Story still paused: fan mail

I get a fair bit of fan mail, a lot of it rubbish…blathering, written I’m sure with one hand while the other is pumping a horny cock and I’d rather not repeat to anyone…but once in awhile I get something I feel proud of. In this case I only wish he had used better punctuation but I give it to you exactly as I received it:

hi mistress t. thanks so much for making another great mom-son themed vid. i must confess that the fetish is a big guilty pleasure of mine, and there’s nothing hotter than having you bring it to life and enrich it with your incomparable sexiness and poise. in this latest outing, there was once again so much to enjoy. for one thing, you looked incredibly hot in your outfit. it gave you a tormentingly immaculate and unattainably ladyish quality that fit perfectly for such an iconically sublime, ideal, holy, forbidden character as a mom. as well as that, i really appreciated the great camera views showing off the delights of your awesome body and your wealth of hot, taboo dialogue. the latter always plays such an important part in keeping alive the mom-son-context a scenario. your character also had a neat mix of demureness and chastity on the one hand, and sex and sensuality on the other. it made for a fine bit of mind-fuckery – always keeping the viewer in suspense as to whether they’re going to get some loving or be sent packing. you have that same quality in a lot of your vids in general. i think it’s very effective how you alternate between intimate sweetness and cold dismissal. it’s like you’ve combined the good-cop/bad cop rolled into one persona. when watching, it can sometimes feel like being petted with a velvet glove one moment, then swatted with an iron gauntlet the next.

~His email ended and my comments start:

I was reluctant at first to do ‘Mommy’ porn. For one, incest stuff is illegal in a lot of parts of the world…but as far as it being wrong, well, who am I to police the thoughts in a person’s head? Not even being maternal myself I have embraced my role as Mommy T. I receive the nicest email from fans of this genre & I can’t imagine them harming anyone. They tend to be the most respectful and gentlest of my perverts. I am clearly fulfilling a need so judge if you wish but remember: different strokes for different folks.

MistressT As MommyT

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