A Peek Inside MY Fantasy World

One of the most common questions I’m asked is:

“What fetishes are you REALLY into?”

Obviously, it’s unlikely I’m personally turned on by every vid that I do. Who has that many kinks?

The answer is complicated. I find another person’s arousal arousing. Leaving judgement at the door I’ve allowed myself to be turned on by a wide variety of things. In the moment, in the right circumstance, almost anything can be eroticized. Spell checker is telling me that’s not a word? Fuck you spell checker:

eroticize, eroticise[ɪˈrɒtɪˌsaɪz]


(tr)to regard or present in a sexual way

eroticization , eroticisation n

I digress.

So, what goes on in my head when it’s just me and my hand in bed…or the jets on my tub…?

Here’s the tip of the iceberg: Objectification, humiliation and shame are usually a part of my personal fantasies. Taboo family fantasies often come into play too. Don’t read too much into that. I would never condone incest, pedophilia, etc in real life. As long as no one is harmed in real life, what happens in my head or in your head is fine and you should only feel ashamed of it if shame is what you’re into.

Here’s an example of a scenario that I would masturbate to:

It’s late at night. A car is parked in the driveway of a house. You can barely make out two people inside the car having sex from the perspective of looking out a window of the house. Who is looking out the window, watching? It’s the father of the teenage (about 18) daughter who is having sex with a guy in the car. The father is kneeling, his knees getting sore. He’s been there for hours, waiting, as instructed by the daughter. This happens pretty much every Saturday night.

The car door opens, she steps out pulling down her skirt and giving her boyfriend one last passionate kiss good night. She comes inside and ignores her stupid father at first until she gets herself into position, bent over the kitchen table, skirt pulled up, the moonlight coming in through the window showing her glistening, freshly fucked pussy. Cum smeared and dripping down her thighs. She snaps her fingers, he knows the drill, he crawls over and starts licking her pussy, cleaning her and giving her another orgasm. She’s cruel to him, saying things like: “You’re a sick fuck for being attracted to your own daughter. I would never, ever fuck you but I’ll humiliate you and use your mouth for my pleasure…the only way you get to lick my pussy is if it tastes like another man’s cum. I don’t want you to enjoy this too much. You’re so weak and horny you’ll do anything I tell you to. I know you’re thinking about me when you’re fucking mom. I know you feel ashamed and grossed out with yourself and you should. If I ever told anyone the truth your life would be ruined.”

Her complete control over her father turns her on, the power rush…but she’s not attracted to him. That’s why she bends over the kitchen table so she doesn’t have to look at him while his mouth pleasures her. He is objectified, degraded, used. He feels shame and sometimes even cries…which I love.

A ‘disclaimer’ on this: I lost my virginity when I was 15 to my 16 year old boyfriend. It was nice. I was never sexually molested by anyone and no one in my family was ever sexually inappropriate. This fantasy isn’t about me, they usually aren’t. The first time I felt arousal I was reading an erotic story which seemed to have set a pattern of fantasizing about other people rather than myself in a scenario. Having said that, I was a VERY sexual teen. The summer I was 16 I had many lovers and I loved every minute of it. I perused boys. I initiated sex. I know I’m not alone. Teenage girls tend to be just as horny as teenage boys.

The reason that many of my vids have complex story lines is because that’s how I’m wired. All of my fantasies are complex. There’s a lot going on. How people are feeling about what’s going on…rather than just penis-in-vagina sex that makes up most mainstream porn. I don’t judge if that’s what does it for you, but if there isn’t a story I won’t have an orgasm. I know by now that there is actually a lot of men that are on the same page.

I suppose in a way fantasy for me is more realistic if it’s complex. That’s life, isn’t it? Usually there’s more going on than just penetration. The brain is the most important sex organ!

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Fuck Santa

You might think from the title that this is going to be some angry rant. I know how people love the drama so I’m sorry to disappoint. What this IS though (better, me thinks) is a dirty Xmas story. If you like erotic literature you might enjoy a piece of my very own creative writing…

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house the only thing you could hear was the faint sound of uncomfortable moans and the slow, impatient tapping of an exquisitely sculpted stiletto shoe.

Tia had not been a good girl this year. After several years of marriage she had finally had enough. She was sexually frustrated and started to take it out on her increasingly wimpy husband. It started with her taking matters into her own hands during sex, forcing him to just watch her get herself off better than he could. Then she introduced toys, bigger and thicker than his unimpressive little dick. Then she started to enjoy having all the pleasure and denying him an orgasm, punishing him for years of disappointing lovemaking.

