To Be Accepted

I like fucked up shit, okay? Oh, you're into fucked up shit too? Awesome!

I like fucked up shit, okay? Oh, you’re into fucked up shit too? Awesome!

I’ve written about not being accepted. This post is about the flip side, the joy in being accepted.

I’ve recently been reading a biography of a gay porn star & his trials in finding a partner who was accepting of his career. Although I’ve met quite a few gals in the business who have amazing partners, there’s some of us who have had more challenges in our relationships. The biz is often the obstacle, the non-starter for many men.

I have someone in my life now who not only accepts me as I am but celebrates it & shares it. That’s a first for me.

He had been familiar with my Mistress T vids & then we met through a friend several years ago. I treated him as a slave boy, which he liked. Eventually we became friends and gradually (the last several months) more.

He completely understands the realities of my job. He’s been watching FemDom porn for as long as he can remember.

In the past my being out of town so much killed a couple of relationships. He doesn’t give me a hard time about all the traveling. No guilt. No neediness.

He’s into cuckolding, so actually loves that I’m with other men, on & off screen. No jealousy or possessiveness.

I can tell him my darkest, most twisted fantasies & often his are similar. If they’re not, he doesn’t judge. At all.

Like many of you reading this, I have spent most of my life feeling ashamed of the things that turn me on. I’ve had a mix of reactions when I’ve dared share those fantasies with others. Now, I have a job that causes me no end of grief when it comes to being judged by others. Last year, an experiment in online dating & telling potential suitors about my job was stressful. Often men would say they were okay with it but their follow up questions or comments revealed prejudices.

Many of you are in relationships with partners who don’t even know what you’re jerking off to in your private time. Maybe you felt you could never tell anyone or those fetishes developed AFTER you were already married. I feel your pain. It is extremely difficult to find a partner who shares niche fetishes & extremely difficult to be with someone who doesn’t.

I feel very grateful today to be with someone who thinks that I’m awesome in all my kinkiness, who has zero issue with my job, totally gets it & who personally I can be my true self with. If that’s inspiration to anyone still seeking their unicorn, great.

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Happy New Year!

It’s the 1st day of the new year & I feel an appropriate blog post would be a ‘highlights of 2013’ post or something timely…but ya know what? I don’t have it in me to do an epic post today. How are YOU feeling today? Did you have a big night last night? Have you had a lot going on in the last couple weeks? If so, you’ll understand why this post will be fairly brief.

Last week I was in Mexico with the black stud filming & frolicking. “Frolicking”? Cut me some slack today.

Here’s one pic of us at the spa that I found funny & one screen shot from a vid we filmed last week. It’s already up on my clips store: “Prison Bitch Initiation”.

How could a caption make THIS pic even funnier than it already is? Oh, the pressure! Fuck it, just look at our faces.

How could a caption make THIS pic even funnier than it already is? Oh, the pressure! Fuck it, just look at our faces.

Screenshot from "Prison Bitch Initiation" where I guide you in the 1st of many prison blow jobs. Yup, you're the sucker.

Screenshot from “Prison Bitch Initiation” where I guide you in the 1st of many prison blow jobs. Yup, you’re the sucker.

As sanity-defying as it may seem, I am about to get on another airplane very soon. I’m Vegas-bound mid month & the only thing that keeps me from burying my head in the sand is that I’ll get to spend quality time with some of my favorite people, peers who ‘get me’ & get my crazy life. Ceara Lynch, Meggerz, Alexandra Snow, Kyaa & the list goes on.

FetishCon 2013 with Meggerx, ceara & Mistress T.

Meggerz, Ceara & I…feet up, drink in hand…

Princess Meggerz & Mistress T

Princess Meggerz & I at the convention. Nice T-shirts, eh?

I am not looking for film slaves in Vegas & I’m not taking sessions. I know, here’s a tissue. Stop crying…or make me an offer I can’t refuse. Maybe you can buy my love… I have enough filming booked already & I plan to have fun in Vegas, not just work. What I could use though, for once, is ideas. I’m supposed to be filming ‘trades’ with a few ladies & sometimes I have a hard time thinking of scene ideas when it’s just 2 Dominant ladies & no slave. If I can’t think of anything we’ll just make out I suppose. They’re hot & thousands of men want them, I might as well take advantage of that, right? Who cares if anyone buys the vids, just knowing how jealous I’ll make thousands of men will be payment enough…plus I get to smooch with hot women! Did I mention that? *slurp*

Goddess Kyaa, Mistress T & Alexandra Snow.

Goddess Kyaa, Alexandra Snow & I enjoying the spa…& each other:-)

That’s it for today folks. All the best for 2014…yadda yadda…buy my vids…don’t worry about me, I’ve just really been having too much fun & it’s catching up, don’t feel sorry for me. Unless feeling sorry for me makes you want to buy more of my vids or send me tributes…kidding. Sort of.

NOTE: I realize not everyone will ‘get’ my sense of humor but that’s okay. Just buy my vids.

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UK Recap!

I’ve just returned from the UK. I had a lovely time in London, I went to Torture Garden (crazy fetish party) & had a wonderful visit with my friends at The English Mansion.

Here’s a little vid recap of me chatting with Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion about some of our adventures:

Mistress T & Sidonia Von Bork .

Sidonia & I casually chat about my visit.

Here’s some pics of me being a tourist & some naughtier pics of some of the dirty fun I had as well. The vids will be released over the coming months.

Love these British phone booths.

Love these British phone booths.

No, I didn't actually eat any bangers n' mash...

No, I didn’t actually eat any bangers n’ mash…

Mistress T in London 2013.

Is that Big Ben in London town?

Mistress T in London.

London is sooo purty!

Mistress T in leather & faux fur.

It’s not real fur but I did hunt the teddy bear myself. He never stood a chance.

Mistress T in latex.

Is that gimp mask starring at my butt?

Sindonia Von Bork of The English Mansion & Mistress T with slave.

Sidonia Von Bork & I being careful to not leave finger prints on our victim…

Mistress T & fuck slave.

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush…

Sidonia Von Bork of the English Mansion & Mistress T in an oral service scene.

I guide your wank while we observe Sidonia Von Bork receiving oral service.

Mistress T in a cuckolding scene.

My sissy, cuckold hubby fluffs a bigger cock for me…

Nude Mistress T & a slave.

Confronting slave about the whereabouts of my clothing….probably…

Mistress T caning a slave.

This is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt me…

As you can see, it was a great trip, filled with fun, relaxation, as well as being productive. I will be back in about 6 months. Those wanting to serve me in the UK are encouraged to WAIT to apply only when I announce my next dates.

In other news…I might be going to Mexico for Christmas with the black stud I’ve filmed a bunch of vids with (not Shane Diesel, the other one.) So custom vid requests with just the two of us (no slaves) should be possible.

Also, I will be in Vegas in January & probably LA. So those wanting to serve me (filmed or in private) in the Western part of the US will have opportunities if they’re willing to come to me.

In all the above cases please wait until firm dates/plans are announced to send custom vid requests/slave applications, etc. Just keep watching my blog & twitter for announcements.

Mistress T

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