Clients are like a box of chocolates…

…you never know what you’re going to get.

Did you think I was going to say they’re all sweet? Nope.

I wasn’t sure whether to say clients, fans or slaves. The term that fits best is client since they all pay me for something, at least in the beginning. They’re all fans. Very few would consider themselves slaves.

Anyway, terminology aside, the business of being a Professional Domme or service provider (*cringe*) is a strange one. I am no longer a traditional Dominatrix. I was at one time. My formally structured sessions consisted of a lot of CBT (cock & ball torture), flogging, paddling, spanking, strap-on/anal play, boot worship, bondage, etc. I didn’t even offer a hand release. Clients were allowed to wank themselves off if they pleased me, which is to say, most of the time because they were paying after all.

Over the years things have evolved. I rarely see clients these days & when I do my ‘sessions’ are very casual. Clients basically pay to spend time with me, to meet Mistress T in the flesh. I enjoy being sensual, teasing & toying with men. The more mentally engaging (rather than implement or prop focused) the better I like it. I prefer to not feel like I’m providing a service but that I’m allowing lucky men to worship me in person.

I decided to open myself up to more sessions than usual this trip to the UK & thus far I am torn. The money is nice…& most of the gentleman I’ve met have been lovely…but I’m really questioning if it’s worth the annoyances that come with it. By that, I mean the piles & piles of emails (session requests). Then all the emails back & forth with each client working out the details. Then after all that the guys who change their mind either just before making a deposit or even more frustrating are those who make the deposit then vanish a couple days before the session leaving me wondering if it’s happening or not? They’ve paid, so I am reluctant to give their time to someone on the waiting list in case they surface in the last few hours…anyway, you get the point. Just reading this paragraph you’re probably getting annoyed.

Those who jerked me around & didn’t follow through with their sessions can really just go fuck themselves. Having the deposit eases the sting but the disrespect is unforgivable. I don’t take it that personally as I know every Domme deals with the same issues, but that doesn’t make guys who no-show any less dishonorable.

The theme of this blog was meant to discuss the vast differences in clients & my experiences with them. For example, I had dinner ‘dates’ three nights in a row.

The first one couldn’t have gone better. We totally clicked, it was comfortable, the conversation flowed & it felt natural. We sessioned after dinner & it was HOT. Really fun for both of us.

The second one no-showed (by the way, no-show Christiano: go fuck yourself) & although I had a list of several eager fans who were praying I’d have an opening, I had such a nice time with the 1st guy that I ended up going out with him for the evening again. It was wonderful.

If only all clients made me so happy…

The 3rd was a mini disaster. He spent the entire evening talking non-stop. Talking about himself, bragging & flaunting his wealth, name dropping without noticing how unimpressed I was. He made peculiar long-winded complaints about how unattractive people were at fetish events he’d gone to (since he would not be considered physically attractive by most, so um, you are kind of part of the problem, aren’t ya?). He didn’t want a session, he just wanted to spend time with me (which he did pay for) but he didn’t ask me any questions or try to engage me in conversation. I felt like objectified arm candy and I spent three long hours resisting the urge to punch him in the face. He made my efforts to gracefully end the evening impossible & it ended awkwardly with me telling him pretty much everything that you’ve just read, to his face.


So there’s a little insight into my world. I have been doing this for years & although I keep getting better at scheduling my time efficiently & meeting with those I enjoy, at the end of the day it’s a crap shoot. I never know what I’m going to get. That’s certainly fun when it works out well…but is it worth all the other annoyances? That is a question I will be pondering as the session requests continue to pour in…

Mistress T

I’m not just arm candy. I’ve got a big, beautiful brain too.


Bijou Steal visiting Toronto!

Exciting news for slaves & perverts in Ontario! My very good friend Bijou Steal will be in downtown Toronto the night of Monday Oct 29th through late night Thursday Nov 1st.

