Vegas, seriously…

Ceara & I enjoying the spa.

Ceara & I enjoying the spa.

I’ve been in Vegas for a couple of days now, sharing a posh hotel room with Ceara Lynch & attending workshops/networking events at a business conference.

No strippers, no gambling, no drinking, nothing crazy. Not yet anyway. The week is only just beginning and as the days pass more & more of my beloved peers will be pouring into Vegas for the AVN/AEE (porn convention). It’s probably going to get messy.

For now, it’s all business. It has been an interesting experience. Female business owners in the adult world are the minority. A few times we have been the only females in the room learning about ways to grow our businesses. Today we attended a women’s brunch. There were about a dozen of us…with hundreds of attendees at this convention that gives you some indication of the small percentage of females.

As things were winding down today we took some time to enjoy the spa. We’ve also squeezed in a little filming & lots of quality time connecting. It’s been great so far. We’ve learned a lot, made some good connections & had a nice time.

Goofing around with Ceara...otherwise known as Little Miss Sunshine. Lol

Goofing around with Ceara…otherwise known as Little Miss Sunshine. Lol

Looking ahead at the week I have a fairly busy schedule with filming & partying (schmoozing & business networking with booze & music really)…but I have been careful to leave time to relax, go to the spa & be spontaneous. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m still open to requests for filming with some of the ladies I’ll see this week. If you are a fan living in or visiting Vegas this week & you would like to meet me and/or be in my vids shoot me an email introducing yourself. You just might get lucky.

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