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Orgasms are FUN! So, I want you to have less of them:-)

Orgasms are FUN! So, I want you to have less of them:-)

I’ve been having awesome sex with a tantra guy recently who practices ‘not’ ejaculating. This is a part of the whole tantra thing, for guys anyway. Not me. I cum all I want…but I’m supposed to support him in not cumming. That’s certainly new for me…I’m REALLY good at making guys cum. Ha ha.

So I’ve been thinking about my fans & ‘edging’. I’ve blogged about this before & created vids designed to guide you through edging exercises. Bringing yourself close to orgasm, then backing off, building it up again, backing off & repeating several times until finally blowing your top. The result? A more intense orgasm & increased orgasm control which is helpful when you’re trying to please your lover sexually.

I’ve also read some interesting articles on the value of not coming for longer periods of time, days or even weeks. I won’t get into that now but will focus more on shorter-term orgasm control. Watching my vids is great during this process. Why? Because I want to sell you vids, obviously. Hey, I’m not running a charity here! Okay, seriously, watch whatever porn you want but you might find it easier to stick to me, feeling like we have a relationship & we’re on this journey together. You’ll know what to expect from me & will likely be able to control things better. If you search “orgasm control” in either my clips store or members site you’ll find a variety of vids appropriate for this exercise.

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This isn’t about abstinence. This isn’t about denying your sexual urges. This is about playing with your sexual energy and harnessing your sexual power. This is about making your jerk off adventures more interesting & fulfilling. This is about making you a better lover should the opportunity arise.

Here’s a quote from tantra guru Richard Ankhara:

“Don’t take it past 70% of the pleasure point, until you’re experienced. Keep breathing deeply, in through the nose, out through pursed lips. If you get too close, breathe out fast through your mouth, and suck the navel toward the spine pulling up the diaphragm. Visualize the sexual energy moving up from the pubic bone to either the heart or the third eye. Once you’ve been doing it for a few minutes, try clenching your pelvic floor muscles on your inhalation, then relaxing them during your exhalation.
Ta-da, that’s the fundamentals of sexual tantra for men.”

So, my darlings…here’s your homework assignment: practice edging & orgasm control. Pay close attention to how you feel. If you would like to share your experience with me feel free to email me or even better: make a comment here on my blog & share with others. Obviously, this is fantastic for those who struggle with premature ejaculation but really, the energy work is great for any man.

Happy hand-humping!


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Jerk Off To Improve Sex

Mistress T in a latex nurse's outfit.

Trust me, I’m a professional…

A lot of my fans are chronic masturbators…jerking off at least a couple times a day to porn. Orgasms are really good for you, medically & mentally. It reduces your chances of getting prostate cancer, reduces stress, etc. So let’s talk about masturbating BETTER! Specifically how to masturbate to have better sex (if you get the opportunity).

1. Make sure your dick will be ready to fuck a real pussy! If your dick only knows your hand & you jerk the same way every time you may struggle to keep your boner or to ejaculate when it’s “business time”.

Experiment with lighter grips & hand positions/use your other hand. Don’t always do exactly the same thing.

Masturbate while wearing a condom! (I’m told this is called a “Posh Wank” in the UK). Get your dick used to fucking with a rubber (often free at clinics).

Get a Fleshlight or other masturbation device that feels more like a vagina. You can shop on the internet discreetly for that stuff or your local sex shop.

Or make your own home made one! I googled “DIY masturbation device” and found this helpful article, I’m sure there’s more (Feel free to comment below if you have a DIY tip to share):

That DIY (do-it-yourself) article reminded me of when I was a horny, resourceful teen. I made an ‘insertable’ by wrapping tissues around the neck of a wine bottle (to make it softer & more life-like) & securing a condom over it with an elastic band. Yup, I was THAT serious about safe sex. Ha ha:-)

2. Build a better orgasm AND learn orgasm control by ‘edging’ yourself. Bring yourself close to orgasm then ease off…let it build again & just before you ejaculate, ease off or stop…repeat several times (or for hours!) before finally enjoying a powerful release. This will help you have more control if you do have sex with a woman (no one likes a minute man!)

3. Try different things. It’s okay to like what ya like…but experiment with variations of what you like. This will help you keep a boner & ejaculate at the right time when in situations other than just that one specific way you’re used it. You can watch different porn, or hell, use your imagination once in a while (worst advice ever from a smut peddler, eh?)…Try sitting, standing, laying down, in the shower, maybe sneak one off at work or in the car (don’t get caught).

That should keep you busy for awhile. Remember, sex takes practice and your biggest sex organ is your brain. That means if you’re nervous you might find your penis not behaving as you like. There’s a lot more to sex then just intercourse…like touching, kissing, massage, teasing…You always have a mouth & if you learn to lick pussy like a champ your lady won’t mind if it takes your dick awhile to catch up.

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