Too Strong?

I considered making the title of this post: “Fuck You” but decided to take a slightly less negative approach.

This is a sort of a follow up to my last post “Man Hater?” where I addressed the question (accusation): Do I hold men in contempt?

I’ve recently done the dating dance with a couple of fella’s…somewhat simultaneously (I’m a non-monogamist in case you didn’t know) and both have arrived at a similar place. Although the details are different the overall message is that my strength is an issue. One assumed I must be a man hater since I didn’t fall in love with him and the other couldn’t deal with the fact that I didn’t NEED him.

To protect the innocent I’ll leave out any more details and just focus on me (this blog is about ME, isn’t it?).

Valentine’s seemed like an appropriate day for all of this to come to a head. The dragon in me breathed fire as I considered the weakness of some men. Why some men need to feel needed. Why can’t they be happy with just being wanted?

I don’t need a man in my life. It doesn’t take a very sharp person to pick that up pretty quickly, I’m a bit of a man-eater. I can separate sex from love easily. I have quite a few ex’s as friends but I have just as many who are in the rear view mirror.

It’s no accident that I am the way I am. From a very young age my Mother groomed me to be a strong independent woman. I was raised in rural Nova Scotia where you were expected to get married and have kids. You could maybe be a teacher or nurse, but you better be able to cook a turkey dinner for 10 people, decorate a birthday cake like a car, get beet stains out of a table cloth and keep your husband happy. For some reason my Mother decided that I would have what ever life I wanted and all the better if it didn’t involve being a slave to a husband and kids. So she told me over and over: you need to be strong in life, take care of yourself, don’t depend on a man, do what makes you happy, etc.

Bless her soul. She created a god damn monster, didn’t she?

Maybe she laid it on a little too thick? I’ve become so strong & independent that most men just don’t know how to deal with me. Well, to those weak men who it seems I now do hold in contempt: fuck you.

Ah, that feels better…

Mistress T

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Fuck you. No really.

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