Domonion: “No Porn” New Years Resolution lasts 46 minutes!

Chronic Masturbator unsurprisingly fails gloriously at New Year's resolution.

Chronic Masturbator unsurprisingly fails gloriously at New Year’s resolution.

Hans Ondick, a 37 year old Swedish man living in England proudly announced to all 23 of his twitter followers on January 1, 2016 that he would no longer be watching porn.

Mr. Ondick explained that he’d struggled with a porn addiction & chronic masturbation for years, sometimes masturbating more than a half dozen times a day. He went on to tell tales of wrist pain, penis abrasions and embarrassment. He had been fired several times for masturbating on the job while viewing adult content on company computers.

Mr. Ondick bragged to his doubtful followers that he would quit this time. He may have went too far when he taunted fellow fans of FemDom porn that he was better than all the other “weak-assed fetish freak boot lickers”. They returned fire by tweeting back a blurry image of a woman with a bit of cleavage showing and he caved, promptly downloading a pornographic video and “jerkin’ his gherkin” while crying. He held out for a whole 46 minutes beating many others who made similar resolutions.

The Domonion contacted several Professional Dommes & Adult Film Performers for their comments on the subject of fans resolving to quite watching porn but the only reaction was laughter.

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