Spoiled in Orlando

I’m at the tail end of a wonderful few days in Orlando, Florida. One of my dearest clients decided that it would be a treat for both of us to go to Disney together. It was! We also went to Epcot…& for some fancy meals. Today he treated me to a spa day (on my own as he had to leave early).

Cinderella's castle at Disney in Orlando

Cinderella’s castle at Disney in Orlando

At the haunted house (Disney Orlando)

At the haunted house (Disney Orlando)

At Epcot...so many awesome things to do there!

At Epcot…so many awesome things to do there!

Surrounded by luxury the whole trip...gorgeous upscale hotel...fancy dinners out...

Surrounded by luxury the whole trip…gorgeous upscale hotel…fancy dinners out…

Enjoying the relaxation room at the spa today...

Enjoying the relaxation room at the spa today…

Soaking in the spa jacuzzi...getting spoiled rotten

Soaking in the spa jacuzzi…getting spoiled rotten

This is one of those ‘professional’ relationships that falls in the gray area. He’s been a wonderful & dedicated fan for over 5 years, buying my vids, sending me generous & thoughtful presents, many complimentary & supportive emails & we’ve gotten together several times over the years in various US & Canadian cities. We treat each other like friends…I like to think that we are genuine friends…but he also fairly compensates me for my time. Some cynical people would say that I shouldn’t accept his money if I consider us to be genuine friends…but shouldn’t I? He has it to give & it gives him pleasure to spoil me. I’m not into financial domination & I admit sometimes it feels like too much…but I never ask for a thing & it seems rude to not accept. Should everyone who loves & enjoys their ‘job’ or their clients not get paid? What’s the good of cake if you can’t eat it too? *grin*

So I’m off to Nova Scotia tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family. Although I get back every year for a visit this will actually be the first time I’ve been home for Xmas since I left 17 years ago. That’s a pretty big deal. It should be…fun? I have a fairly big family with a lot of interesting characters. They all have at least a vague idea of what I do & don’t care. They’re an accepting, non-judgmental, easy-going bunch. I know I’ll be eating a lot. They’ve been doing their Christmas baking for weeks, freezing cookies, squares, sweets & diabetes-causing goodies in preparation. Wish me luck!


Mistress T

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Burning Man Road Trip 2013

A road trip with my best friend is probably my favorite thing in the whole world. We listen to music & informative pod casts while blasting down the highway in his convertible. We stay in cheap motels, explore little towns, eat at roadside diners and talk. The kind of talking you do when you have endless hours to do it. It’s not a quick recap of your day, it’s the digging deep conversations, the meat of life.

Mistress T August 2013.

In the RV on the way to Burning Man.

My view as we drove to Burning Man in the middle of the desert in the RV.

My view as we drove to Burning Man in the middle of the desert in the RV.

My best friend & I set out for Burning Man with a sense of adventure. The road trip there & back, done many times now, is often even more special to me than the actual Burning Man event. We drove for a couple days in his convertible & rented an RV closer to Nevada where we continued in to meet our camp which included cherished friends we’ve been camping with for years & a few new additions this year: Ceara Lynch, her boyfriend & ‘Nate Bitch’ (sub boy that stayed with Ceara & I in Tampa & Vegas.)

Mistress T, Ceara Lynch & Nate at Burning Man 2013.

Lucky sub boy Nate Bitch, myself & Ceara Lynch, the morning after our all-nighter, watching the sun rise.

As always, Burning Man was great. Here’s a hodge-podge of pics from the week-long event:

Mistress T at Burning Man.

Behind the famous free bar at ‘Distrikt’. That’s right: free booze. It’s the Burning Man way.

Mistress T at sunrise at Burning Man 2013.

Sunrise after staying up all night with Ceara, her boyfriend & Nate. Those are naked fire dancers…yup, that’s pretty typical at Burning man: nudity & fire.

Sunrise at The Temple. Ceara is on the far left.

Sunrise at The Temple. Ceara is on the far left.