I have worked with & filmed with Ms. Steal. She is very skilled & wickedly sadistic. You can see her in several vids on my members site (or clips store) by searching the key word “Steal”):

Her preferred activities: strap on play, foot worship, humiliation, clothed face sitting, & corporal punishment.

Her web address:

Her email address:

Bijou Steal – Classy & Cruel

Bijou Steal – Ballerina Gone Bad

Bijou Steal – Latex Goddess


I am in the UK!

I’m getting pretty good at this traveling thing. Like many things in life, you can learn to get better at it. With every trip I learn how to pack even smarter. I get better at coordinating my schedule. I figure out how to maximize my comfort & minimize my discomfort. I get more organized. I consider it an art form & I pride myself on being an excellent traveler.

I identified with the well-oiled traveling machine that George Clooney played in the movie “Up In The Air”. (Not a bad movie by the way, if you like Mr. Clooney, who is pretty much the same character in every movie….but I digress.)

This trip I was even more organized as I had planned on spending my last evening with my pal Samantha Mack screaming like little girls at Playland’s Fright Night (haunted houses).

Very scary night out with Samantha Mack (Playland’s Fright Nights in Vancouver)

All went smoothly. Samantha drove me to the airport in the morning, which is one of my favorite things: having a friend take me to & from the airport. When I take a taxi it’s just not nearly as much fun. There is something special about being sent off or welcomed with a hug at the airport.

I didn’t sleep on the plane as usual, but I watched a lot of TV which is one of my favorite parts about flying. I don’t normally watch much TV so it feels like an indulgence. (Johnny Depp’s ‘Dark Shadows’ is a fluffy bit of silly entertainment by the way. Without him, one of my favorite actors, I would have considered it rubbish.)

I arrived in London expecting one of my fans to greet me. I have been stood up once before by a slave who couldn’t make it at the last minute so ever since I’ve been very nervous about slaves no-showing.

He wasn’t there. He wasn’t answering his cell phone. I had mentally prepared to be disappointed so I calmly made my way to the Information desk to make other arrangements. I tried him once more on his mobile & was actually shocked when he answered and said he was there looking for me.

He was so nervous he could barely function. How a mid-20’s Muslim virgin ended up being brave enough in the 1st place to offer his services as a chauffeur to the Goddess he worships is a bit beyond me. That took balls he didn’t seem to possess.

He was sweet & I was very pleased with how thoughtful he was. He spent the car ride asking me dozens of questions. Everything from the usual like: “How did I become a Dominatrix”, to the more unusual like: ‘How to worship a woman’s ass’. It was at that point that I realized he was a virgin and I was delighted to give him lots of pointers to help him on his wedding night. Here’s some advice a bet a lot of guys could use:

Sex in reality is usually NOT like what you see in porn online. Porn is typically designed for men to jerk off to. The hard, fast thrusting & positions are designed to make your porn watching experience more exciting. In real life, you should care about a woman’s pleasure FIRST. Take your time. Go slow. SLOWER. Be soft & gentle, at least at first. If a woman wants you to fuck her harder she’ll probably let you know. If your new wife is a virgin too she is probably nervous as hell. Go slow & gentle. Take all the time in the world. Pay attention to how she is reacting and feeling.

Gently kiss & touch every part of a women. Don’t just go straight for her tits & pussy/ass. Kiss her shoulder, her neck, her tummy, her back, her hip, the back of her knees, etc.

It worries me that young men who learn about sex from porn are not learning the art of sensual love making.

Anyway. I arrived at Whiplash Towers after having a nice breakfast & picking up some groceries. It was like retuning home as this is my 3rd stay here. I love the view from my bedroom window:

Good morning English countryside!

This pic doesn’t do it justice, but I love the rolling green pastures of the English countryside. I see cows and birds. It’s so peaceful here. Well, peaceful when slaves aren’t in the building screaming & moaning!

