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Peru Trip 2013

I never meant for this to turn into a travel blog. It’s hard to write about my life without all the travel stuff though. Travel has been & continues to be such a significant part of my adult life.

I’ve been to Tokyo, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Hawaii, Mexico, England, France, Italy, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hungary & all over the US & Canada. I’ve just returned from three weeks in Peru.

I went with a few friends. We saw places. Met people. Played with pet monkeys in the Amazon jungle. Hung out with talking birds. Had some adventures. Went to high elevations & suffered from altitude sickness. We checked one of the wonders of the world “Machu Picchu” off the bucket list. The last day I went paragliding in Lima which was exhilarating. Every time I do one of these trips I learn more about myself & the world I live in. More importantly, I learn about the world beyond my door step. It makes me both appreciate what I have in Canada & also see how I take things for granite. It gives perspective.

I’ve always felt that one of the best things a person can do is travel, see the world. Not just all-inclusive resorts & comfy cruises (although they certainly have their appeal) but do the more challenging trips & SEE the world.

Photo’s & video’s can not duplicate the experience of being there in the flesh but maybe it will inspire you to go on your own adventure.


Click to go to vid

Or click here to view the vid:


Hiking around in the middle of god-knows-where in Peru tripping on Mescaline. Probably perfectly safe.


I made it to the top of this mountain so I guess I wasn’t too high.


Machu Picchu, obviously.




Cusco, Peru…a cute town with some seriously old buildings. Like older than Betty White.


A nice artsy shot, if you’re into that sort of thing. Selfie in Pisac, Peru. A tiny hippie-friendly town on route to Machu Picchu.



These fucking birds never shut up.



Pic taken just before one monkey chomped the other ones head off & spat it at me.
Okay, that didn’t happen. The monkeys were almost as friendly as Canadians. Super sweet.



The bugs in the amazon jungle were ridiculous. I have loads of pics of them but I’ll just add this one because it’s also a very lovely photo of me.

Mistress T
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Birthday advance warning…

My birthday is at the end of April. That makes me a Taurus & I’ll be 37 (I’ve never lied about my age).

Cake a friend made me a couple years ago.

Cake a friend made me a couple years ago.

In preparation for those who feel the urge to spoil me on my special day I have updated my Amazon Wish List. Thank you to those who have sent me presents from the list, they are much appreciated.

Here’s the link:

You might notice the updated list is pretty short. Apparently some items can’t be shipped to Canada so my options on Amazon are somewhat limited. All of the items on there now CAN be shipped to me…& you are always welcome to send an Amazon Gift Card so I can shop for just the right thing.

You can also send $$$ via the tribute button on my clips store:

It looks like this:

Look for the tribute button on my clips store!

Look for the tribute button on my clips store!

If you’d like to do something even more personalized feel free to contact me:

Maybe this year my birthday cake will look like this:

Birthday boobs! Yah!

Birthday boobs! Yah!

Mistress T

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We can't always get what we want for our birthday...

We can’t always get what we want for our birthday…

My new Amazon Wish List!

I have finally started an Amazon Wishlist:

Most of you already know what that is…for those who don’t here’s a humorous explanation:

Basically, it’s a way for you to give me gifts, to tribute me, to show your gratitude, to see me in things you’d like to see me in, etc. It’s especially great for Financial Domination slaves/scenario’s, pay pigs, etc. The more you buy, the more of a thrill it will be. This is a great way to serve me from afar.

So what’s MY story regarding a wishlist? Why did I create one after being in the business for so many years without one? Peer pressure really. A combination of fans asking for my wishlist so they could tribute me & my peers expressing shock that I don’t have one. Every Domme I meet who has a wishlist LOVES the whole experience.

I’ve had it for a few days and I gotta say, it is fun seeing what items have already been purchased. I look forward to picking them up from the post office. It will be like my birthday all the time.

I understand the concept. I’m a generous person myself & I get a great deal of pleasure from treating others. Especially girls. There is something special about buying girls things that make them happy.

In addition to lots of sexy, slutty things I’ve also chosen some more practical every day cloths that I would just love to have, jackets, tops, dresses, etc. If you’re the kind of gentleman who prefers to cloth me that way…it’s just as appreciated, if not more so.

If you want to see me do a custom vid in an item you’ve purchased for me, for a trial period I will do some custom vids at no extra charge beyond the cost of the item. Customs normally start at $100. What customs I do will still be up to my discretion but email me to discuss:

Happy hunting!

Mistress T

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You better make more money than I can spend! Lol

Winter is coming & I can’t wear this! Send cloths quick! *smile*