Bijou Steal visiting Toronto!

Exciting news for slaves & perverts in Ontario! My very good friend Bijou Steal will be in downtown Toronto the night of Monday Oct 29th through late night Thursday Nov 1st.

I have worked with & filmed with Ms. Steal. She is very skilled & wickedly sadistic. You can see her in several vids on my members site (or clips store) by searching the key word “Steal”):

Her preferred activities: strap on play, foot worship, humiliation, clothed face sitting, & corporal punishment.

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Bijou Steal – Classy & Cruel

Bijou Steal – Ballerina Gone Bad

Bijou Steal – Latex Goddess


“Anything” I want?!

Reality has a rough way of fucking with fantasy.

I’ll assume that if you’re reading my blog you want to get to know ME more intimately, the women who is also ‘Mistress T’. If you prefer to live in a fantasy world where women wear only latex & get more aroused sticking metal rods down men’s urethra’s than watching Dirty Dancing than please stop reading now & just go buy my video’s.

What do you think I really want to do with that cock?

For those still here let me share one of my personal pet peeves (my feelings do not necessarily reflect the feelings of all or any other Dommes).

I hate it when session slaves (in person or online) say they want me to do whatever I want. It’s up to me. They think avoiding naming any specific activity will make me like them better. This is not the case. It annoys the fuck out of me because now we begin a guessing game where I need to be crafty enough to figure out what it is they are really into without seeming like I care.

I have over 120 different fetishes listed on my site. The list of things I could do to someone that they would absolutely hate is guaranteed to be far longer than the list of things they’ll like or even be able to handle.

Here’s just a few examples:

-ballbusting/ball kicking

-anal play/strap-on

-prolonged facesititng with jeans

-trampling in heels

-golden showers

-verbal humiliation/degradation

-cross dressing

-cock & ball torture

-tease & denial/ruined orgasm

You get the idea, right? Not every guy, no matter how submissive he likes to think he is, is going to be into anything I could do.

When I was a novice Domme I might have enjoyed a toy that I could practice new things on. The novelty of that has long worn off. I know that specific things turn guys on or off. Guess the wrong activity and try to jam it down their throat and the so-called submissive will soon let you know they’re not into it…and then it’s awkward.

It’s so much more efficient to just communicate clearly what you are into & what your hard limits are.

My go-to (smart-ass) answer these days if they say they’re into anything that will make me happy is:

“Great. You do the house work while I watch TV in my PJ’s and ignore you. Just leave the money on the counter.”

Funny enough, that never seems to be what they’re into. I guess it’s NOT all about me (the Goddess) after all? Shocker.

In case there are any PJ fetishists out there, here’s a pic of your Goddess on her throne in flannel PJ pants, comfy sweat socks & a t-shirt that says: “Little Miss Fun” cuz that pretty much sums me up, right? RIGHT? Don’t make me kick you in the balls. Your Goddess is always right. *rolling eyes*

Your Goddess, otherwise known as “Little Miss Fun” lounging on her throne. Bow down before me! …& scrub my floors while you’re down there…

If you’re still reading, you’ll be rewarded with a little behind-the-scenes story: The latex glove picture at the beginning of this blog entry? I filmed a hand job vid in that latex get up, sweating my ass off…then I turned the camera off, stripped down naked…took that ‘slave’ (one of my personal lovers) into the bedroom where he licked my pussy until his cock recovered…then fucked me exactly as I like to be fucked for hours. I love mixing a lot of pleasure with my business. *smile*

Mistress T

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Miss Jasmine, in the UK July 14-25

My friend & fellow Domme Miss Jasmine (who resides in Vancouver) will be visiting London and the the vicinity July 14 – 25.

I expect you Brits to show her a good time!

Miss Jasmine will be seeing lucky subs one-on-one as well as teaming up with Lady Bellatrix. She’ll be doing some filming too.

Those wanting to meet her are instructed to fill out a little form here:

Jasmine is great. I’ve known her for years personally & professionally. She is skilled & experienced, very sadistic and sexy as hell.

If you’ve seen me and want to use me as a reference email:

Find vids of Jasmine on my clips store and members site. Just search ‘Jasmine’.

NEW INFO: Jasmine will be teaming up with Madame Caramel, Mistress Kiana & Lady Bellatrix for a FemDom party on July 19! All details here:

Mistress T

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Jasmine in the vid “Facesitting Fiesta”. Look at those legs! Wowza!

From the vid: “Giantess’s Jasmine & T”. Jasmine is pretty tall but she’s not REALLY a Giant! *smile*)

Story paused: London Rubber Ball

I’m pausing the story to share a photo I just received from the lovely Nina Birch in London. It includes herself and the diabolical Fetish Liza (red latex) and Moi.

MistressT NinaBirch FetishLiza Skin Two Rubber Ball in London 2011

Fetish Liza, Nina Birch & Mistress T in London for Skin Two Rubber Ball May 28, 2011

I had an amazing time recently in London. This photo was taken the night that we all shared a hotel room and attended the Skin Two Rubber Ball on May 28. 2011.

Just a couple days before we had all been at The English Mansion’s FemDom Ball. I met some amazing people (these ladies included), made some great business connections and personal friendships. Maybe in a future blog entry when the story gets caught up to this point I’ll delve into more detail…like the hot tub scene that seemed to be the highlight for many…

More on Nina:

More on Fetish Liza:

More on The English Mansion where you’ll find films featuring Nina, Liza and myself (although not all together at the same time):