Who is the man who gets what u want?

Who made this mess? ....& who is going to clean it up???

Who made this mess?
….& who is going to clean it up???

Do you ever wonder who gets to be with me? Like really gets to be with me in the most intimate ways?

A few years ago I was fairly public about being single & looking but I wasn’t as vocal about my relationship when one did develop. Trying to balance some kind of private life with my public persona can be tricky. Part of me wants to keep some things just for myself & part of me wants y’all to know a lot about me to reduce the objectification of adult performers & sex workers. Like me shouting: “Hey, look at me! I’m a regular person like everyone else. I just have an unusual job. I grocery shop, I binge watch Netflix, I have complex relationships with family & friends, I’ve been in love, had my heart broken, I’ve made mistakes & hurt people I cared about, I wear flannel pj’s, I have opinions…I am a human, not just a sex doll with a pulse!”

Which brings me to this post…about my partner, which I know many of you are curious about. The reason I do it now is because I believe that he could actually help some of you. I’ll explain.

As you can well imagine, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Is it hard to be in a relationship with a “Dominatrix” or “Porn Star”? Sure, for some guys, however, my partner is the most emotionally mature man I’ve ever met. There is no power dynamic in our relationship. Neither is Dominant. We are equals. It’s the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in.


He’s a high level communicator, intuitive, intelligent, empathetic, open-minded & sexually skilled. He’s self assured because he brings qualities to a relationship that are lacking in many men. How do most men learn to find & build a healthy relationship? How do most men learn to be better partners & lovers? Although the education exists it isn’t mainstream & I’ll tell you, unfortunately the majority of men aren’t skilled lovers or good partners. That’s just the harsh truth.


Over the years I’ve had requests from fans who wanted to serve my lovers or boyfriends. He’s been dabbling in that, chatting with & doing cam with a few of my fans. He’s rather good at it & enjoys it. It’s become a fun little hobby of his & sometimes we go on cam together with my fans which is fun for me too.



Beyond fetish sessions (laughing at my sissy cuckolds & slaves who get off on humiliation, forced bi or Financial Domination) I feel like some fans could benefit from a bit of coaching. This is the guy who ‘got’ ME. The guy who won my heart & sexually satisfies me. He is superior for that reason alone & all my cuckolds should worship him for that…but other guys who just want advice on how to communicate with women in real life, especially the type of women they crave: self-assured, successful, Dominate women. How to start & build a meaningful relationship with that kind of woman. How to please a woman sexually. Sex tips & individualized training on being a better partner & lover. He can do that & the domino effect is some women will be happier with better men. It’s ninja-level FemDom when you think about it: my good man training men to better please other women. I love it!


Sure, a lot of you will just want to go on cam for 10 minutes & jerk off while he laughs at you & tells you that you’re inferior…& it’s hot because he is a superior male who gets to fuck the woman you’ve been jerking off to for years…& it’s hot because he’s a good looking younger bi guy who gets off on the idea of making my cuckolds suck his cock & eat his cum…& yes, he is happy to do that…but he can also do so much more.

Of course ur not gay…but u can’t deny that’s a great ass…

Admit it, u like his ass...ur drawn to it...

Admit it, u like his ass…ur drawn to it…

...so drawn to it that I bet u'd lick it if I told u to. Now it's all u'll be able to think about...

…so drawn to it that I bet u’d lick it if I told u to.
Now it’s all u’ll be able to think about…

For example, he can assist with erectile dysfunction & orgasm control…he’s a professional tantra practitioner & works solo or does double sessions with the very talented Olivia Jade (http://oliviajade.net/). Olivia is one of, if not the most highly regarded certified tantra practitioner in Canada. She helps a lot of men with ED & premature ejaculation, among other things. I highly recommend her services as well.

So, if you want to ‘serve my man’ (via skype cam or messenger/email ) in the usual dirty ways: cuckolding, forced bi, humiliation, jerk off instruction, cum eating instruction, etc. & you’re in a position to be generous, reach out to me & I’ll coordinate it. We can both be involved or you can serve just him. Or, if you think you could benefit from chatting with an evolved man who in my experienced opinion is an expert at having a healthy relationship AND is also highly sexually skilled…send me a note:


As I mentioned, this is just a fun little hobby for him & his time is limited so he will give his attention to those who are the most generous & enjoyable to deal with. This is a rare & valuable opportunity so conduct yourself accordingly. That means:

  • communicate clearly about what you’re hoping for/wanting/what you’re into
  • be ready & able to tribute to show you’re serious
  • be respectful & reliable

Those things go for me as well!

You only live once!

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Jerk Off To Improve Sex

Mistress T in a latex nurse's outfit.

Trust me, I’m a professional…

A lot of my fans are chronic masturbators…jerking off at least a couple times a day to porn. Orgasms are really good for you, medically & mentally. It reduces your chances of getting prostate cancer, reduces stress, etc. So let’s talk about masturbating BETTER! Specifically how to masturbate to have better sex (if you get the opportunity).

1. Make sure your dick will be ready to fuck a real pussy! If your dick only knows your hand & you jerk the same way every time you may struggle to keep your boner or to ejaculate when it’s “business time”.

Experiment with lighter grips & hand positions/use your other hand. Don’t always do exactly the same thing.

Masturbate while wearing a condom! (I’m told this is called a “Posh Wank” in the UK). Get your dick used to fucking with a rubber (often free at clinics).

Get a Fleshlight or other masturbation device that feels more like a vagina. You can shop on the internet discreetly for that stuff or your local sex shop.

Or make your own home made one! I googled “DIY masturbation device” and found this helpful article, I’m sure there’s more (Feel free to comment below if you have a DIY tip to share): http://www.literotica.com/s/homemade-pussy-device

That DIY (do-it-yourself) article reminded me of when I was a horny, resourceful teen. I made an ‘insertable’ by wrapping tissues around the neck of a wine bottle (to make it softer & more life-like) & securing a condom over it with an elastic band. Yup, I was THAT serious about safe sex. Ha ha:-)

2. Build a better orgasm AND learn orgasm control by ‘edging’ yourself. Bring yourself close to orgasm then ease off…let it build again & just before you ejaculate, ease off or stop…repeat several times (or for hours!) before finally enjoying a powerful release. This will help you have more control if you do have sex with a woman (no one likes a minute man!)

3. Try different things. It’s okay to like what ya like…but experiment with variations of what you like. This will help you keep a boner & ejaculate at the right time when in situations other than just that one specific way you’re used it. You can watch different porn, or hell, use your imagination once in a while (worst advice ever from a smut peddler, eh?)…Try sitting, standing, laying down, in the shower, maybe sneak one off at work or in the car (don’t get caught).

That should keep you busy for awhile. Remember, sex takes practice and your biggest sex organ is your brain. That means if you’re nervous you might find your penis not behaving as you like. There’s a lot more to sex then just intercourse…like touching, kissing, massage, teasing…You always have a mouth & if you learn to lick pussy like a champ your lady won’t mind if it takes your dick awhile to catch up.

Mistress T

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