A mash-up of my week…

Not every blog entry can be mind-blowing. This one may not be the one that I’m remembered for. I’m writing it because it occurred to me that if I don’t make a blog entry today I probably won’t for a couple weeks. So this will just be a random mash-up of stuff.

Tomorrow night I head to Nova Scotia for my annual family visit. I’m bringing my best friend for the 1st time. I have considered him family for years so it’s time for him to meet all my other wacky relations. I’m super excited.

A photo taken a few years ago in Nova Scotia

A photo taken a few years ago in Nova Scotia

Recently life has been pretty stress-free. I’ve had enough time to catch up on all my editing. I’ve filmed some amazing solo POV vids. I love my 1-on-1 time with the camera, self filming with full control & creative license.

Screenshot from POV vid I filmed this week.

Screenshot from another POV vid I filmed this week.

I’ve been perfecting a recipe for super-healthy no-bake peanut butter balls (or ‘cluster fucks’ when I use crunchy peanut butter & they won’t roll into balls). I’m no Martha Stewart so a no-bake treat is as close to baking as I get & actually a pretty big accomplishment for me.

Of course I’ve been doing lots of yoga (as usual) and a little swimming. I had three lovers in the same week & felt smug about having 3 different tooth brushes in 3 different baggies with different initials…but I’m not really a player. They’re all nice guys & 2 of them are my regular film slaves. It’s all just fun, not relationship territory.

Yup. That’s me. We just ‘did it’. Ya know. IT.

I also got to help out a little behind the camera with a different kind of filming. My never-boring pal Samantha Mack filmed a creative short film for film festivals. It’s kind of a clown porn without any nudity or actual porn. A lot of fun clown jokes/gags. Kinda artsy. Interesting. (Sorry to rain on your parade but I am not in the film, you do not get to see me dressed up as a clown…I know clown fetishists are throwing pies in their own face right now to try to cheer themselves up.)

I love Samantha Mack. Now the whole world knows.

Tonight I went on a Murder, Mayhem & Mysteries walking tour of Vancouver & learned about some of the grittier history of my city. It was fascinating hearing the stories of serial killers & the dark side of certain notable characters who lived here. I love being entertained while learning (I also love Ted Talks for this reason, among other things).

I went to a sexy party on the weekend. I didn’t have relations with anyone myself but I did enjoy watching some people have sex. Most notably a cross dressed man & his lovely female partner. It was hot.

This is what I wore to the sexy party…because I know fashion is your primary interest.

I’ve been screening applications for private & filmed sessions for the UK & Barcelona. So far so good. Things are booking up but there’s still some availability. It’s a month away so lots of time to get organized. Email applications still being accepted: MsT@MistressT.net but please read this 1st: http://mistresst.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/uk-europe-fall-2012/

I’ve had a hand full of things cleared off of my new Amazon Wish List. I’m excited about receiving them from the post office.

I’ve also been bar hopping a little with another single gal pal & although I’m discovering there’s lots of very cool cocktail lounges around town I am not discovering many (or any) guys I’d like to spend time with. Oh well, as you can see above my life is anything but boring. I have awesome friends & lovers, a healthy lifestyle, a job I love, lots of variety & pretty low stress. After listening to friends vent about their relationships recently I realized that I’d rather be single than in a crappy relationship. Sure, an awesome relationship would be the cats ass, but that can be hard to find (as I’m discovering) & in the meantime single & free is better than dealing with stressful relationship drama.

So it goes.

I’m sure I’ll have some good blog material after my visit to Nova Scotia. In the meantime, I’ll be checking my vid sales & Amazon wishlist so just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean you are on vacation from worshiping me *smile*. I’ve lined up some epic jerk off material for you in the next couple of weeks. You won’t be able to keep your hands off you junk.

Here’s a little inspiration to not get behind in your worshiping. Ha, ‘behind’. I slay me.

WordPress doesn’t like links to ‘clips for sale’ for some reason but you can easily find the link to my studio 23869 thru my website or twitter:

Members site: http://www.MistressT.net
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/MistressTdotnet

Cheers, Mistress T

My new Amazon Wish List!

I have finally started an Amazon Wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/LYLSUGVVJA6W

Most of you already know what that is…for those who don’t here’s a humorous explanation: http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2010/12/porn-stars-amazon-wish-lists-an-analysis/

Basically, it’s a way for you to give me gifts, to tribute me, to show your gratitude, to see me in things you’d like to see me in, etc. It’s especially great for Financial Domination slaves/scenario’s, pay pigs, etc. The more you buy, the more of a thrill it will be. This is a great way to serve me from afar.

So what’s MY story regarding a wishlist? Why did I create one after being in the business for so many years without one? Peer pressure really. A combination of fans asking for my wishlist so they could tribute me & my peers expressing shock that I don’t have one. Every Domme I meet who has a wishlist LOVES the whole experience.

