FREE PORN for doing a good deed!

I’m re-upping the Kiva Micro-Loan thingy again this year! For 6 years I’ve offered this year-round, but I push it a little harder in December. Here’s the original post with more details:

Loan $ to a worthwhile cause & get FREE PORN!

Basically $50 gets you a free month of porn. This year I’ll do 3 months for $100.


Mistress T

Even more FREE porn for doing a good thing!


Yeah, I know it’s upside down. But fuck it. The pic has nothing to do with this post anyway.

In November 2014 I launched my “feel-good” campaign of giving free access to my members site to those who helped a great cause. In the last 7 months dozens of fans have participated & it seriously warms the cockles of my heart.

I was thinking about it yesterday, the beauty of it. That there are hard-working people in poor countries able to start businesses to support their families & communities that wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so without the generosity of my masturbating fans. That by my mico-loaning fans blowing their goo to my vids they are also helping the world. Like actually helping in a very clear way.

That's how good that makes me feel..."double fucking rainbow at Burning Man" good. That's SUPER good.

That’s how good that makes me feel…”double fucking rainbow at Burning Man” good. That’s SUPER good.

So I decided to double-down. For the next couple of months what ever amount you loan I will give you DOUBLE the equivalent free time on my site. For example, if you loan $50 I’ll give you 2 months of premium access rather than 1 month. If you loan $100 I’ll give you 4 months. Awesome, right? And remember: this is a LOAN. So if you don’t feel like you can afford to pay for porn just LOAN the money & you’ll get it back at some point. Free porn AND you get to feel good about doing something to help someone. Holy fuck, right?

Now that last part is important for those of you who support pirated content which you know damn well is bad, bad for me & all producers of content. I would rather fucking give you my content for free directly from my awesome site than have you get it off those crappy pirate sites. So cut that shit out, do something good: get rewarded. Everyone wins…except those dirt bag pirates:-)

Find all the details on my original post about the Kiva Micro-loan for free porn:

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