Erections Cause Stupidity

The primal need to reproduce causes temporarily stupidity. Whether we are actually trying to reproduce or not, our instincts command us to go through the motions. Try to solve a Rubik’s cube or a riddle when your penis is erect or you pussy is oozing lubricant. Good luck.

This is a stream of thought, maybe a ramble, about desire.

I know the “erections = stupidity” statement isn’t exactly a newsflash. Men have been following their dicks into peril for as long as man has existed. You think that we would stop being surprised by now. Yet, when you’re not in a state of arousal it’s easy to forget how little brain power people have when all their blood is redirected to their groins.

Women like me deal with a higher than average percentage of ‘stupid’ men. Men who send emails that make little sense. Who seem to feel the uncontrollable urge to pay a compliment, to reach out and make some kind of connection, any kind with the object of their desire. They tend to be clumsy, not well-thought out emails… and I must constantly remind myself that chances are they were typing with one hand on their meat stick.

In this case women do not seem to be equal. Sure, all kinda of women, this one included have had their moments…but men still outnumber us when it comes to the volume of lust-induced blunders.

I have felt urges that must have been more like a males sex drive than female. On one hand I’m thankful I don’t have those brain-numbing moments very often…but I am happy to know that I have and am able to feel those depths of desire.

I have experienced such desire that I felt unable to make rational decisions. I felt so swept away in it that it felt more powerful than me. I have been so singularly driven by desire that nothing else really existed.

I can’t imagine trying to live your life with such urges on a regular bases…yet if you did have such urges and had no outlet I think it would drive you mad. I mostly come in contact with men with great desires who usually have no other outlet. They chronically masturbate to my vids and think about me in between jerk off sessions. Sometimes they email me and they don’t communicate well. But I remind myself that there often isn’t enough blood to run everything at the same time…

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