The Cupcake Girls

The Cupcake Girls suite in Vegas 2014.

Meggerz & I enjoying cupcakes after our massage.

On my recent trip to Las Vegas I received an enticing twitter invite from ‘The Cupcake Girls’ to come to a VIP suite at The Hardrock hotel & eat cupcakes & enjoy a variety of services for FREE. They had me at cupcakes…but there were also professionals available to do massage, hair, make-up, nails, etc.

I figured there must be a catch, but no! I even offered tips to the women who massaged me & did my make up, but they refused. It was a completely free service. WHY?

Here’s what their website says:

“For womeThe Cupcake Girlsn working in the adult entertainment industry, non-judgmental support, consistent caring, and community resources are seldom, if ever, provided. In 2009, after a trip to Las Vegas opened our eyes to the needs of these women, we started knocking on doors of strip clubs with little more to offer than love and a box of cupcakes. Much to our surprise and delight we were not only invited in, we were invited back, and today we offer our unique brand of caring and support to women working in strip clubs in Las Vegas and Portland, and brothels in Nevada.”

So, this is an organization that supports women in the adult industry. Very cool.

Meggerz & I went twice during the week & enjoyed amazing, professional massages & professional make up application. We ate (they had lots of food, not just yummy cupcakes!) & chatted with interesting women. We were even given grab bags at the end with free Mac make-up & other great stuff!

Mistress T at The Cupcake Girls Suite.

Feeling pretty relaxed & happy after my massage!

So here’s a shout out to an organization that is doing great stuff:

Find them on Twitter:

Their website:

Mistress T

Members site: