The LA Trip Recap!

I’m back from LA & I’m packing stories…oh, the stories!

I know a lot of you want to know how the Shane Diesel shoot went so I’ll cover that but it was only part of an action packed 5 day trip. I’ll start at the beginning…

A couple of years ago while staying at The Standard hotel in LA I randomly met a fan. He ended up driving me the next day to meet Glen King from MeanBitches to discuss us working together (I later returned & filmed with Glen’s FemDom site:

We’ll call him Slave Standard because of the way we met. We kept in touch over the last couple of years & he was happy to chauffeur me around this trip. He picked my girlfriend & I up from the airport & took us for lunch. I got him to tell my girlfriend about his fetishes & his real life D/s relationship with his wife. As it turns out, they are both big fans of my site & he was serving me with her full blessing.

We then went to The FemDom Empire to film a couple scenes with my beloved Deviant Kade. He’s one of the best, if not THE best ‘son’ I’ve filmed with for my family fantasy scenes. Both Slave Standard & my gal pal got a kick out of watching me fuck Kade in the ass with a strap-on & then jerk him off in a twisted Mommy/son role play scene.

Deviant Kade & I horsing around after filming. I'm sure he deserved a spanking for SOMETHING.

Deviant Kade & I horsing around after filming. I’m sure he deserved a spanking for SOMETHING.

Mistress T & Deviant Kade

Deviant Kade taking my big black dick…

After a stop at Whole Foods to stock up on snacks we were delivered to our hotel where my girlfriend & I relaxed for the evening in the jacuzzi & room. I barely slept that night, excited & nervous about my shoot with Shane Diesel in the morning.

The shoot went great. Shane is very sweet, respectful & a joy to be around. If you’re familiar with his films you may have a different idea of what he’s like in person. I was delighted to learn he loves feet, legs & licking pussy & ass. He was eager to worship me & do whatever I wanted. You’ll have to watch the vid for all the graphic stuff but I’ll put a couple teaser pics here. Yes, we did actually fuck. Yes, I did really take that huge cock, it wasn’t easy but he was gentle & skilled. That feeling of fullness is really something to behold, lemme tell ya.


Shane Diesel’s monster cock…my little mouth…


Shane Diesel was very fun to play with…

Moving right along…that evening my gal pal & I went for dinner with Slave Standard & his lovely wife who I made fast friends with. Domina Snow also happened to be in town so she joined us, which was awesome! After dinner Slave Standard drove my girlfriend & I to the house of a boy she had been communicating with online.

We arrived at a peculiar mansion, a real life goth-ish haunted house. Everything was black & the light from the candles & chandeliers was dim. You had to squint to make out the detail of the place. It was very high end, everything was designer or an object d’ art…but it was all black. The boy himself was covered in tattoo’s & wore heavy black eye liner. As it turned out he was a fairly famous & talented musician, artist & tattooist. I didn’t know who he was because his genre of music isn’t to my taste but he had evidently done very well for himself. His unusual home was opulent, once your eyes adjusted. I felt it was rude to take pics of his home & I knew a photograph couldn’t capture the real feeling of an all black interior but I did snap two pics, one of a taxidermy baboon & one in his bathroom which actually had a bit of light.

The house was full of crazy, cool stuff like this stuffed baboon!

The house was full of crazy, cool stuff like this stuffed baboon!

Atmospheric...beautiful & slightly creepy might describe the decor...

Atmospheric…beautiful & slightly creepy might describe the decor…

So we hung out with this interesting boy, we soaked in his gorgeous (black) jacuzzi & when things started to get intimate we moved to the bedroom…which was, yup, you guessed it: black. A huge room with ornate Victorian furniture, gorgeous artwork, a kind size bed with black satin sheets, mood lighting…he went down on my girlfriend while she rested her head on my lap…after she climaxed he said it was my turn.