Early morning sun by a really cool art piece that they burned at the end of the week. Ceara in the background.

Early morning sun by a really cool art piece that they burned at the end of the week. Ceara in the background.

Mistress T in front of iron wolf at Burning Man 2013.

Another awesome art piece.

Ceara Lynch & Mistress T at Burning Man 2013.

Ceara & I goofing around in front of a giant “Worlds Best Grandma” cup. I’m sure all you boot bitches are jealous. Lol.

Mistress T at Burning Man 2013.

I danced every day & loved it.

Burning Man 2013.

This was my view at Distrikt dancing every day. Amazing party people!

I had a couple of nice visits from the famous Jack Hammer who I had met while filming at Kink.com a couple years ago. He’s an amazing performer & person. His fight with Cancer is inspirational (currently in remission).

Mistress T & Jack Hammer at Burning Man 2013.

It was great hanging out with fetish film star Jack Hammer.

With another amazing Burning Man under our belt we headed out to trade the RV back in for the convertible. The loose plan was to head to LA to film with Lexi Sindel but my friend didn’t feel like doing the long drive South so I spontaneously came up with another plan (& booked a separate trip to LA the end of Sept. See previous blog post). With limited internet access I got the address for a hot springs resort a couple hours away. I didn’t have much information and was surprised to discover a full-on hippie extravaganza. Sure, there were hot springs…but so much more. Naked people everywhere, healthy hippie food, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dancing, loads of self-improvement work shops…ya know, the usual new-age stuff for hippies with fat wallets. I’m pretty comfortable in that scene. I don’t necessarily fit in but they tend to be a friendly bunch & stress-free.

I loved it there. We soaked under the stars for hours & met some groovy folks. I was given a kind of water massage/hippie dance thingy that was fun & only a little creepy. It really felt like we were in a very different place, a different country or even a different planet really.

Photography was not allowed at all, actually no cell phones either, so the only photo I have is just outside the resort where a deer was enjoying the offers at an alter:

Just outside of the hippie resort where tame deer are well-fed.

Just outside of the hippie resort where tame deer are well-fed.

We were supposed to leave the next day but I met a fellow who caught my fancy. Actually it was his trouser snake that caught my attention…remember, everyone was naked, so ‘trouser snake’ is even funnier. We stayed a second night so I could have my pipes cleaned and it was well-worth it.

Those two days at that resort were surreal. We made fast-friends with many people who worked there or went there often. It quickly felt like home & I understood why some people go there & never leave.

Back on the road again we ended up in Portland for the night & were treated to the hospitality of Ceara Lynch. She just moved into her giant new house so had plenty of space for us. I’m so proud of her, at 27 to have put herself through school & bought two houses.

Mistress T & Ceara Lynch.

A quick Portland visit with one of my favorite people: Ceara Lynch.

We then made our way home to Vancouver after a rejuvenating & memorable two week adventure.

Mistress T

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Home from my fun road trip!

I’m back from a great week-long road trip with my gal pal. She turned 40 this last week and this is how we chose to mark the milestone.

We set out with a loose plan of making our way to Calgary to visit another friend of hers, stopping along the way to check out some wineries and hot springs. We were traveling in her parents camper thinking we would be ready for anything but we only slept in it twice the whole trip. Once just randomly on a side street and at her friends place in Calgary who already had company in the spare room and living room.

We took a couple little ferry’s during our trip too…fun & so beautiful!

Check out our cool ride! The scenery was breath taking.

We spent a couple nights at Halcyon Hot Springs in a posh cabin:

Hmmm, camper or cabin? I’ve made my choice…

We ended up doing quite a few hot springs: Halcyon, Radium, Upper Banff, Fairmont and Ainsworth. I loved how fancy Halcyon was but my favorite was Ainsworth with it’s very cool cave! It was hard to get pics inside the steamy cave but I managed a couple:

Hot n’ steamy inside the cave at Ainsworth Hot Springs.

