A cuddling service makes sense!


I’ve worked in the adult biz for nearly 10 years in various roles. I’ve met many MANY other ladies in various types of adult work over the years. What I’ve learned is that a lot of clients are lonely & craving human contact. It’s not always about the orgasm. It’s not always about fucking or getting beaten/humiliated, etc. A lot of guys just want to talk, to be touched in any way, to have a connection. It doesn’t even matter if the guys are married as often they’ve become distant from their partner.

There’s a lady in Victoria BC who is doing a booming business in “cuddling”. I applaud her. Here’s the article: http://metronews.ca/news/vancouver/1229047/b-c-woman-offers-cuddling-sessions-for-60-an-hour/

I have no doubt she’s flooded with business & I hope more women will read this article & consider starting their own similar business. I understand that prostitution laws vary in different places (prostitution is legal in Canada…even though what this woman is doing is non-sexual in a different country a cuddling service may fall under that category. I can’t speak to that.)

Here’s why I hope more women will do this:

A. It makes the world a better place. Human connection makes happier people. Happier people make a better world. (I know, hippie-talk, but science backs this up.)

B. It’s an easy & satisfying way for a woman to make some extra money.

Safety issues aside…meeting in public first & taking precautions is good. Sex worker safety has been much debated & is a whole other topic but I’ll say a few things: The most dangerous sex work is street based (desperate, drug-addicted street walkers are more vulnerable). Mid to high end sex workers who screen clients & work out of a safe space rarely deal with violence. The non-sex-work world is far more dangerous in comparison (online dating/meeting people in bars/actual partners. Yeah, the highest incident of violence against women is by their own partners or date rape. Guys they know, not “Johns”.)

For guys looking for this service try asking any service provider (escort or yup, even Dommes). It doesn’t hurt to ask. Respect the answer. For sure a lot of Dommes will tell you to sod off, but some will see it as an easy session. Don’t expect a discount off of the usual rates. Most providers charge for their time, not the service but you can ask politely: “I would really just like a cuddle session please. No sexual contact. Would that be the same rate?”

Another tip for the fella’s (& a tip to the ladies to communicate to any fella): BE CLEAN! That means you have washed head to toe & in all crevices within the last few hours using hot water, soap & shampoo. Do not wear cologne or strong scents. Be wearing clean cloths. Bring clean, dry socks if you have a foot odor issue. Brush your teeth AND tongue & don’t eat an onion & garlic sandwich on your way over. If the lady asks you to shower or use mouth wash before your session: DO IT, even if you just did it an hour ago. Some women ask this of every client regardless. Respect that.

Last tip to all the cuddlers out there: fucking enjoy it! Give yourself over to it. Breath deep & steady. Relax. Physical human contact is healthy for your mind & body. It’s like a spa treatment.

Cuddle on!

Mistress T

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