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Trending right now…Over the last 10 years professional violinist Mia Matsumiya has been collecting disturbing messages from guys. She’s recently released them all in a project to shine a spot light on the crap a lot of women have to deal with.

I had a glance at a few of her 1000 messages and felt..well, disturbed. Although I get tons & tons of weird emails it’s very rare for me to get anything hateful. The most disrespectful messages I’ve received have been via twitter where it’s easy to just block someone. I’ve probably blocked hundreds of guys over the years for small insults to the occasional threat of violence but I have become so accustomed to it that it doesn’t really bother me. That’s not actually okay, is it? That women online become acclimatized to disrespect or abuse & just accept it?

As a contribution to Mia’s efforts I’ll share the link to her project here as well as a few of the gems I’ve received. It’s important to point out that Mia Matsumiya is a musician. You would naturally expect that I would get more perverted messages as I am literally catering to that market, but women who are not in the adult industry get an obscene amount of sexual messages. That’s just become acceptable?

Here’s Mia Matsumiya’s perv_magnet instagram project that is getting all the attention:

Here’s her twitter feed:

Here’s a great interview with her:

Dazed did an interview with Mia. Here’s a quote from

“I want to start a dialogue by sharing, commiserating, and discussing these messages. I hope to make aware that this is the way some people – a lot of people – act behind their computers. (And often in real life too.) Personally, I don’t know any woman who hasn’t been the recipient of creepy behavior. It’s unacceptable and so depressingly rampant. I want my account to be a place where women can commiserate and men to just learn what women can experience online. I don’t know yet what can be done about it but I feel like the first step is definitely to shed light on the issue.”

Here’s a small random sampling from my inbox. These are NOT abusive or hateful but they give you an idea of what I read every day as part of my job. It gives you a glimpse into the minds of some men & a glimpse into the day-to-day reality of being an accessible online Domme/fetish porn performer. After years of reading repulsive requests from men I have surely become numb in some ways, my natural reactions of disgust being over-ridden, conditioned to not gag at the thought of a guy eating my snot or kicking a guy in the balls until they rupture:

Can i see youin thailnd ?
I want to spend one night with you.
1.booger & snot in my mouth.
2.hardsport (poo in my mouth and make me eat)
3.very stinky feet (I like to worship your feet while they are very smelly , salty & sweety)
4.faring in my face .
Please answer me completely with details and send me your rates.
contact me via email.
see you soon.”

“Yo, are you for real!!!  If you ever come to Evansville, Indiana you should hit me up.  I’ll do a video for you.  We recently had Ron Jeremy here and he was awesome at the porn debate.  So like I never did porn before but I only had sex with one girl my entire life and I’m only 30.  So like I hope u do get this so I can hear what u have to say so…. Take care and have a good day. Would love information on becoming a porn star please help”

“Do you wanna give me a session where you tie me up and kick me repeatedly in my balls and rupture them, so you make me infertile?”

“I’d like to be in one of your videos I’ve never done anal before but I want you to get up inside my ass”

“Hi Goddess, hi Queen.
I want a Goddess for marriage, for I to be slave 24/7 of the Goddess for worship all days.
I can lick all you body for massage for you relax all days. I can lick and smell: foot, sole foot, pussy, armpit, boobs, ass, thongs,… I can; facesitting, pony boy 2 or 4 legs or carruage, facespiting, faceslaping, drink you pee, drink you squirt, dogtrainning, wrestling she winer, servan for clean you house, you thongs and similars. You can user me for you girlfriends parties. I can to be you furniture for you relax you feet, ass,…I can eat as a dog, in your foot, you can pee in my menu and water,…You can put me you thongs in my face all day,…and moreI kiss and lick you feet of Queen”

“You can use my dick.”

“Hi goddess babydick slave here I love all your videos can you please own my premature ejaculating tiny Cock.”

“Dear Mistress T,
I was wondering if this request is possible. You have a terrible cold and have your male slave already tied up on a bed with duct tape on his mouth and his head off the edge of the bed. You hold his head so he can’t move and with your mouth really close to his nose you proceed to snort and hock up thick mucus-filled phlegm (forcing him to smell your hocking breath). With your mouth still close to his nose, you then slowly release the thick phlegmy loogie into his nostrils telling him to sniff your sickness.
Can this action be repeated throughout and can the video be shot at a close angle showing your beautiful face and the slaves nose?”

Mistress T

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