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Mistress T

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Mixing business & pleasure (as usual!)

I was in Vegas last week for the annual porn convention (AVN/AEE: Adult Entertainment Expo). It was my second year at the AEE & my 3rd time sharing a room with Ceara Lynch, one of the sharpest people I know.

The week was a whirlwind of filming, business dinners & drinks, Vegas shows, signing autographs at the Clips4Sale booth, networking with smart business women, etc. I have so many great pics I want to share so I’m just going to throw them up…& I might make another post with more pics later.

A special thank you to both Clip4Sale & KinkBomb for hosting the various social events that enabled me to meet & network with my peers. The dinners were delicious, the parties debaucherous…all much appreciated.

I filmed with Ceara, Meggerz, Kyaa, Alexandra Snow…as well as Cheyenne Jewel (no pic below but vids will be out soon)…as well as for/with & Obey Amai.

After Vegas a slave drove me to LA & I filmed with Lexi Sindel of the FemDom Empire & Deviant Kade of Pupstail. So it was a VERY productive & interesting trip!

Here’s a list of links to see more of the ladies in the pics below:

Ceara Lynch:

Alexandra Snow (Domina Snow):

Princess Meggerz:

Goddess Kyaa:

Ashley Fires:

Jodi West:

Sarah Diavola:

Mistress T

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Mistress T in custom T-shirt.

My uniform for signing autographs at the Clips4Sale booth at the AVN/AEE in Vegas Jan 2013.

Ceara Lynch, Mistress T & Domina Snow at AEE Jan 2013.

Ceara Lynch is secretly VERY happy to be photographed with Domina Snow & I…what a poker face! Ha ha

Mistress T with a furry.

Oh-my-god: a furry in satin PJ’s?! Irresistible!

Ceara Lynch on 1 side...on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation...yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Ceara Lynch on 1 side…on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation…yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Goddess Kyaa, Mistress T & Alexandra Snow.

Goddess Kyaa, Alexandra Snow & I enjoying the spa…& each other:-)

Mistress T and Goddess Kyaa in Vegas.

Goddess Kyaa & I getting cuddly in a snazzy Vegas pool.


Mistress T & Ashley Fires in Vegas Jan 2013.

I just love Ashley Fires…planning to film with her in the next few months!

Mistress T getting a foot rub.

Such a lucky foot slave!

Mistress T & Meggerz in Vegas Jan 2013.

Night clubbing in Vegas with Meggerz!

Mistress T in a purple dress.

A pic taken during filming with HumiliationPOV. com

Mistress T, corporal punishment in a corset & stockings.

This pic was taken after filming a real punishment scene. You’ll have to watch the vid to find out why he was punished!

This lucky foot slave served Ceara & I for most of the trip, in vids & in person...he slept on our sofa & rubbed my feet as often as possible: heaven.

This lucky foot slave served Ceara & I for most of the trip, in vids & in person…he slept on our sofa & rubbed my feet as often as possible: heaven.

A fan on his hands & knees kissing my feet...yup, this stuff really happens.

A fan on his hands & knees kissing my feet…yup, this stuff really happens.

Clips4Sale dinner in Vegas.

Clips4Sale dinner. Ceara Lynch, Alexandra Snow, Dariusz (fr C4S), Sarah Diavola, Ashley Fires…sitting on Neil’s (owner of C4S) lap is myself & his lovely wife.

Ashley Fires & Mistress T Jan 2013.

Ashley Fires lubing up my latex pants at the Clips4Sale booth.

Mistress T & Jodi West at AEE.

It was amazing to meet Jodi West at the AVN’s. We create very similar MILF porn…almost like sisters! ha ha

Jodi West, Domina Snow & Mistress T

I was thrilled to meet fellow MILF porn star Jodi West…Alexandra Snow hamming it up in the back ground.

Alexandra Snow & I getting playful during a night out in Vegas.

Alexandra Snow & I getting playful during a night out in Vegas.


Alexandra Snow & I in latex, ready to film in her luxurious Vegas suite.


Alexandra Snow & Mistress T with Strap-on's.

Me with Domina Snow during filming in Vegas. Suck it!

Me & Meggerz, one of the lucky few to get a limited edition Mistress T-shirt from AEE in Vegas.

Me & Meggerz, one of the lucky few to get a limited edition Mistress T-shirt

Clips4sale's white party. Meggerz, Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Jason Ninja, Ceara Lynch & Sarah Divola lower pic.

Clips4sale’s white party. Meggerz, Alexandra Snow, Mistress T, Bianca, Jason Ninja, Ceara Lynch & Sarah Diavola lower pic.

Reaching way back…

The beginning seems to be the appropriate place to start with this tale.

