Story still paused: fan mail

I get a fair bit of fan mail, a lot of it rubbish…blathering, written I’m sure with one hand while the other is pumping a horny cock and I’d rather not repeat to anyone…but once in awhile I get something I feel proud of. In this case I only wish he had used better punctuation but I give it to you exactly as I received it:

hi mistress t. thanks so much for making another great mom-son themed vid. i must confess that the fetish is a big guilty pleasure of mine, and there’s nothing hotter than having you bring it to life and enrich it with your incomparable sexiness and poise. in this latest outing, there was once again so much to enjoy. for one thing, you looked incredibly hot in your outfit. it gave you a tormentingly immaculate and unattainably ladyish quality that fit perfectly for such an iconically sublime, ideal, holy, forbidden character as a mom. as well as that, i really appreciated the great camera views showing off the delights of your awesome body and your wealth of hot, taboo dialogue. the latter always plays such an important part in keeping alive the mom-son-context a scenario. your character also had a neat mix of demureness and chastity on the one hand, and sex and sensuality on the other. it made for a fine bit of mind-fuckery – always keeping the viewer in suspense as to whether they’re going to get some loving or be sent packing. you have that same quality in a lot of your vids in general. i think it’s very effective how you alternate between intimate sweetness and cold dismissal. it’s like you’ve combined the good-cop/bad cop rolled into one persona. when watching, it can sometimes feel like being petted with a velvet glove one moment, then swatted with an iron gauntlet the next.

~His email ended and my comments start:

I was reluctant at first to do ‘Mommy’ porn. For one, incest stuff is illegal in a lot of parts of the world…but as far as it being wrong, well, who am I to police the thoughts in a person’s head? Not even being maternal myself I have embraced my role as Mommy T. I receive the nicest email from fans of this genre & I can’t imagine them harming anyone. They tend to be the most respectful and gentlest of my perverts. I am clearly fulfilling a need so judge if you wish but remember: different strokes for different folks.

MistressT As MommyT

Don't mess with Mama T!

Teen Hormones

I almost entitled this entry “Sport Fucking”.

Wikipedia says this about hormones: “In essence, it is a chemical messenger that transports a signal from one cell to another.” It’s important to remember that we are really just animals. Evolved & complex yes, but really just animals. We’re hard-wired to reproduce. It’s natural for us to be horny, to want to mate. It’s our big, beautiful brains that keep us from fucking like monkeys. We learn to control our impulses to adjust our behavior…but when you’re young, with little life experience and feeling horny is new & powerful it can be difficult to avoid fucking like a monkey. Especially combined with the high of exploring your power over men.


That’s a long way of saying that I was very promiscuous, which Wikipedia explains this way: “In humans, promiscuity refers to undiscriminating casual sex with many sexual partners.” They are careful to note this behavior only has a name for humans because no one ever judges a monkey for being a slut.


I kind of feel about my teen promiscuity like Charlie Sheen feels about his party binges: proud of it. It was epic. And I know full well, as Charlie does, that others judge…but many of those who judge have never had that kind of fun. They’ve never LIVED. Some think Charlie is crazy. Me, I don’t care if he’s crazy. I don’t have to love EVERYTHING he’s said or done to love SOME of what he’s said and done. This isn’t really about Charlie, this is about making our own choices even when others poo-poo it. It’s about being true to yourself and as long as you’re not hurting others, do what you want.


I bet you’re hoping I’ll finish my soapbox rant and just give you the juicy details of my teen sex life?


I’ll share a little. Why not?


When I was 16/17 I had a 3some with 2 guys who were best friends that lasted for about 6 months. We were all close friends but had no illusions that we were boyfriend(s) girlfriend. It was just sex with friends and it was great. It only ended when one of them started a serious relationship with another great gal who he later married.


I’ve really just run out of time to write this blog entry right now but I’ll spend some time thinking about all the great sex I had as a teen and if there’s anything worth sharing maybe I’ll add it in later. It’s enjoyable thinking back to that time. Fun.


MistressT fetish goddess asslicking ass worship

Happy Slut

Blog Entry #1 (daringly original title)

Mistress T too hot for her Mac

This is how I always look when writing my blog. Always.

The first of many? We shall see.

Let me introduce myself and let you know what you can expect in this blog:

At this writing I am a 35 year old fetish film producer living in Vancouver, Canada. I’m a fetish porn star. Of course, I’m so much more and that’s what this blog is all about. The person behind the persona…although the persona is an intimate view into a very real part of me. Doing what I do is my artistic expression. It’s my outlet for my complex sexuality…but let’s not get too dirty too quickly. I am also typing this topless, with flannel PJ bottoms & socks with doggies on them. I don’t lay around in lingerie.

I get a lot of curious emails from fans who want to know more about me. They ask where I come up with all this smut I talk about? They are trying to figure out why they are so drawn to me. Maybe this blog will fulfill that need for some…that hunger to know even more about me than what I lay out bare and exposed in my videos.

I will talk a lot about the path that brought me here. That seems to be the first questions asked and it’s a long topic I never get tired of talking about. It’s an interesting tale. One that is too long for one blog entry so I’ll hand it out in mouthfuls, leaving you curious for more until we get caught up…and at the same time making you a part of the path because in many ways, the journey has just begun! Just by reading this blog you have become a part of the story. Welcome.

My favorite Mae West quote and life mantra: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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