*Pause* If you’re keeping track of things here you’ll note that I had been with Shane Diesel this same day. There was no fucking way anyone was going near my pussy which was fine, but had simply seen enough action for one damn day. My girlfriend knew this & we gracefully maneuvered him into a position where she could suck his cock (which she loves to do) while I kissed him (which I love to do). He came that way & we cuddled for awhile on the bed, the three of us in this surreal room. It was memorable.

We then watched the movie “300” on his giant 15 foot movie screen in his bedroom (it was starkly white when not being used!).

The next day Slave Standard’s wife took us for lunch & shopping while Slave Standard was left home to do chores & tasked (by his wicked wife!) to watch my vids every two hours & edge himself but not cum. She dropped us at Knott’s Scary Farm (Halloween theme park, haunted houses, etc.)

Me with one of the monsters who runs around the park scaring people. I wasn't scared:-)

Me with one of the monsters who runs around the park scaring people. I wasn’t scared:-)


Me in one of the haunted houses at Knott’s Scary Farm.

My girlfriend had to go back to Vancouver early Sunday morning. I spent all day Sunday at the happiest place on earth: Disney! with awesome company. Domina Snow joined me & season pass holders: Slave Standard & his lovely wife. The four of us had a wonderful day packed full of fun. I loved the rides & especially the ‘World of Color’ show at night. It was kind of like the Bellagio water show in Vegas but with way more lights & fire. It was breath taking.

Domina Snow & I in front of the castle at Disney.

Domina Snow & I in front of the castle at Disney.

Alexandra Snow & I got matching glow in the dark sweat shirts! Dorks, eh? lol

Alexandra Snow & I got matching glow in the dark sweat shirts! Dorks, eh? lol

World of Color show at Disney. SO beautiful. I loved it.

World of Color show at Disney. SO beautiful. I loved it.

It was with sadness that I said farewell to Alexandra Snow who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing quite often the last few months. She really is lovely.

Slave Standard & his fantastic wife dropped me at The FemDom Empire. Another sad farewell to wonderful people who truly made my trip so special. Cherished new friends.

The next day was a fun day of filming with great people. Lexi Sindel, as always, one of my favorite producers to work with & a damn cool chick…Slave Wade who is always so helpful…super cute Ash Wednesday behind the camera…& Wolf Hudson who I was delighted to see again after an epic experience filming with him at a couple years ago.

We filmed some scenes for my site/clips store & some for The FemDom Empire. You can find past & future scenes I filmed for The FemDom Empire on their members site:

Or clips store:

You can follow Lexi on twitter:

Here’s some snaps from the day:

Lexi Sindel, Wolf Hudson & me.

Lexi Sindel, Wolf Hudson & me.

I just adore Wolf Hudson's positive energy. Great guy.

I just adore Wolf Hudson’s positive energy. Great guy.

If you can't tell, I love fucking Wolf Hudson. This turned out to be an epic FemDom cuckolding scene.

If you can’t tell, I love fucking Wolf Hudson. This turned out to be an epic FemDom cuckolding scene.

Poor Slave hard to hold off cumming with Lexi's & my feet taunting him...

Poor Slave Wade….so hard to hold off cumming with Lexi’s & my feet taunting him…

My last night I managed to squeeze in one last unexpected visit with Alexandra Snow. Sitting at dinner with Lexi & Alexandra talking shop & life I felt lucky to be me. Knowing these women: strong, smart business woman, enriches my life.

I flew home the next morning & was picked up from the airport by my pal Samantha Mack, had dinner later with my best friend & then spent the night with my boy toy. It’s a good life….a very good life.

Mistress T

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FetishCon in Tampa 2013 – The Recap!

I just returned to Vancouver from five exciting days at FetishCon in Tampa. I’m repacking my bags to go to Burning Man but I have a few minutes to fill you in on the trip & share loads of great pics.

If you’ve ever been to any kind of conference for any industry you know the drill. There’s a big conference room in a hotel with a bunch of ‘booths’ with exhibitors selling their stuff or promoting their business in some way. There are business mixers giving attendees a chance to network. FetCon is the same except the exhibitors are selling fetish clothing, sex toys, bondage toys, etc. & the business’s promoting themselves are adult businesses, Dominatrix’s & fetish porn stars. Like business mixers in any industry you get a fair share of people getting drunk & wild…but at FetCon you get more slutty cloths & fetish attire than business suits.

