The Faceless Wonder

I was going through some old pics today & came across a few images that I used for advertising Pro Domme services back in my early days when I didn’t show my face in ads. Ah, discretion…guess that’s out the window now!

I struggle with the concept of ‘celebrity’. Part of me wishes that my image wasn’t all over the internet. It’s not that I’m ashamed of anything I’ve done…well, maybe the vid where I fucked myself with the little plastic man wasn’t my best moment…but I’m not ashamed of being a porn performer…it’s just the concept of being recognized in public that makes me squirm. It’s happening more often these days & every time I get an unsettling feeling.

I was camping last weekend. The first evening I was hanging out by the campfire when my girlfriend met a guy in the hot tubs who told her he recognized me & was a fan. I spent the rest of the weekend avoiding him. My camping weekends are sacred. No internet or phone. Just me, my friends & nature. The last thing I need is for some guy to be thinking how different I look without make-up or how lucky he is to be naked in a hot tub with ‘THE’ Mistress T. Maybe he wouldn’t have made it weird & asked me a bunch of questions…I wasn’t taking the chance.

I also recently got an email from a fan who said that he saw me at lunch that day but didn’t want to bother me while I was dining with friends. Good boy for keeping his distance…but almost creepy he emailed me to tell me.

I know some people love the idea of being recognized, to feel like a celebrity or a little bit famous. Not me. But I’m in up to my ears now. I’m all over the internet. At least my fans seem to be respectful & tend to keep their distance, which is awesome.

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