I was raised in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. I was surrounded by farms and apple trees. I had a poor upbringing but all my basic needs were covered. My parents did the best they could with what they had. My grandparents helped out when things got really tough. I went to church but never liked it. I did well in school but was rarely pressured to do better. I was socially awkward and lonely as a youngster. I was always more drawn to adults/teachers than to my peers. I was bullied or ignored by kids my own age. I never felt like I belonged there. When I grew up I wanted to be an accomplished actress or singer…but I never wanted to be so famous that I would appear in tabloids or be recognized when in public.

I competed in public speaking and usually won. I took every opportunity to be in school plays or anything just to get up in front of a crowd of people. My cousins & I used to put together little performances for our families. I’ve always been an exhibitionist and performer.

I was always good at making and saving money. I created or found small jobs around the community to get paid for, I babysat, worked on farms, house sat, cleaned people’s houses, etc. When I was 15 I rolled and sold single cigarettes to other students at school. I never smoked myself. Jobs fell in my lap as well. At 15/16 I was offered a job in an optical store where my Mother was buying glasses. I worked there on and off for a year making a few dollars more than minimum wage. It was a grown up job and I was proud to have it.

When I was in my early teens my stable and fairly normal family life started to change. With my older brother and I becoming old enough to be more independent my Mother started to live her life again and she was not happy with my Father. It took a few years of drama but they finally divorced when I was 16. I was closest with my Mother so I moved to Halifax with her which was a significant event in my life. I became a city girl and was introduced to all kinds of new people and experiences.

I did not fit in at my new school and I spent most of grade 11 going to bars and partying with girls from another school. My Mother and I were more like friends and I had all the freedom of an adult. No discipline or pressure to do well in school. I was friendly with my teachers and worked in the cafeteria at school. I received very high grades in English and even tutored ESL students in Shakespeare. English wasn’t their first language so Shakespeare seemed impossible to them but I would act out all the roles for them until they understood and at least brought their grades up from failing to passing.

In my final year, grade 12, I hated going to school. I had no friends my age in the school I went to. I still partied a lot but I also had two other part time jobs outside of my cafeteria job. I worked at a coffee shop and at a fancy ladies shop in the most posh hotel in town. I missed a lot of classes for work and at the end of the year found myself dangerously close to not graduating. It was all reliant on one class: computer science. I had failed everything in that class all year. I had been attracted to the teacher from that class and had had an awkward experience with him months earlier. He had been tutoring me in math and I started sweating so much I was leaving wet finger marks on the paper. The sweat was just pouring off of me. I thought it was because of hormones…I’m not sure what he thought but he gave me one of his clean t-shirts to wear instead of my knit sweater. It was thrilling wearing his shirt. It felt naughty. That night I became very ill and realized I had been sweating because I had a fever! After a couple of days home sick I returned his t-shirt, clean & folded.

The night before the exam I was at the bar with my girlfriend. There was no point in studying, I was going to fail and probably go to summer school. I felt a hand on my shoulder and my last name in my ear followed by “studying hard for that exam tomorrow I see!”. I turned to see that teacher smiling as he walked away. I nearly threw up. My heart was pounding. I was drinking underage in a bar and I had screwed up. I went after him, found him and offered to buy him a drink (cheeky, hm?). He put his arm around me and said to his friend: “This is my favorite student.” I was shocked as I figured he thought I was a stupid dork. I then explained that there was no point in me studying as we both knew I didn’t have a hope of passing the exam…and it would mean summer school for me. He then advised me to write the exam as if I knew every answer. To hold my head up and look confident. He didn’t need anybody asking him any questions when I passed.

I learned a valuable lesson that night.

MistressT brat schoolgirl fetish photo

Not my official school uniform

Blog Entry #1 (daringly original title)

Mistress T too hot for her Mac

This is how I always look when writing my blog. Always.

The first of many? We shall see.

Let me introduce myself and let you know what you can expect in this blog:

At this writing I am a 35 year old fetish film producer living in Vancouver, Canada. I’m a fetish porn star. Of course, I’m so much more and that’s what this blog is all about. The person behind the persona…although the persona is an intimate view into a very real part of me. Doing what I do is my artistic expression. It’s my outlet for my complex sexuality…but let’s not get too dirty too quickly. I am also typing this topless, with flannel PJ bottoms & socks with doggies on them. I don’t lay around in lingerie.

I get a lot of curious emails from fans who want to know more about me. They ask where I come up with all this smut I talk about? They are trying to figure out why they are so drawn to me. Maybe this blog will fulfill that need for some…that hunger to know even more about me than what I lay out bare and exposed in my videos.

I will talk a lot about the path that brought me here. That seems to be the first questions asked and it’s a long topic I never get tired of talking about. It’s an interesting tale. One that is too long for one blog entry so I’ll hand it out in mouthfuls, leaving you curious for more until we get caught up…and at the same time making you a part of the path because in many ways, the journey has just begun! Just by reading this blog you have become a part of the story. Welcome.

My favorite Mae West quote and life mantra: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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