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I posted this on my twitter feed: “Quick: request a topic for a blog post!”

The first few responses were: 24/7 slavery, humiliation & cuckolding training, edging & electro CBT.

I thought it might be fun to combine all those in a little made up story. Welcome to “Combo Improv!” Here it is:

After a short, whirlwind romance, you ask me to marry you. It wasn’t much of a surprise since I’d been teasing you like crazy but told you I wanted to wait until after we were married to have sex. I had let you see me half naked, we’d cuddled…one time you even blew your load in your shorts rubbing against my butt while watching TV when you thought I was asleep. I had only pretended to be asleep though & I called you on it before you’d even finished cumming. The surprise & humiliation ruined your orgasm.

I laughed at the wet spot in front of your pants as you blushed & tried to hide it. I then got more serious & shamed you for being inappropriate, for having so little control & for disrespecting me. I think I heard you crying a little in the bedroom as you were changing & cleaning up. That amused me.

On our wedding night you were SO excited thinking we were finally going to have sex. I had other plans for you though & presented you with a device that fit around your cock & balls. I had a remote & could give you a little (or bigger!) electric shock when ever it suited me. I planned to turn you into my cuckold & my 24/7 slave.

Of course you were reluctant but after I modeled the special lingerie for our honeymoon you came around. Or rather your dick decided for you.

I fitted the device around your cock & balls, then gave you a little tester shock. You jumped & your rock hard cock started to go soft. Perfect.

I stroked the sensitive flesh of your cock with my finger tips & you quickly grew to full attention & started drooling pre-cum.

Stroking you lightly like that I told you about your new reality as my slave & cuckold. How you’d learn to always put my needs before yours. How my pleasure will give you pleasure. How I’d train you to orally please me & worship my pussy. You will wait on me hand & foot, not beg for attention or argue with my choices.

You’ll also be responsible for all the household chores & maintenance, cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, etc. You could choose to do all of it yourself or hire staff for some things. It only matters to me that I never have to think about such mundane things.

I will also take lovers as I see fit & although that might seem difficult at first you’ll learn to get enjoyment from seeing me have satisfying sex with other men. We’ll be starting right now, on our honeymoon. I’ll have a lover & you’ll watch. You can stroke yourself & keep yourself on the edge of orgasm. If you misbehave or get too close to orgasm I will shock your cock & balls. If you are a good boy at the end of the adventure I’ll let you cum…

Deep down this is what you really wanted, even if you didn’t know if consciously. You were attracted to me because I’m a confident, naturally Dominant woman. You wanted to marry me even though I denied you sex. I humiliated you in many ways & you put up with it…I bet you even liked it secretly. I married you because I could see in you the potential to be a great slave. You are easily trained & compliant. You are naturally submissive & you’ve always been very sweet to me. I can already tell you care about my needs more than yours. I think we’ll be very happy together.


Mistress T

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Big Ballbusting Announcement!

Mistress Nikki Whiplash spreading Christmas cheer!

Mistress Nikki Whiplash spreading Christmas cheer!

Just in time for Christmas…This is a very special announcement for ballbusting fans & aficionados. Generally regarded as the best quality ballbusting content ever created is now available for the first time via pay-per-view on clips4sale!

I’ve partnered with Nikki Whiplash to bring you the best from Ballbusting World. Authentic wham, bams & ka-pows! This is the hardest I’ve seen & some of the hardest I’ve done (yes, you’ll see me featured in some of these vids as well, happily destroying balls.)

It will be updated regularly. I recommend you buy a vid & opt in on the mailing list so you’ll be the first to know of important updates (I usually send mailers no more than 1 per week).

Here it is, go get it (& bookmark the link)!:

Say good bye to your balls! (Mistress T & Nikki Whiplash)

Say good bye to your balls! (Mistress T & Nikki Whiplash)

Me, Mistress T & Mistress Nikki Whiplash teaming up to destroy balls!

Me, Mistress T & Mistress Nikki Whiplash teaming up to destroy balls!


Nikki up!

Nikki Whiplash…cleaning up!


Mistress T

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VLOG2: Halloween Ballbusting, UK & Sex Ed


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Thanks for all the feedback on my 1st VLOG. I received a few requests for more sex ed stuff, guidance for virgins, the inexperienced or any fella wanting to improve sexually. So most of this VLOG covers sex ed tips for beginners.

Remember fella’s: sloooow down. Also respect women & treat them well. Mainstream porn is designed as jerk off material for men, it is NOT designed to teach you to be a better lover….for women. If you want to satisfy a woman sexually usually smacking her ass & slapping her face with your dick is the wrong way to go.

There’s a little ballbusting clip in my VLOG taken just before we all went out to a fetish Halloween party. I did not film something to sell because we were running late so there’s just this little taste.

I make a brief mention of my upcoming trip to the UK. So there it is…feedback is welcome & encouraged. Comment here, tweet me or send an email:


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