

My masseuse was a nervously grinning Japanese man maybe in his 40’s. We chatted awkwardly for a minute. I reconfirmed the boundaries: Only touch me with your hands, a massage & a release for me, no sex, no rubbing his penis against me, no jerking himself off. He was agreeable so I stripped off & laid on the table as he watched, probably feeling like he’d won the lottery.

Mistress T hald naked.

Another pic that doesn’t really have anything to do with today…but whatever.

The massage was good. He had some training & he wanted to please. He used a lot of Holly oil & spared none in my private areas. He obviously enjoyed the look of a shiny ass & pussy. Who doesn’t?

I flipped & he did my front. If my breasts were tense when he started they sure as fuck weren’t by the time he rubbed them…& massaged them…& rubbed them some more. He commented: “I bet hundreds of men would love to massage you!” I laughed & said: “Yup. You’re very lucky.” I thought of all my darling wankers out there who would give their left nut to rub down my oiled body for a couple hours.

I’ll pause here for anyone who is squirming in discomfort. A little something you may not know about me is that I find perverts endearing. I feel a bit like a dirty old man trapped in a pretty girls body. That’s a big reason why I am so good at what I do. I kind of think like a lot of you wankers. So having a horny guy drooling over my body while rubbing me down is no problemo for me. Have at er’.

Moving along…he teased me about keeping me on edge for a long time. I let that one go. As his hands were working their magic on my ridiculously lubed up pussy & my mind was going to all sorts of seedy places…he teased that he was going to stop just before I came. I advised him to not do that. (I’m not into ruined fucking orgasms, I don’t know how you boys do it.) He asked if I would beat him up if he stopped & I just said that I would leave. He didn’t want that so he continued on as I prepared to punch him in the face if he stopped just as I started to orgasm.

He was a good boy & got me off then continued on with the massage until I felt like I’d had enough. As I was leaving he told me I was the most interesting woman he had massaged. He asked me to come back again & I probably will. No muss, no fuss. No strings, no drama, no bullshit. Pervy & hot for me.

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I will have a black stud in June!

Exciting news for fans of interracial porn/black bulls in cuckolding scenes: the black fellow I filmed with before is coming to visit me in Vancouver in June!

Ceara Lynch on 1 side...on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation...yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Ceara Lynch on 1 side…on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation…yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Here’s the back story: he & I met while on vacation in December 2012. We ‘clicked’ & while fooling around in front of a mirror he suggested we film ourselves. He had never done porn before & the whole thing came about naturally. The first vid we filmed was a huge hit. We had a lot of fun together that week so he came to visit me while I was in Vegas in January. We filmed again & spent a few awesome days together.

Mistress T with black slave.

We hit it off pretty well right from the start! (We met at a tropical resort in December.)

He lives pretty far away so it’s a big deal that he’s coming to visit me in Vancouver. I haven’t been able to find another black guy I felt comfortable filming with so his visit is even more appreciated.

The way I produce my ‘porn’ is a little different than the larger production companies. I only have sex with guys in my vids who I want to have sex with. My own personal lovers, etc. They are not professional porn performers. So sometimes it’s hard to just ‘fill a role’ if I don’t have the right person in my life at that time.

Mistress T with black slave.

Ebony and ivory…

If you are reading this & thinking that you would LOVE to see us in action in person, that you would like to play the role of a cuckold or voyeur in person (filmed or private) here’s what you need to know:

#1. We are only available together in Vancouver June 12-16. (Don’t ask me/us to come to your city or ask for other dates).

#2. We use condoms so there will be no creampie to clean up. To be clear: no cum in/on my pussy for you to lick up.

#3. He’s straight & will not want you to suck his cock.

#4. You may be able to eat his cum…out of a condom or off of my hand or other body part.

#5. Nothing is free. A vid with just us fucking will sell well without a cuckold in it so as much as I might enjoy having you here I don’t need you. It will cost significantly less if you are willing to be filmed than private but you will pay something for the privilege. A deposit will be required right away to demonstrate you are serious.

Creatively there are a lot of things we CAN do…I love to have my feet worshiped by a slave while I’m being fucked…cock comparison & small penis humiliation is fun…maybe cross dressing you & humiliating you in front of my black stud would be amusing…oh my, the options!

