UK: Spring Trip 2014

Mmmm...England, it was nice to be inside you again...

Mmmm…England, it was nice to be inside you again…

I’ve just returned from my spring trip to the UK. I go to the UK every spring & fall to film content & connect with Sidonia Von Bork from The English Mansion & my kinky friends.

This was a fun-filled & relaxing trip. More like a vacation than anything. Lots of wonderful meals out, exploring the English countryside & adorable little villages, going to spa’s, hanging out in the hot tub, etc.

I spent most of my time outside of the city of London but I did come in for one perfectly executed night. I arrived by train, a fan picked me up & took me to get measured for custom boots, took me for lunch & then dropped me at my hotel where I had a couple of awesome sessions. I actually came into London specifically for a special regular client who comes to the UK from another European country just to see me…which is surprisingly common. Guys come from Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, etc. just to see me when I’m in the UK. I love that!

My one evening in London I went for dinner with a good friend & thoroughly enjoyed rich conversation. At this point of my life I’d rather really connect with someone & go on a quiet midnight stroll around Notting Hill than go out clubbing. The next morning the fan from the day before picked me up & took me lingerie & chocolate shopping, then to Camden Town for shopping & sight seeing…then lunch before dropping me off at the train station. It was so wonderful to have a chauffeur & tour guide! My quick trip into London couldn’t have gone more perfectly.

Me being chauffeured around London...lingerie & chocolates!

Me being chauffeured around London…lingerie & chocolates!

I had such a lovely time in the UK, relaxing while also being productive filming awesome smut for my site, The English Mansion & Nikki Whiplash…I didn’t want to come home to Vancouver & face the mess at my new apartment. I moved less than a week before I left for the UK & as I type this blog I’m surrounded by chaos. I have a lot of work ahead of me unpacking & settling into my new home. For the moment, lets look at pics from my trip & look forward to my next trip in the fall!

A few snaps from my day with Nikki Whiplash who I’ve had the pleasure of filming with often in the past. You can find me on her ballbusting site as well as facesitting & some other fun stuff:

Nikki Whiplash & I reunited for kinky exploits.

Nikki Whiplash & I reunited for kinky exploits.

Still want to get between her thighs? Beware of Nikki Whiplash's severe scissors!

Still want to get between her thighs? Beware of Nikki Whiplash’s severe scissors!

Action shot & tweet about Nikki & I ballbusting this perv. (Follow Niiki Whiplash on twitter! She probably won't smash your nuts.)

Action shot & tweet about Nikki & I ball busting this perv. (Follow Nikki Whiplash on twitter! She probably won’t smash your nuts.)

I love the diabolical mind of Sidonia Von Bork who never runs out of creative ways to use & torment slaves. We always have a blast!

Inescapable bondage & no one to hear his screams...Sidonia Von Bork & I prepare our toy...

Inescapable bondage & no one to hear his screams…Sidonia Von Bork & I prepare our toy…

Ah, the foolish smile of a slave who doesn't know what Sidonia Von Bork has in store for him...

Ah, the nervous smile of a slave who doesn’t know what Sidonia Von Bork has in store for him…


…presenting: Slave in a sac! You could win him & a new dinette…spin the wheel!


Tickle fight?




Whipping is even more fun than knitting!


Lots of comfy furniture to sit on…but noooo…I chose the face of some weirdo jerking off in a cage…seems reasonable…

Mistress T

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The English Mansion: Love & Gratitude

I awoke today with a wave of gratitude so strong it actually brought me to tears. I was thinking about my relationship with Sidonia Von Bork & her crew at The English Mansion. I realized how much I’ve learned from my experiences there & how much I’ve benefited.

Here’s the page on their site that lists all the movies I’m currently in, with more added frequently:

United in shared passions:-)

United in shared passions:-)

This was from one of our earliest shoots.

This was from one of our earliest shoots.

I took this pic...THAT was a fun day of us taking turns using the sex slave for our pleasure.

I took this pic…THAT was a fun day of us taking turns using the sex slave for our pleasure.

