Pay what you want?

I watched an interesting Ted Talk by the musician Amanda Palmer. I strongly recommend you take the 13 minutes to watch it. It’s really fantastic & the rest of my¬† blog post will make more sense if you’ve seen it.

Here it is:

In a nutshell, she discusses the concept of asking people to pay what they want for her music (or music in general) rather than trying to make people pay for it.

I wonder if this would work for porn? Maybe not all porn…but would it work for mine?

We all know that the internet & file sharing has changed how we access music, movies, TV shows, games, education…& yes, porn. I don’t want to discuss piracy too deeply but would rather focus on the concept of letting people pay what they want. What would happen?

If I started a website with free access but asked people to just donate or tribute what they wanted to…what would happen? I know a lot of my fans feel like my content is worth a lot more than they pay for it. For example, I have a lot of custom vid buyers who have no problem paying $150 or more for a vid that others can then watch for $15 or less.

Naturally many would take advantage. BUT would there be enough others who paid a little or a lot to equal or exceed what I currently make charging a monthly membership fee?

Please comment. I’d like your feedback. What would you pay for access to my members site if you could pay whatever you wanted?

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