CUSTOM VIDS or WEB CAM are also possible!

EMAIL me (don’t tweet) to order custom vids with the black guy or to arrange a web cam session with us…or to apply to see us in person:


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Mistress T fucking a black stud.

From our maiden voyage: “Black Magic”. My 1st porn vid having sex with a black guy…his 1st porn ever!

Mistress T with black bull & female cuckold.

From the vid: “Cuckolded Girlfriend vs. BBC”. Featuring Cheyenne Jewel.

Mistress T with a black bull

From the popular vid: “Serviced By A Black Bull”

Part of the problem or the solution?

Have a look at this fantastic vid that prompted my post today:

I’ve often wondered how I’m influencing the objectification of women in our society. I’m creating pornography & I post naked images of myself all over the internet for guys to jerk off to…

“But” I promote FemDom & in every day life I don’t have the generally accepted look of a porn star, stripper or model. I have the body type of the pin-up gals back in the 40’s & 50’s. Full hips, thighs & butt. This is my natural shape & I simply lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain it. I eat really well & exercise a little.

In my vids men are submissive & are there for the pleasure & amusement of women. Men are objectified & used. Although this goes against what a lot of you often see in the media the fact remains that this porn is still created FOR men. Just men who prefer strong, confident women in control. Men who like kinky sex play, who enjoy being humiliated, etc.

I hope that my FemDom porn does more to elevate women & less to objectify them? I hope it helps more men accept strong, confident women as sexy. I hope that for more men a women in control is regarded less frequently as a ‘bitch’ & more often as someone to respect.

I am not a female supremacist. I hope for equality. I dream of a world where gender is irrelevant. Where people are just people.

I encourage comments. Share your opinion.

Here’s the whole article & background on this vid:

Mistress T


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My Sunday…

Mistress T in a red corset.

Behind the scenes…

When I started this blog & as I’ve gone along I’ve hoped to give my fans an inside look at my real life & the realities of running a business like mine. I often say the blog is about the real woman who is also Mistress T.

So here’s a snap shot of a real day, Sunday just passed. It was perhaps not a typical day but it wasn’t that unusual for my life either.

I had been out to a fetish party the night before. Although I had not been drinking or doing drugs I hadn’t gotten to bed until 5am. I was indulging in another of the deadly sins: late night dining with friends. We all need a vice.

So although I was still in bed at 11am when my lover arrived I was at least not hung over. He made me tea & joined me in bed. He likes my personal fragrance & was aroused that I had been dancing & sweating the night before but hadn’t showered yet. I enjoy his mouth a great deal. Licking pussy is an art & every man should go to great lengths to learn to do it well & understand that every woman is different. Take your time to ensure you’re doing it how she likes it.

Mistress T on throne.

My pussy isn’t going to lick itself…

He knows how I like it. In fact, he does things to me that transcend pussy licking. Indescribable but wonderful. I’ll just say that I had a mind altering orgasm & move on with the rest of my day.

I was editing video when I received an email that made me very happy. One of my favorite film slaves had just become single again & he wanted to come back to me. I took great joy in his misfortune, I’m only a little ashamed to say. He’s the monogamous type & when he has a girlfriend he won’t film with me. When he’s single: cha-ching!

I wasted no time with his rebound & invited him right over to film. It was probably our best session yet. He had been in boring sex purgatory with his latest nice gal & I was just what the doctor ordered.

Mistress T with a huge cock.

I look pretty fuckin’ happy, eh?

Mistress T after sex.

Taken right after we filmed: lookin’ pretty satisfied!

After he left I was feeling lucky & adventurous so decided to do something a little crazy. I had heard about a reggae night at a bar near by. I’ve been looking for a black guy for my films & black guys are very rare in Vancouver…reggae night seemed like promising hunting grounds.

I couldn’t find anyone to go with me at the last minute so decided to go by myself. I have gone to bars by myself in other cities where I was visiting solo…I could do this! Heck, if I managed to find a guy that night I might even get a hat trick (3 lovers in the same day).

Interracial sex.

Seeking that ebony & ivory combo…

I’m not sure it was a success beyond having a story to tell about being a solo little white girl trying to pick up a black dude at a bar. There wasn’t much to choose from. I talked to a few guys but couldn’t quite picture me fucking them. I handed out a few business cards but didn’t find Mr. Right Porn Stud. The live reggae band was fantastic though & I would go back just for the music.