I have spent a lot of time with Sidonia & she has been generous in both her professional guidance as well as her personal support. I consider her a mentor & a cherished friend. She is an icon in the classic FemDom world. Her brilliant & creative mind is behind the many diabolical scenes & scenarios portrayed in her films. Her intelligence & deep understanding of the deviant is evident in her excellent blog.

Sidonia Von Bork & I using a slave's man pussy.

Sidonia Von Bork & I using a slave’s man pussy.


Thanks to the generous promotion from The English Mansion I have become very popular in England & throughout Europe. Every day I get applications from fans in the UK asking to be in my films or to meet me personally. To show my appreciation for The English Mansion & to separate the serious applicants from the rest I am now requiring an important step in application: you must be a member of before I’ll even discuss meeting you in person.

A dungeon of delights...

A dungeon of delights…

I will be back in the UK within the next few months (I come every spring & fall) but I will no longer be publicly announcing specific dates. I will no longer answer random emails asking when I’ll be in the UK. You must send your membership ID to prove you have a current membership for The English Mansion. If you do not support the fine work they do & you’re not familiar with my vids on their site than you do not deserve my attention.



Serious applicants who send their membership ID for The English Mansion will also be given a 3 day free premium membership to my site:

There is a limited number of opportunities to meet with me for a private session or to film with me, so no guarantees that you’ll be accepted but I can guarantee that without verification that you’re a paying supporter of the work I’ve done with The English Mansion you will not even be considered.

The English Mansion is the #1 site in the world for classic FemDom. It showcases legendary top Domina’s as well as fresh faces & has a long-standing solid reputation for having the most quantity & highest quality classic FemDom porn all under one ‘roof’. You should already be a member anyway!

To apply to see me in the UK (I will not be touring anywhere else in Europe) email with the following info:

#1. Your membership ID for (I will only use it for verification that you are a paying member.)

#2. Indicate: film slave, private session only or both/either?

#3. List preferred activities & hard limits.

#4. If applying for film include a nude torso pic with erect penis.


Mistress T

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Welcome to Bitch World Femdom!

Imagine a place where women rule 24/7 & men are there just to serve them. Authentic, sexy as fuck FemDom. Beautiful, powerful, creative women. Goddess’s. Worship-worthy. The stuff of dreams.

This place has all the toys & tools even the most twisted mind could think of. Bondage equipment, fucking machines, milking machines, kinky medical rooms, dark dungeons & cages, chastity devices to fit anyone, implements of pain, pleasure, torment…

You’ve arrived here to be trained, to learn to serve, to fulfill your purpose of being a slave to women. You will entertain them, please them, suffer for their pleasure.

This place exists. It IS real. A place where many before you have been milked, beaten, broken down & used. Now there is video proof. Welcome to Bitch World. Your new reality.

You will carefully observe the scenes as part of your mental conditioning. You will edge yourself, immerse yourself & only cum when given permission. You will visit Bitch World at least daily, if not more frequently, to pick up new training video’s. You will consume the offers like it’s the air you need to breath….because you do need this. You do. That’s why you’re here. Enter Bitch World FemDom:

Watch this introduction by clicking this link or clicking the image:


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UK Recap!

I’ve just returned from the UK. I had a lovely time in London, I went to Torture Garden (crazy fetish party) & had a wonderful visit with my friends at The English Mansion.

Here’s a little vid recap of me chatting with Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion about some of our adventures:

Mistress T & Sidonia Von Bork .

Sidonia & I casually chat about my visit.

Here’s some pics of me being a tourist & some naughtier pics of some of the dirty fun I had as well. The vids will be released over the coming months.

Love these British phone booths.

Love these British phone booths.

No, I didn't actually eat any bangers n' mash...

No, I didn’t actually eat any bangers n’ mash…

Mistress T in London 2013.

Is that Big Ben in London town?

Mistress T in London.

London is sooo purty!

Mistress T in leather & faux fur.

It’s not real fur but I did hunt the teddy bear myself. He never stood a chance.

Mistress T in latex.

Is that gimp mask starring at my butt?

Sindonia Von Bork of The English Mansion & Mistress T with slave.

Sidonia Von Bork & I being careful to not leave finger prints on our victim…

Mistress T & fuck slave.

