Museums can be boring…I’ll save you the trip & just give you the entertaining highlights.

The first one was the Hospital in the Rock museum in Budapest & it was my favorite museum of the four I’ve visited this trip. It was creepy but interesting. We were forbidden to take pictures but I managed to get a couple interesting ones anyway:

They were well-prepared for nuclear attacks with loads of gas masks. Now most of you pervs associate gas masks with fetish attire. Oh, how things change…

There were cases full of old medical tools & equipment…again, most of you pervs will pick out items you’ll find in the dungeons of most Dominatrix’s: a mouth spreader, sounds, clamps, etc.

Yesterday I visited the quirky Museum of Hunting in Paris. Here’s some pics:

A cabinet of dog collars I assume? They would make lovely slave collars, don’t you think?

Of course, there were loads of stuffed animals in a hunting museum!

I just couldn’t BEAR to not take a funny pic…(I know, I know *groan*)

Why stop at just one funny pic? I was just BARELY getting started! Okay, I’m done now. Promise.

What the hell is this? Seriously.

I visited The Louvre today. It’s my third visit to Paris, I had to finally check it off my list. I did not love it. I actually preferred the Museum d’Orsay, which had a lot more pervy paintings. I found The Louvre painfully conservative. Below was the best I could find for kinksters:

Not sexy, but funny. Jesus looks pretty stoned & is showing a little nipple…

I never get tired of pics of Jesus tied up and abused…

Yeah, take it Jesus! Suffer for MY sins! Suffer!

Is it just me or does Satan look pretty fucking hot here? Bible-thumpers need to sex Jesus up a little to compete with Mr. Hell Hunk there…

Ok, last pic of Jesus getting the b’Jesus beaten out of him. I’m obviously not the only one into Jesus bondage & corporal punishment, there sure were a lot of these paintings created!

Now that’s how a lady should look after a romp in the sheets! Spent with a satisfied smirk on her face.

Here’s a little somethin’ for the ass lovers out there. You’re welcome.

Here’s the token pic of me standing in line to get into The Louvre.

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My European trip so far…

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Budapest. It’s Saturday night and I tried to have a night on the town but I just didn’t have it in me. I’ve had a lot of intense human interaction the last week and I was craving some alone time.

I’ll back up…a little over a week ago I arrived in London. My second night in town I went to the Torture Garden Fetish Party. It was fantastic. Lots of eye candy, some good dancing & debauchery.

I battled my old arch enemy jet leg those first few days and arrived at Whiplash Towers ready for action. I stayed there for four nights and had so much fun I didn’t want to leave. Nikki & her crew of deviants were a delight to work with. We filmed loads and loads of awesome content for both of our sites…plus had some great sessions. It was wonderful having a team of slaves catering to my needs both on and off camera. I love working with Nikki Whiplash. She has a wickedly creative mind and I could listen to her saucy verbals with that accent forever & never tire of it.

I filmed a bunch of vids for Nikki last fall & you can find me on her various EXCELLENT sites:

Teaser pic of Nikki Whiplash & I working over some poor slave.

Teaser pic of scene I filmed in Nikki’s dungeon with 4 slaves watching me….um…you’ll have to wait until I release the vid!

I loved staying at Whiplash Towers. It was chalk-a-block full of interesting things. Here’s a few fun snaps:

This gnome doesn’t go in the garden….so where DOES it go???

This is the famous ‘BAM’. If you know what the B.A.M. stands for EMAIL for a free 1 day premium pass to my site!

Not just artistic/decorative but handy in the event of an apocalypse!

Church hat, leather gloves, strap-on harness, coat…one of these is not like the other…

A typical Dominatrix bathroom: anti-bacterial soap, ass-toys, wet wipes, nipple clamps and a hair brush perfect for spanking that sternly states: “NOT FOR SPANKING!” Doh!

You also find the loveliest people at Whiplash Towers, like Nina Birch! (LOVE this woman! xoxoxo)

Here’s Nina’s site:

And you can also find her in many epic films on The English Mansion (you’ll find me there too, as well as Nikki Whiplash & Fetish Liza. It was, in fact, The English Mansion & the much loved Sidonia Von Bork who brought us all together!)¬†

After four intense days with Nikki I flew to Budapest, Hungary to model for Fetish Liza’s kinky films. Liza is passionate about leather, latex, sexy heels and pantyhose/stockings. She’s always dressed to kill! She also has an amazing house with a beautiful wine cellar/dungeon which made the perfect backdrop for some pretty twisted scenes.

See more of the delectable Fetish Liza here:

Here’s a few pics from my phone taken at Liza’s:

Shoes? Check! Stockings? Check! Gloves? Check! Panties? Ah, screw it.

Nice day for a ride! I worked a pony slave to the point of collapse wearing this number.

Don’t I look mean? Grrr! This is the authentic wine cellar turned dungeon. Nice, eh?

So, I’ve got a couple days on my own in Budapest. I plan on having a spa day, traditional baths, etc. Then I’ll be taking an overnight train to Paris (I love trains!) and will have three nights there before heading to The English Mansion for the last week. We’ll be filming for both of our sites and I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be fun AND productive.

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