Update and stuff


It’s been a year since my last blog post. And what a year it has been.

For the casual observer, things probably look fine. For the careful observer, you likely know that things have been very different for me during the pandemic. I have not been seeing fans in person for sessions or filming. I have changed my business model to focus mostly on my fan page: https://www.loyalfans.com/Mistress-T

That has been amazing for the fans who have used it but it’s not for everyone, I suppose. It’s also more about giving a lot of attention to fewer fans for a profit, rather than giving free attention to many more fans (like twitter).

But anyway. How ya been? Alright? Been a bit rough?

I turned 45 in April and didn’t make a big announcement about it but received some lovely gifts and tributes from fans. Much appreciated. Gift cards for Etsy helped me pick up a few new things for my summer wardrobe while supporting small business owners.

From October 2020 until early summer I focused on writing my 2nd book. A fiction. It was tremendously good for my mental health to have a creative project to focus on. I would often walk solo in the woods trying to work out some snag in the story line or some pickle the main character got herself into. I had three people read it and give feedback. I made changes and it is now in the hands of a very good, but busy editor. When she’s done I will present it to some publishers. I had been advised to seek a literary agent but upon more research that may not be the right strategy, though I’m still open to it. I wrote the book to be easily adapted to a screen play for a movie or TV series. Ideally I would find a literary agent that does all of that and so far I’ve only found agents that don’t work with screenplays. It’s all a learning experience and I welcome any advice from those in the know.

I’ve been double vaccinated so have been able to relax a bit, especially with case numbers being lower where I am…but with the Delta variant and numbers going back up I am unsure what the future holds? So no travel plans to see fans at this time and not really seeing fans locally either. Financially I don’t need to. I realize many “service providers” need to meet fans in person to make a living but since that’s not the case for me it’s hard to justify the potential risk. I have made a couple of exceptions for dinner dates with vaccinated fans and may continue to do that. If there is a chance of meeting me, you being vaccinated is a non-negotiable.

We’re all bloody tired of talking about the pandemic, aren’t we?

So I’m still here. I’m trying to enjoy life. Spending more time in rivers this summer with a few good friends. I have had a couple of new lovers which has been…lovely. I’ve been doing a bit of gardening, riding my bicycle around, hanging out with my pet Lovebird. Things are good for me.

I’m not as active as I once was but who could keep up that pace for so many years? I created over 2000 vids. It’s time to slow down and enjoy life. I know that’s not good news for those who want me to keep churning out content or for those desperate to session with me in person…but hopefully for those who see me more as a human than just a content creator or service provider, you’ll smile knowing that I’m putting self care before the job.

There’s lots of women out there who very much want to see you and want your business. I know, I’m special, but for what you need I’m not the only one. So save your begging. If you have a nearly unlimited budget and respectful demeanor, sure, message me. Maybe, when it’s safe we can meet. But if you’re just looking for a regular session at a reasonable rate, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

That’s my little update for now. I have no idea when the new book will be available as I’m not planning to self publish this one, the time line is out of my control. I’ll make announcements here, twitter and on my fan page.

Keep on keeping on my darlings.


Mistress T


Just arrived in Bali

This is just a quick n’ dirty update. The internet connection is a bit dodgy & I’m bushed so I’m not going to write much…and no pics.

It’s around 4am in Bali. It took about 22 hours of travel to get here from Vancouver today. The first part of the journey was a 12 hour mediocre movie marathon to Singapore which actually flew by. A several hour layover in the Singapore airport dragged on and I slept a little on the 5 hour flight to Bali. It was a restless sleep despite the Valium I took. I only take Valium to help me sleep on planes or to cope with jet lag. I call it my travel drugs.

I traveled solo today. My friends are meeting me here later today. I don’t mind traveling by myself. I’ve done more of that then traveled with people. There are pro’s and con’s to both.

I enjoy the hours of time to think and be alone in my head, while being surrounded by other people. If they speak another language, even better. It’s company without requiring me to engage.

I arrived at the Bali airport and immediately recognized the familiar, unfamiliar smell. I’m always fascinated by the way different places smell. Hot, humid places have a somewhat musty, moldy smell. Earthy. Dirt.

I made it through their various lines for ‘Visa On Arrival’, customs, etc. along with about a hundred other weary new arrivals. Mostly Chinese. I used the bathroom in the airport and was delighted to find a squat toilet. I had grown fond of them while in India. It does feel more natural to squat than to sit. I noticed with amusement several cockroaches in the bathroom stall too. Ah, the little things I love about being in an exotic place.

I examined my new currency and figured out what I thought was a fair price for the taxi ride to my hotel. I wasn’t surprised when the first taxi driver quoted a ridiculously inflated price. This is always the game. I’ve been to India twice, Thailand five times, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, etc. The right price is usually about a quarter of what they first ask for. I don’t get angry. I’m amused. It’s not my first time at this rodeo. I’m polite but firm and I get the ride to my hotel for the price I had pre-decided on, which was still a little generous so I think everyone was happy.

A whole paragraph on taxi fare? This is a big part of traveling in places like this. The bargaining, haggling, the not getting ripped off. It’s a game and it’s part of their culture. It’s always a significant part of travel in places like this. It’s not like the US or Canada where the price is the price (usually).

The taxi driver was very sweet and made nice conversation on my way to the hotel. I was a little surprised at how run down things looked in the dead of night. A lot like some parts of India & Thailand. Wild dogs roamed the streets but that was about it for life. All the shabby shops & business’s shut up and quiet.

The hotel is beautiful. I usually travel on a shoestring budget but my friends wanted at least a 4 star place. The staff were waiting for me. Just me, a lone traveler at 4am. They brought me a welcome drink of delicious orange juice. A nice boy carried my bags to the room. The french doors overlook the pool which I can barely see in the dark. I can hear the breeze rustling in the palm trees.

I already feel a million miles away, physically and mentally. I did just respond to about a half dozen emails but I will request that if your email can wait until after April 15, I would appreciate if you didn’t send it until then. I hope to spend far less time than usual dealing with business email.

I’m going to shower, take some hippie drugs (melatonin mix from the health food store) to help reset my internal clock. I’m going to drift off as the sun is coming up and will likely be awoken early afternoon when my friends arrive.

So it begins.

This is just a random old picture from a couple years ago I thought kind of fit with this blog entry.