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush…

Sidonia Von Bork of the English Mansion & Mistress T in an oral service scene.

I guide your wank while we observe Sidonia Von Bork receiving oral service.

Mistress T in a cuckolding scene.

My sissy, cuckold hubby fluffs a bigger cock for me…

Nude Mistress T & a slave.

Confronting slave about the whereabouts of my clothing….probably…

Mistress T caning a slave.

This is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt me…

As you can see, it was a great trip, filled with fun, relaxation, as well as being productive. I will be back in about 6 months. Those wanting to serve me in the UK are encouraged to WAIT to apply only when I announce my next dates.

In other news…I might be going to Mexico for Christmas with the black stud I’ve filmed a bunch of vids with (not Shane Diesel, the other one.) So custom vid requests with just the two of us (no slaves) should be possible.

Also, I will be in Vegas in January & probably LA. So those wanting to serve me (filmed or in private) in the Western part of the US will have opportunities if they’re willing to come to me.

In all the above cases please wait until firm dates/plans are announced to send custom vid requests/slave applications, etc. Just keep watching my blog & twitter for announcements.

Mistress T

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VLOG2: Halloween Ballbusting, UK & Sex Ed


Click this link to view the vid:

Thanks for all the feedback on my 1st VLOG. I received a few requests for more sex ed stuff, guidance for virgins, the inexperienced or any fella wanting to improve sexually. So most of this VLOG covers sex ed tips for beginners.

Remember fella’s: sloooow down. Also respect women & treat them well. Mainstream porn is designed as jerk off material for men, it is NOT designed to teach you to be a better lover….for women. If you want to satisfy a woman sexually usually smacking her ass & slapping her face with your dick is the wrong way to go.

There’s a little ballbusting clip in my VLOG taken just before we all went out to a fetish Halloween party. I did not film something to sell because we were running late so there’s just this little taste.

I make a brief mention of my upcoming trip to the UK. So there it is…feedback is welcome & encouraged. Comment here, tweet me or send an email:


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UK – Early November 2013

I will be in the UK (London or near by) the 1st couple weeks of November.¬† I’m looking forward to seeing the fabulous Sidonia Von Bork & my other friends from The English Mansion…& I’m sure a few other familiar faces.

The only British double decker bus they would let me drive...

The only British double decker bus they would let me drive…

Sidonia Von Bork of the The English Mansion, sub Sophie, Natalie the cross dressed pony, Mistress T & Amica Bentley.

Sidonia Von Bork of the The English Mansion, sub Sophie, Natalie the cross dressed pony, Mistress T & Amica Bentley.

My 1st priority is filming. I will squeeze in a few private sessions around filming.

If you want to see me read this carefully & follow my instructions:

#1. Email:

#2. In the subject line write: “UK – Film Slave” or “UK – Session” or “UK – Anything”

Obviously, “Film Slave” or “Session” means one or the other & “Anything” means either filmed or private or social (if you want to take me for dinner/shopping/chauffeur me around.)

#3. In the body of the email list the activities you are either willing to do on film or what you hope for in a session. You’re welcome to include limits. Be brief but clear. I love point form.


-will suck cock

-love golden showers

-can take a big strap-on in my ass

-please no ballbusting or making me eat broccoli

#4. List your availability or the days/time you’d like a session (again, I’m in the UK for the 1st 2 weeks of November).

#5. Indicate if you have references or if you’re willing to make a deposit to prove you’re not a time-wasting flake like 80% of the goofs who email me. Seriously, 80 fucking percent. You’ll have to work to prove you’re worth my attention.

#6. PICTURES! If you are applying to be a film slave send me at least 1 clear pic of your nude torso & erect penis. This is not an invitation for every Tom, Dick & Harry to send me unsolicited dick pics, but if you’re applying to be on video, I need to know what you look like, dammit.

#7. That’s it. Please hold back the flowery compliments & ramblings of your devotion to me. Just give me the meat & potatoes, hold the fluff.

Good luck to all applicants. If you don’t get a response from me it’s because I’m a bit of an asshole.


Mistress T

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