In what might be considered a Fetish re-learning program I have been experimenting with activities I’ve done for years ‘for work’ in a person relationship.

Mistress T

To be beneath me…

I know a lot of people wonder where the line is between my work & personal life…I can honestly say that it’s complicated & I’m okay with that. The lines are blurred & there’s a lot of cross-over.

Sometimes my personal sexual relationships are just ‘vanilla’. Sometimes they’re unusual or kinky in ways that you don’t see in my vids. I’m about as open-minded sexually as you can get. As my gay grade 8 teacher said: “If it feels good, do it.”

So I’ve recently been enjoying an increasingly steamy relationship with someone exploring his sexuality & have found myself enjoying things that for years have fit more into my ‘job’. I’ll share a couple of recent experiences…

Story #1: Ruined Orgasm.

The main event is always the most amazing & skillful pussy licking I’ve ever had (sorry to anyone reading this who has licked my pussy & is now experiencing a bruised ego…just because you weren’t the best doesn’t mean you weren’t wonderful).

After enjoying a thunderous orgasm with his talented mouth on my pussy I asked him how he would like to cum. I was surprised to hear him say he’d like to try a ruined orgasm. “No problem.” He laid back as I positioned myself between his legs & started stroking his rock hard cock with one hand while manipulating his nipples with the other. I kept him on edge, enjoying the power I always feel with a man’s cock in my hand…as he got closer he pulled himself up so he could kiss me. It was intimate & passionate…the first time I had ever kissed a man who I was about to give a ruined orgasm to…because of this I couldn’t ‘see’ when he started to cum so I could ruin it as I usually do but I ‘felt’ it, with his gasping lips against mine, his cock pulsating in my hand…I quickly pulled my other hand down to cover the tip of his cock to ruin his orgasm…I felt his cum splash against my breast & hand a second before pressing my hand over the top of his cock.

Both hands on his cock & our mouths still together he collapsed back bringing me with him, his cum & our sweat sliding between our naked bodies…still kissing & gasping…me now laying full weight on top of him.

So fucking hot.

Story #2: Anal Play.

I discovered the boy likes to put things in his bum. Frankly, I don’t understand why any man wouldn’t. The prostate is a man’s g-spot. So I told him to bring his bum toy the next time he came over…which he dutifully did. He’s the most wonderful combination of submissive (when it’s hot in the moment) & not submissive (when it would be annoying to be).

After yet another epic orgasm via that magnificent mouth of his (Yes, I always take my pleasure first) I got started on him. Positioned between his legs again but this time with that vibrating toy & lube. He had told me that having his bum played with makes him feel very submissive. I like that.

I teased him sensually…using the vibrator to vibrate my fingers on him. His cock danced and throbbed in my hand as I stroked him lightly with my hand & tongue. I love that feeling of power & control, him squirming beneath me…his look of adoration, true worship…not of the Dominatrix but of ME.

Instead of pushing the toy in I held it in my hand & slid my finger into him gently & moved ever-so-slowly with the vibe pressed against the outside of his entrance. I could have put it in but I wanted to feel him cum, from the inside.

Again, he pushed himself up so he could kiss me & it was about as sensual & romantic as it gets…so intimate to feel him from the inside, to feel his lips against mine begging me to let him cum…so vulnerable & open…in my hands.


So…I’m processing these experiences and others as I continue my sexual exploration. Love my life *smile*.

Mistress T

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