I’ve had it for a few days and I gotta say, it is fun seeing what items have already been purchased. I look forward to picking them up from the post office. It will be like my birthday all the time.

I understand the concept. I’m a generous person myself & I get a great deal of pleasure from treating others. Especially girls. There is something special about buying girls things that make them happy.

In addition to lots of sexy, slutty things I’ve also chosen some more practical every day cloths that I would just love to have, jackets, tops, dresses, etc. If you’re the kind of gentleman who prefers to cloth me that way…it’s just as appreciated, if not more so.

If you want to see me do a custom vid in an item you’ve purchased for me, for a trial period I will do some custom vids at no extra charge beyond the cost of the item. Customs normally start at $100. What customs I do will still be up to my discretion but email me to discuss: MsT@MistressT.net

Happy hunting!

Mistress T

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You better make more money than I can spend! Lol

Winter is coming & I can’t wear this! Send cloths quick! *smile*


Talk To Strangers?

In Jan 2012 an article went viral (at least in my home province of Vancouver, BC) entitled:

“Do Vancouver Women Suck?” Here’s the link: http://www.vanmag.com/News_and_Features/Do_Vancouver_Women_Suck_A_Readers_Response

It led the author, Jorge Amigo, to create a social event called “Be My Amigo” to encourage people to talk to strangers. You can follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/AmigoJor

It was a great concept in a city that has a bit of a reputation for having less friendly folks and more chilly, stand-offish types.

I’ve lived here for 15 years and I have a great group of friends, but it took awhile. I am single these days and looking for a partner. I know that I need to get myself out there (my real life self, not my persona). So although this event wasn’t supposed to be a singles event, I guessed that it would probably predominately be a singles thing anyway.

It was intimidating as fuck walking into the place alone. None of these ‘friendly’ strangers welcomed me as I arrived and it looked like all the seats were taken so I went to the bar & ordered a (non-alcoholic) drink. I knew getting tipsy would make this easier but I’ve really been cutting back to almost no-booze for health reasons so I stuck with that (regrettably).

I wandered around aimlessly for a moment, wishing I hadn’t come…no friendly gestures or eye contact detected from the approx. 50 ‘amigos’ until I finally spotted the host & gave him my friendliest smile. We chatted for a moment & he suggested I just shove in and create a place to sit. I looked around trying to find a place near a guy but ended up with one ass cheek hanging off the end of a bench…at a table full of women.

The gal I was next to was charismatic, smart, well-traveled, interesting and smart. I was in good company and I enjoyed my conversations with her. I even told her about my occupation which she seemed very non-judgmental about. So far so good…but I wasn’t really there to meet chicks. The ratio of women to men was about 70/30…and the men were nearly impossible to get to.

The host checked in with me and I suggested some sort of musical chairs game to get people moving around. Most people were glued to their spots only socializing with the people closest to them. This sucked because I knew I was going to have to talk to the woman across from me and from what I’d seen so far, I knew we wouldn’t click.

I was right and when I was finally cornered into telling her my occupation I got a reaction of disgust like I’d just told her I slaughter baby seals for kicks. Awesome. We all know how I love judgement so it was not long after I threw in the towel and made my exit. As I left I spotted a couple of cute guys I would have loved to chat with…but they were sandwiched between other people on the benches & I couldn’t have inserted myself even if I greased myself head-to-toe in lube.

Fuck it.

I take the lions share of the responsibility for not being socially assertive enough to ‘get in there’ and talk to those strangers…but I also have to offer some constructive criticism to the charming and lovely host:

It’s time to move venues. I love the Union, great food & awesome service…but the seating is not conducive to mingling. You need a space with a bar people can stand/sit at, maybe small, high tables and a lot of room to stand and shimmy from group to group. It’s a Tuesday evening, pretty much ANY bar in Vancouver would be thrilled to have a party of 50+, you can go wherever you want!

That’s my 2 cents…after hanging one ass cheek off of a bench for a couple hours and only having conversations with a few of the 50+ strangers because of the awkward seating. If all the people there had awesome social skills we probably wouldn’t need an event like this to meet people. Make it as easy on us as possible!

Jorge: Keep up the great work! You have a positive thing here and it’s growing. Growing pains are a good problem to have:-)


Mistress T

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Let’s hope the seating improves…

Shame on you: Mainstream TV

It’s often frustrating to see how mainstream TV depicts Professional Dommes, escorts, etc. It’s no wonder most people don’t have a clue what reality is really like.

What prompted this little rant? An episode of ‘The Big C’ I watched recently that featured an escort who also provided Dominatrix services who gives her poor victim, er, client, crabs.

Firstly, they didn’t differentiate ‘Dominatrix’ from ‘hooker’ but just made her seem like a wilder/weirder hooker for adding on kinky services.