I felt proud of myself for being so dedicated to my work that I would push my comfort zone & go solo to a bar looking for a guy for my vids. Ya can’t say I don’t have balls of steel!

On my way home I popped by my pal Samantha Mack’s place for a visit. She told me about being in a horror film that day (kinda gross n’ gory) & I shared my adventures. I got home late but satisfied with having had an interesting & productive day.

Mistress T

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Cock Hunting.

I’ve written blog entries before about looking for film slaves/male film performers…why not one more? This time less of an application form & more of an ‘adventures of’.

It’s been easier for me to do most of my filming elsewhere because frankly, Vancouver has very slim pickings for film slaves…but I’d prefer to not travel for a bit so here I am, in Vancouver looking for cock. Really, that’s what it comes down to.

The ideal fella has a large cock, cums easily & a lot, has a decent body, has nice manners & is reliable. This can be remarkably hard to find in Vancouver for some reason. Elsewhere I usually have plenty enough fans volunteering & I like that. I think that the vids are more authentic feeling if the guy is a real fan & really into me.

I’ve been criticized for not paying male performers (the critics are anonymous online commentors & seem very angry…not sure who they are or why they care so much?) To be fair, if I had easy access to truly professional male performers like Wolf Hudson (who I loved working with at & Deviant Kade (who I work with when I film with FemDom Empire) I would happily pay.

Vancouver is not LA however.

I’m specifically looking for black studs for interracial vids right now.

I have been trying online dating sites, ads for male escorts, etc. It can be awkward approaching men to ask if they’re interested in doing porn.

A comedy of errors in the search for BBC:

1. Awhile ago I met a cute black guy at a party. He asked me out. Over lunch he mentioned something about the whole ‘BBC myth’. I took it from that he had a small black dick. I told him I was looking for a BBC for adult films & he hooked me up with one of his friends. After chatting for a few minutes I discovered he was actually just looking for some no-strings-attached action behind his girlfriends back & only pretended to be interested in film to get me into bed. It didn’t work.

2. At another party a very hot black guy started dancing with me & soon his cock was so hard it was brushing against me even though he wasn’t touching me otherwise. I could tell it was huge so took him aside to ask if he’d be interested in doing porn. If you’ve seen Boogie Nights & remember the scene where Burt Reynolds approaches Dirk Diggler about doing porn…it wasn’t that glamorous. We’re still discussing over email but it’s not looking good.

3. I met with a guy who I found on a dating site. We had an awkward lunch interview. He had sent me pics of his dick so I knew he had a decent sized BBC. After lunch I tried to end the meeting but he was a clinger. He wanted to hang out longer & chat. I told him we didn’t need to do that, that he was fine & we could set up a time to film. He hooted with excitement & then asked seriously if he could feel my ass. We were standing on a busy street in broad daylight…although my answer would have been the same in any circumstance: I told him he just blew it.

4. Months ago I ran into a male erotic dancer I had known years ago. Way back then we had kissed one night so I took the opportunity to pick up where we left off & asked him out. One thing led to another…we discussed making a video, he was game. He had a great body & a nice BBC. He promised that he could go & go like a champ…but not with a condom. What? He couldn’t stay hard with a condom? So he was just fucking random chicks bareback all the time & thought that since I do porn I’d be down with that. Um, no. Good-bye.

The one black guy I have filmed with was great. I met him on vacation. We filmed there & then he came to visit me in Vegas where we filmed again. He might come to Vancouver soon for a visit which would be awesome: more filming! I know a lot of my fans really enjoyed seeing me with that black stud & he is a genuinely nice & respectful fella so I like spending time with him.

Mistress T with black slave.

Ebony and ivory…

The search continues. For those who are craving more interracial action: I’m working on it…& think it’s kind of funny that it’s THIS hard for me to find the right black guy to perform in my vids. I am beginning to understand how a lot of guys feel when they’re trying to get laid!

So, if you are in Vancouver or can come here…if you are fit with a big black or white cock that gets hard, stays hard & cums easily…email me:

Maybe you’ll get to check “Be a porn star” off your bucket list:-)

Mistress T

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