I go there to connect with people in my industry & I do some filming. The social aspect of it means the most for me as I run my business on my own in Vancouver & even I get tired of my own company. It’s fantastic to talk shop with those who understand the unique aspects of my biz.

I shared a room with Ceara Lynch. Her lucky slave got to sleep on our sofa & had the time of his life. We hung out with Domina Snow & Meggerz quite a bit. I don’t think I would ever get enough of their company.

The trip was a success. I didn’t even mind traveling this time. I found the flight & hotel pleasurable. So my travel burn out has officially passed. That’s a good thing as I have a ton of travel coming up this fall. Burning Man right away with a slow drive back…spending a couple days here & there in California…I plan to get back to the UK & The English Mansion (dates not yet set but likely October). I have a tentative trip to Ohio to visit Domina Snow early November. I’d like to try to squeeze in a few days in NY to film with Gary Pranzo & to visit Meggerz. The end of November my 3 week trip to Peru is already booked.

Anyway, here’s just a bunch of pics from FetishCon 2013 in no particular order. Enjoy!

Mistress T

Members site:


Image of Mistress T by Space City Soles.

An image shot by Space City Soles who I had the pleasure of filming with.

Image by Space City Soles:

Domina Snow dominating Cheyenne Jewel with Ceara Lynch & Mistress T watching.

Behind the scenes…Ceara taking a pic of Domina Snow dominating Cheyenne Jewel.

Cheyenne Jewel:

Domina Snow:

Ceara Lynch:

Missy Rhodes & Mistress T at the clips4sale booth.

I’m sure someone has a creepy wolf fetish…? Missy Rhodes & I at the clips4sale booth.

FTKL with Mistress T at FetishCon2013.

FTKL didn’t get to tickle me this year…or did he???


Mistress T at FetishCon 2013.

Awww, this poor slave was blindfolded & missed out…but you didn’t! (That’s Ceara in her onesie pj’s behind me. Yup.)

Mistress T & Caoline Pierce at FetishCon 2013.

Caroline Pierce’s cleavage, meet my cleavage…
LOVE this woman.

Caroline Pierce:

Gray Pranzo & Mistress T at FetishCon 2013.

Mutual fans, Gary Pranzo makes great Giantess Special Effects porn.

Gary Pranzo:

FetishCon 2013

Goddess Phoenix, Rachel Steele, Domina Snow & some goof ball…

Goddess Phoenix:

Mistress T & Larkin Love at FetishCon 2013.

Larkin Love’s impressive tongue.

Larkin Love:

Clips4sale booth at FetishCon 2013.

Ashley Fires, me, Alexandra Snow, ?, Ceara & Meggerz at the clips4sale booth.

Ashley Fires:


Missy Rhodes:

Alexandra Now & Mistress T.

Are you seeing this?! Domina Snow: deep throat Queen!

Fetishcon 2013.

Amadahy, Ceara, Meggerz, Snow, Sarah Blake, Justine Joli, Larkin, Mistress T & Evelyn Milano.

Goddess Amadahy:

Justine Joli:

Evelyn Milano:

Fetishcon 2013, Mistress T with Ceara Lynch, Meggerz & Amadahy.

Meggerz, Ceara, me & Amadahy…out for dinner.

Goddess Amadahy:

Rachel Steele, Mistress T & Domina Snow at FetishCon 2013.

Red MILF Rachel Steele & Alexandra Snow, out for dinner.

Red MILF Rachel Steele:

Mistress T trampling.

A handy stepping stool while I order a drink from the bar…some men ARE useful!

FetishCon 2013 with Meggerx, ceara & Mistress T.

Meggerz, Ceara & I…feet up, drink in hand…

Mistress T trampling Jason Ninja.

Jason Ninja is so fun to trample!

Jason Ninja:

Mistress T & a furry.

My secret furry fetish is starting to be not-so-secret…