Here’s a better shot of the actual cave with therapeutic hot springs water pouring in. It was VERY atmospheric.

Spending hours on the road talking to my friend about everything under the sun was wonderful. We stopped when we were hungry and ate at quaint diners. We got junk food when we stopped for gas. We ate tons of cherries, strawberries and peas from road side farmers markets. We stayed in some nice places and not-so-nice-places. We saw a lot of wild life along the way: bears, deer, elk, etc.

The time at her friends place in Calgary was interesting. A small horse ranch in the middle of no where. The kind of home with needlepoint pictures of horses on the wall and lots of nic nacs like toll-painted cats. I knew the other visiting friends were going to be interesting when I noticed the tattoos on his arms: a marijuana leaf, an eagle and a winged unicorn…and she started talking about the end of the world on Dec 21. All very down to earth friendly people who reminded me of my family in Nova Scotia. Rural people tend to be very different from city people and although I prefer the city, it was a good reminder of my roots to spend time with them.

The trip was fairly tame. We didn’t end up hitting too many wineries or partying very much so we decided we should go out with a bang on the last night. We got a room next to the most happening bar in the small town of Osoyoos. We sat at the bar drinking and waiting for it to get busy but even at its peak there was probably no more than 40 people, most under 30. I was approached by a boy who said his friend had a crush on me but was too shy to come up to me. I asked how old he was, they were both only 21! I explained that I’m 36 but he didn’t care. We spent the last hour of the night sitting with a table of 21 year olds, dancing and chatting. It was flattering, but it felt a bit silly.

They were very sweet but I didn’t go home with any of them. The one who liked me seemed more interested in dating me than having a one-nighter (he actually lives closer to Vancouver, they were tourists in Osoyoos too.) I wasn’t really interested in either….again, it was flattering but it felt a bit silly.

Speaking of silly…here’s a hand full of funny pics I took along the way:

We didn’t stay here or go see the bands but I bet they were good…:-)

Hmmmm, Hummer?

T-shirt proudly worn by a young guy in a pub…

It was a great trip. Good for the soul. Now back to work!

Mistress T

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Road Trip!

Tomorrow morning I set out on a week-long adventure. A vacation. A girls road trip. One of those trips that you just know you’ll look back on and smile about for the rest of your life.

My good girlfriend is turning 40. We decided to do a road trip to mark the milestone. We’re heading to Calgary, but we may not make it…there’s a lot of flooding between here and there right now. It’s about the journey, not the destination though as we have a list of wineries and hot springs along the way. We’ll be traveling in a camper so we’ll do a mix of camping and staying in nice places, as we feel like.

She & I have been friends since before I was ‘Mistress T’. Actually, the first time I met her I served her a birthday tequila shooter when I was working as a tequila girl on a nude beach back in my mid 20’s. She’s watched me grow & evolve…she’s been there throughout my relationships, as I went through my stripping phase, when I started the voyeur show business, as I became a Dominatrix then got into vids.

We used to go camping a couple times a year and spent hours talking while driving, playing cards, soaking in hot tubs, sitting around a camp fire, drinking wine from the bottle or walking through the woods.

As I’ve gone through all my changes she’s accepted me and supported me. I’m sure sometimes it was difficult to not judge, especially since she is more on the conservative side…but she’s always been an excellent friend.

So, I won’t be online much in the next week. Vids are all pre-loaded to come out on my clips store & members site so don’t worry, you’ll get your porn fix (& there’s some AMAZING vids coming out on my clips store this week, keep checking!).

I’ll tweet if/when I can.

If you’d like to send a little vacation pocket money…buy my girlfriend & I a drink or a night in a nice place, you can now tribute me easily through Kinkbomb:


Have a wonderful week!

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I’ve been known to forgo frivolous things like wine glasses while on vacation…

Not hot springs…just a tub…but I’m eating in the tub wearing a funny bath cap: it kinda looks like I’m on vacation, or at least not working very hard…

On the road…literally…