VLOG2: Halloween Ballbusting, UK & Sex Ed


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Thanks for all the feedback on my 1st VLOG. I received a few requests for more sex ed stuff, guidance for virgins, the inexperienced or any fella wanting to improve sexually. So most of this VLOG covers sex ed tips for beginners.

Remember fella’s: sloooow down. Also respect women & treat them well. Mainstream porn is designed as jerk off material for men, it is NOT designed to teach you to be a better lover….for women. If you want to satisfy a woman sexually usually smacking her ass & slapping her face with your dick is the wrong way to go.

There’s a little ballbusting clip in my VLOG taken just before we all went out to a fetish Halloween party. I did not film something to sell because we were running late so there’s just this little taste.

I make a brief mention of my upcoming trip to the UK. So there it is…feedback is welcome & encouraged. Comment here, tweet me or send an email: MsT@MistressT.net


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San Francisco – the first week

Happy Halloween! I’m writing this from my beautiful Edwardian bedroom on the Upper Floor of Kink.com’s Armory in San Francisco.

I’ll back up a bit. I arrived last Wednesday, October 26 and stayed in a gorgeous hotel for the first three nights, compliments of a very generous and appreciative cuckold slave.

I am fortunate this trip to be accompanied by a useful thick-cocked bull who is a joy to be around. He’s been well-used as a film slave and camera man. I also enjoy his company a great deal (the sex is fantastic!) which has made this trip even more pleasurable! We’ve filmed some amazing smut & had a couple of private meetings with slaves that have been VERY memorable.

We took advantage of the upscale hotel room to take photo’s & I’ve attached a couple below.

We arrived at The Armory on Saturday afternoon as things were buzzing, preparing for their big Halloween party. I was in awe of the stunning bedroom we were set up in. I love antiques, four poster beds, lush rugs, high ceilings, ornate lamps, etc. The Armory is HUGE. I still haven’t seen all of it. They give tours to the public so if you get to San Fran I encourage you to come have a look for yourself. You can also see it in Kink’s many video’s. They certainly have the best set’s in the biz.

The party was full of action. My favorite part was when the two new Upper Floor sub girls were brought in, crawling on their hands and knees. I love exhibitionism and I can just imagine the thrill of being humiliated like that in front of over 100 strangers. What followed was a marathon of humiliating acts, corporal, spankings and sex (cock sucking, finger fucking/squirting, female masturbation, intercourse, etc.) It was a very sexually charged evening and it continued on after the camera’s were turned off. The party was broadcasted live and the vids will be up on the site so you can watch them and probably catch me in the background. I was wearing my latex nurse’s dress (see below).

Tomorrow is my first filming day for Kink.com’s Divine Bitches (FemDom site). I’m excited to work with the director Maitresse Madeline & the film slave Dutch Bardoux. Am I a little nervous? At this point, no (maybe tomorrow?). I’m a big fan of Kink.com’s Divine Bitches and am familiar with their style. I’m naturally a great fit and I feel confident it’s going to go very well and be a blast! Wish me luck!

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In my Edwardian bedroom, Upper Floor of Kink.com's San Francisco Armory!

Putting my feet up after shopping in San Fran...

Enjoying a fancy hotel room in San Fran...

My date & I for Kink.com's Upper Floor Halloween Party in San Fran Oct. 29, 2011