Now, months later, she was ready to take things to a new level. Her husband was tightly tied, gagged and sweating bullets. He had been locked in chastity for weeks while she teased him mercilessly. Her cruelty, although intimidating seemed to have him entranced. Sure, he could leave anytime he wanted, he went to work every day but he always came home to her. It seemed crazy that they had this bizarre life behind closed doors but at the same time, this was the most excitement he had ever had. Tia had also grown more more attractive over the last year. Her sexual power beamed out of her and men stared everywhere they went. He was lucky to have such an attractive wife.

He looked at Tia now and it nearly took his breath away. From that impatient foot tapping on the marble floor, up those killer legs encased in silky stockings. The heels causing her foot to arch beautifully, her calf to flex and her ass to lift. That ass. My god, a work of art with the garters framing it, the tiny piece of sheer fabric nuzzled into the dark place which he was sure must be getting very wet. The perfect proportion of hips to waist. Her skin looking like velvet in the soft light…

There was a noise at the fireplace and she turned to look, a small smile turning up the corners of her red painted mouth.

With a flare of the fire all of sudden there he was: Santa Fucking Claus.

Tia had written Santa a letter telling him what she wanted for Christmas: a nice, long, hard fuck from a REAL man with a thick juicy cock. She wanted her sexually useless husband to watch her being truly satisfied. The thought of her husbands suffering fueled her sexual appetite.

Words didn’t need to be exchanged. Santa started to remove his bulky red suit and beneath was a strong, broad shouldered man used to carrying large sacks of gifts. His cock stood at attention, so erect it curved upward and impossibly thick at the base…the thickest Tia had ever seen and immediately her cunt started to flex and pump juices in preparation. He closed the space between them in a few paces and pressed his hardness firmly against her as he brought his lips within an inch of hers, giving her a second to caught her breath. Her knees went a little weak as his tongue started to softly probe her mouth the same way he would soon be licking her pussy. The tiny bit of fabric between her legs was now soaked through with her horny juices…her tied up husband nearly being forgotten in the moment…his eyes bulging and watering as he looked at the giant cock pushing against his wife’s tummy, seeing the size of it next to her he felt entirely inadequate…

Santa laid Tia down on the bed within a few feet of her bound husband, his cock now pressing painfully against his chastity device and drool pouring from his gagged mouth.

After a brief stop at each nipple, panties were slid down and Santa’s mouth was kissing and licking Tia’s sweet pussy. His strong hands cupped her ass as he scooped her in closer to devour her horny cunt, tonguing her clit as she erupted in a powerful orgasm. Her cunt was plump, pink, dripping wet and ready for that massive, rock hard cock. Santa held her legs wide so her (now panting and slobbering) husband could see clearly. They were both enjoying making him suffer now and it was fanning the flames of their passion.

Just the head slid in at first…he paused as he felt her hungry cunt flex around his cock, felt her hips raise to take more…slowly, inch by inch she took it all as he slowly rocked it in and out, stretching her horny cunt. To her, it felt like nothing else in the entire universe existed except her beautifully filled pussy. The pleasure bursting like fireworks. Tears filled her eyes as a wave of emotional passion washed over her…and she started to cum again, her whole body orgasming around that glorious cock.

He then started thrusting faster and harder, abusing her cunt with that giant cock…and she loved it. He flipped her over on her knees where she could look directly at her husband while she was getting fucked from behind. He saw a primal, animalistic lust in her eyes as she pushed back on that thick cock. Santa was looking at him too, smiling smugly as he grasped her hips, pulling her in hard, fucking her aggressively, fucking her like a REAL man, in a way he was certain her husband had never done.

Seeing the husbands humiliation combined with his sexual frustration was a turn on and Tia came again, hard, as she felt Santa thrust even harder, his cock pumping her pussy full of cum.

She collapsed in a puddle on the bed, smiling, purring…as Santa undid the husband, removed the gag and gestured towards Tia’s open legs. The chastity device was still on so Santa could only mean one thing. What else had Tia written in her letter to Santa?

There was a sparkle in her happy eyes but also a look of supreme feminine power that her husband could not refuse. He was too weak. He would do whatever she ever asked of him. Forever.

Kneeling between her legs, he caught Santa’s wink to her as he went out of sight. He got to work gently licking and cleaning his wife’s well-fucked, cum filled pussy as she moaned softly, cumming again quietly….

Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD night.

Entranced by her feminine power...

A determined, horny, powerful bitch...

A woman who deserves a good fuck...

Below ME, where you belong...

That magnificent ass...