The icing on the cake wasn’t even that she gave him crabs, it was his relative’s reaction that of course she did, because she’s a hooker & they’re just dripping with STD’s.

For the uninitiated let me give you a reality check:

#1. Sometimes you can get sexual services from a Pro Domme (depends on geography but usually not in the US & Canada) and sometimes you can get BDSM/kink activities from an escort…but you tend to get better quality service from who ever specializes in one or the other. By that, I mean a well-reviewed, reputable escort is probably going to be a great fuck. An experienced Pro Domme is more likely to conduct a fetish/kink session safely & smoothly.

If you really want both you might have to do a lot of research to find a one-stop shop. Good luck.

Why is this? Well, I have a lot of friends who are Pro Dommes (obviously) and I have a lot of friends who are escorts. I’ve seen the escorts in action & I’ve seen the Dommes in session. The experience is very different. Escorts tend to cater to a guy’s needs & treat him like a king. It’s more service oriented. Dommes tend to approach things from the perspective of allowing the client to worship & serve them…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how much different a Domme session can be from a regular escort/sex experience.

(This is a much debated topic that I should really devote a whole blog entry to…if it kicks up enough dust I’ll dig into it deeper later on.)

#2. Crabs?! Mainstream media loves to portray hookers as disease-ridden. Christ. You know what? I had crabs once: when I was 17! My cheating boyfriend gave them to me & he didn’t get them from a hooker.

Research will tell you that Sexually Transmitted Infections are more prevalent among people just randomly hooking up (in bars, etc.) then in professional sex workers. Those who work in the adult industry tend to be far better informed. They protect themselves and their business.

The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.
~ Pierre Trudeau

But hey, I’m fighting an uphill battle trying to change some minds. The media has done such an effective job of painting anyone working in the adult industry with the same brush. Often used for shock value in TV shows/movies/music video’s etc. reality barely resembles what most people believe.

If you’re reading this blog you are probably already more enlightened than most. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Mistress T

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Not always sunshine & rainbows. Sometimes I get pissed about stuff. Shocking isn’t it?


“Anything” I want?!

Reality has a rough way of fucking with fantasy.

I’ll assume that if you’re reading my blog you want to get to know ME more intimately, the women who is also ‘Mistress T’. If you prefer to live in a fantasy world where women wear only latex & get more aroused sticking metal rods down men’s urethra’s than watching Dirty Dancing than please stop reading now & just go buy my video’s.

What do you think I really want to do with that cock?

For those still here let me share one of my personal pet peeves (my feelings do not necessarily reflect the feelings of all or any other Dommes).

I hate it when session slaves (in person or online) say they want me to do whatever I want. It’s up to me. They think avoiding naming any specific activity will make me like them better. This is not the case. It annoys the fuck out of me because now we begin a guessing game where I need to be crafty enough to figure out what it is they are really into without seeming like I care.

I have over 120 different fetishes listed on my site. The list of things I could do to someone that they would absolutely hate is guaranteed to be far longer than the list of things they’ll like or even be able to handle.

Here’s just a few examples:

-ballbusting/ball kicking

-anal play/strap-on

-prolonged facesititng with jeans

-trampling in heels

-golden showers

-verbal humiliation/degradation

-cross dressing

-cock & ball torture

-tease & denial/ruined orgasm

You get the idea, right? Not every guy, no matter how submissive he likes to think he is, is going to be into anything I could do.

When I was a novice Domme I might have enjoyed a toy that I could practice new things on. The novelty of that has long worn off. I know that specific things turn guys on or off. Guess the wrong activity and try to jam it down their throat and the so-called submissive will soon let you know they’re not into it…and then it’s awkward.

It’s so much more efficient to just communicate clearly what you are into & what your hard limits are.

My go-to (smart-ass) answer these days if they say they’re into anything that will make me happy is:

“Great. You do the house work while I watch TV in my PJ’s and ignore you. Just leave the money on the counter.”

Funny enough, that never seems to be what they’re into. I guess it’s NOT all about me (the Goddess) after all? Shocker.

In case there are any PJ fetishists out there, here’s a pic of your Goddess on her throne in flannel PJ pants, comfy sweat socks & a t-shirt that says: “Little Miss Fun” cuz that pretty much sums me up, right? RIGHT? Don’t make me kick you in the balls. Your Goddess is always right. *rolling eyes*

Your Goddess, otherwise known as “Little Miss Fun” lounging on her throne. Bow down before me! …& scrub my floors while you’re down there…

If you’re still reading, you’ll be rewarded with a little behind-the-scenes story: The latex glove picture at the beginning of this blog entry? I filmed a hand job vid in that latex get up, sweating my ass off…then I turned the camera off, stripped down naked…took that ‘slave’ (one of my personal lovers) into the bedroom where he licked my pussy until his cock recovered…then fucked me exactly as I like to be fucked for hours. I love mixing a lot of pleasure with my business. *smile*

Mistress T

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