I’m still here…just busy.

New digs: more space for film sets!

New digs: more space for film sets!

It’s the Saturday night before Halloween, arguably the biggest party night of the year next to New Year’s. Every year that I can remember I would have been getting all decked out in a costume with friends, having drinks & heading to some big party.

But not this year.

It’s not that I didn’t have options. Weeks ago friends were reminding me to get tickets to the big fetish party or sex club party as they always sell out fast. I was invited to go to Seattle to meet up with some of my fav peers in the industry. I even realized this morning that there’s a fantastic house party just a 26 minute walk from my place, I wouldn’t even need to figure out transportation. It couldn’t be easier.

But I’m not going out. I’m watching a couple episodes of Fargo on Netflix & going to bed early. Hopefully the firecrackers aren’t too bad around here tonight.

When I get that pang of feeling like I’m missing out it’s quickly followed by a feeling of exhaustion & the idea of socializing seems like torture. Not the kind of torture some of you lot like: Tsk tsk.

You see, it’s been a busy time. It IS a busy time. And taking some down time tonight is self care. I probably wouldn’t have done it a few years ago but I’m 41, I’m starting to be nicer to myself & frankly, I don’t have the energy I once did. I bet a lot of you get that, at least those over 35.

So why am I so busy? I recently moved. Everyone knows what that’s like. It all happened kind of fast. My landlord was selling the apartment I’d lived in the last few years & my noisy upstairs neighbor was driving me nuts. I found another place that was really great & I just did it. I did it even though I knew it would be hard. I knew it would be hard because the new place needs a lot of work & I’m about to head out of town on a couple big personal trips. Some of you might know about Africa in December, but I’m also doing a personal trip to Mexico in November. These trips were planned long before I even thought about moving.

Everything is fine. Great really. Just a lot on my plate right now. Some of that has been to prepare to take another break from the biz to work on the book. I find it difficult to write while I have my “Mistress T” hat on so most of my writing has been done while taking work breaks for a month or two. My editor & I have been working away on the book for months but now it’s time for me to dig into her edits, flesh out a few parts & put the finishing touches on it. I’m really hoping that my time in Mexico will be good for that because I really want to get this damn book done!

Good news for fans of my vids. I’ve been busy the last few months filming some fantastic content for you. I was going over the upcoming list today & I’m really excited. Rivers of cum will be produced because of my vids in the coming months. Ha ha.

I’ve been getting my new sets ready so I can start filming when I’m back in January. My pal Samantha Mack is helping to source furniture & textiles, over-seeing the painting, etc. I have a kink expert putting the dungeon together while I’m away with some custom-made kinky creations. *insert evil laughter here*

I’ve also been training a helper/assistant here in Vancouver who will ensure things run smoothly while I’m “away”. I’m never really away, I’ll still be on twitter, dealing with time-sensitive email, maybe blogging if you’re lucky:-)

For long time observant fans you’ll notice the shift in me finally letting other people help me. I did everything myself for so long. Control freak. Hiring experts to do things better than I could, hiring people to do things I could but things that aren’t the best use of my time, accepting the help from friends when it’s offered…all of that. Old dog, new tricks.

Business is great & it inspires me to keep going, to keep making vids my fans love. All of you who support my work by buying my vids make it possible for me to keep doing it. Thank you.

I’ve added some things to my wish list for my new place if you’d like to send a housewarming present: http://a.co/afmffTS


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Tropical holiday: so awesome.

Fans who have been following my twitter have been anticipating my blog post about my recent tropical holiday at an adults-only resort…& here it is! Complete with pics to make you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin & that familiar warmth in your crotch.

I’ll only mention in passing that I’m not a fan of Christmas. I’ve long threatened to make my escape from this commercialized nonsense & this year I finally made good on that threat. My goal was to find the most un-Christmasy way to coast through the ordeal. I settled on a sexy adults-only resort in a hot place…the kind of place where I could be topless & would be surrounded by sexy, open-minded folks.

I would have gone on my own but after some finagling I ended up being accompanied by an awesome girlfriend (who is the partner of one of my ex’s from 9 years ago who I’m still friends with) & another close non-sexual guy friend (who also happens to be an ex from about 7 years ago). I couldn’t have asked for a better crew.

The resort was great. We arrived at noon and made friends quickly. So much happened that first jet legged day no one was more surprised than me to find myself in bed with a charming, cute boy the very first night. I enjoyed him the next few days until he left…then I picked up another boy who I had had my eye on.

My fans have been requesting (begging really) for a vid with me & a black man for quite some time. I only film with those I’m personally into tho, I don’t hire professional porn stars & I just haven’t met a black guy who I wanted to film with…until this week. I know, I know…you have already looked at the pics before reading the words & you’re eagerly hopping from one foot to the other & clapping your hands in anticipation. Yes, I FINALLY had a tryst with a hot, hung black guy…& yes: I filmed it. (I can hear the collective excited squealing of my fans like it’s a Beatles concert).

The black boy & I started chatting in the pool. He was buff & cute. I told him he could call me Ma’am. He said I was so beautiful I could own him. I told him that had been illegal for quite some time but that I would happily rent him. He was mine to do with as I pleased for the rest of my vacation. I was snapping pics of us in bed when he suggested we make a video. I couldn’t believe my luck! Good thing I brought model releases & my camera.

That’s the big news…but for those who could care less about that…I had a wonderful vacation over all. I rested a lot, I read, spent a lot of time at the spa. I loved the buffets, the humid heat & the beach. I miss it already.

There are no crazy drunk pics because I just didn’t really party. It was a party place, but I was in a more leisurely state of mind. I did win a special contest though. I was kind of crowned “Miss …” for the week & there will be an online voting thingy that I will call on my fans to help out with as the grand prize is a free trip back to the resort. I’ll have a special blog post for that when it happens in the next month or so.

So that was my perfect little vacation. Great friends, lovers, food, sun & relaxation.

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Mistress T in sunset light.

Token pretty tropical sunset pic.

Mistress T topless at the beach.

Fun in the sun…I’m such a camera whore.

Mistress T bum crack.

You just wanna lick it, don’t you? *smile*

Mistress T in the pool.

Doesn’t it look like you could dive right into that wetness?

Mistress T topless with bikini bottoms.

Are you trying to look at my tits?! Pervert.

Mistress T at the beach.

The white sand compliments my untanned white skin, dontchya think?

Mistress T with black slave.

Kiss my ass boy!

Interraccial sex.

…and now for something completely different…

Mistress T in sexy lingerie.

What I wore for “Anything Goes” night at the resort.

Mistress T in heels and mini skirt.

Heading out to dinner looking like a tart.