A kinky short story…

“Why do you pretend to be shy?”

I replied that I didn’t like intimidating people and I wanted to be treated like a normal person.

“Darling, you couldn’t be normal if you tried. There’s a boldness in you that makes mere mortals want to bow down to you, follow your orders, gain your favor, listen to your advice.”

He was wearing a leather fetish dog mask and collar but not much else. His body was strong and toned. The leather micro shorts at least left something to the imagination…until a friend whispered in my ear that he has a huge cock.

He slowly lowered himself to his knees, his strong muscles putting on a nice display. He took on the stance of an obedient dog and gently offered himself as my pet.

I stroked my leather gloved hand over his back and he shivered. I removed my glove & touched him again. This time I shivered. This was going to be fun.

Mistress T

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