I had a nap & then listened to Nikki molesting one of her collared slaves in the dungeon. It was great to see him again too. So sweet. Then I had a foot worship session with one of my slaves. A Hindu this time. A really big fan who has purchased hundreds of my vids over the years. It never ceases to amaze me when someone is THAT bowled over to be in my presence. I may never get comfortable with having that kind of fame.

It was great to see Nikki yesterday too. She is one of the good ones. A real stand up person. I’m honored to count her as a friend.

It was a wonderful first day in the UK & I slept well. As the sun started to rise, so did I. I could hear birds chirping. That was it. Today begins probably the most grueling schedule I have ever set up for myself. Nearly every day for the next 3 weeks is FULL of filming & sessions. I plan to update my twitter feed as I go along. Follow it here:

Mistress T

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Clowning around…

And now for something completely different.

A little while ago I received an invite to join my pal Ceara Lynch for Dan Savage’s ‘Hump’ amateur porn film festival in Seattle.

When I mentioned it to my long time friend (and former lover/partner) Samantha Mack ( ) she decided to create & submit something in the humor category. When she said it would be a lesbian clown porn I told her I couldn’t perform in it, as it wouldn’t be good for my ‘Domme’ image but I helped out behind the scenes. It wasn’t until the project was nearly finished that she pointed out the film was about our early romantic relationship.

I was floored. I had been focused on the clowns & the funny gags, not on the main storyline or the back story.

Samantha & I met about 8 years ago when we were both strippers…although we actually initially met at a fetish party where we started making out on the dance floor without saying a word to each other…we didn’t even exchange names. Later when we met again it took a few days for us to figure out how we knew each other.

We were working at the same club & a friendship quickly formed along with a sexual spark. We soon found ourselves in a full blown relationship.

It’s been a lot of years & although we’re no longer sexual the relationship has evolved into something very special for both of us. Beneath all the make up & the larger-than-life persona is one of the sweetest, most generous people I know.

I was touched to read her blog entry today about her recent clown porn. I am the ‘Bobo the clown’ she refers to:

So today I’m feeling blessed to have wonderful people in my life. A friend who loves me enough to make a clown porn about our relationship?! Yup, pretty awesome.

Samantha & I at a haunted house…vewy scawy!

She actually gave me this shirt to wear. Pretty funny.

Samantha & I will be joining Ceara in Seattle for the ‘Hump’ film festival mid November. Aside from a little filming with each other we aren’t planning to work or meet fans…but who knows…a quick meeting to buy a worn item (panties/socks, etc.)…picking up our tab at a restaurant/bar…you can always email & ask. Money talks. No formal private sessions tho.

Here’s the link to the lesbian clown porn. If the link doesn’t work (email me to let me know: but here it is for now:

Mistress T

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Pics from my Nova Scotia trip…

I was in Nova Scotia last week to visit family. My best friend came with me & we did a little touristy stuff along with the family time.

I had a wonderful time. It was great to see everyone. Most of my family has a loose grasp of what I do for a living, they don’t want the graphic details but they accept & love me. I know a lot of my peers have to lie & hide their work from their families. I feel grateful that I don’t need to do that.

They can see that I’m healthy, happy & successful. They don’t need to worry about me & they’re proud even though I have chosen a nontraditional path.

Here’s a bunch of random pics:

This fridge magnet on my religious Grandmothers fridge means something else to her but I found it hilarious!

Me in Lunenburg, NS….

We had a night out on the town in Halifax & I met a super cute 26 year old wearing a t-shirt that I loved (see below). I asked to take a photo of it and we ended up hanging out for the next couple of hours…then smooching…then having a scandalous romp in the backseat of my rental car parked on a busy street in downtown Halifax.

He said “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) & that pretty much summed it up. *smile*.

The t-shirt that led to a quickie in the back seat of my car in downtown Halifax…

Me out for a night on the town in Halifax, NS…

A ‘dirty’ lobster pic from a seafood restaurant…

Me in front of a cool backdrop…

Me feeding sheep…

Me in front of the terrible Chinese restaurant we accidentally went to for Digby scallops…

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