The urge to give up control…


I recently created a custom vid for a chastity enthusiast who wanted to take things to the next level. He requested three months worth of instructions. He wanted me to decide when he could release himself from chastity and cum. He made a few suggestions for humiliating tasks, cross dressing for example, putting things in his butt, cock and ball abuse, etc.

I didn’t think much of the request. It seemed to me to be something most fans would not be interested in but he paid the going rate for a custom vid, so I created it.

Chastity from a distance sort of works if the wearer is completely denied and the woman is the key holder, though that can be a bit of a dangerous thing. Chastity or orgasm control from a distance where there are opportunities for the slave to unlock himself and have a release…well, I’m skeptical, to be honest. Men are not known for having the most self control and I wouldn’t have any way of knowing if he cheats.

I incorporated tasks in the vid to keep tabs on his progress, for him to send me pics, for example, to send written reports. I also put forth a tax for cheating, a financial tribute to me if he messes up, though as I already said, how would I know? Trusting a stranger to be honest & pay if he cums when he’s not supposed to…well…

So I released the vid on my clips store and was shocked at the number of sales and emails that have come in in the first week. I’m dubious that most will stay on track for three months but we’ll see.

The curious thing for me is the urge to give up control. I can tell you that if someone tried to stop me from having orgasms or tried to have any control over how or when I came they’d likely soon find themselves picking their teeth up off the ground with broken fingers.

I’ve been in this gig for over a decade. I’m not naive but the oddness of some of it is still not lost on me & I can sometimes still be surprised. It’s easy to take things for granted: “Yes, of course men love being told when to cum, that’s what about 80% of my vids are about.” But then I really think about it & try to switch places. Giving the control to someone else with such an intimate, personal act. Why, tho?

I wonder if it starts for some by making a game of it? Jerking off to porn & holding off cumming until a certain point. Then the leap of having the woman in the vid tell you to cum. Hot, hot, hot. Ka-pow! Then, how about if she denies your orgasms too? All the better when you finally get to cum?

Anyway, random thoughts on a vid that has very quickly made it into clips4sale’s overall top 50. A vid that has sold better in the same time frame as a really hot sex scene. So my fans would prefer to see me clothed & telling them how & when to cum than see me fucking? Really? Okay then.

I wonder how many of those caged up fella’s make it through the three months? Anyone care to lay bets?


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The Joy of NOT Fucking Me.

Mistress T in Honeymoon Cuckolding.

Is that a close enough look cuck?

Does the title sound a bit strange to you? If so you might be one of the many men (or women?) who would really like to fuck me. Maybe you even fantasize about actually penetrating me or cumming inside of me?

Well, if you weren’t a few minutes ago you probably are now.

There is a whole other world though…men who get off on being denied sexually, being teased or ‘cuckolded’. Sometimes humiliation is part of it, being told they’re not worthy. Others just seem to have a frustration fetish. Some don’t even want to cum, they want total orgasm denial. Chastity can be a part of that.

Why? Why is anyone into anything they’re into?


You won’t be fucking me or cumming locked up in your cage!

I’m very amused by these scenario’s. I get session requests (in person & online) & custom vid requests where guys just want me to tease them with what they can’t have. Describe the sex acts they’ll never have with me, the intimate pleasures they’ll never experience. One of my favorite things to do is to get quite romantic, sensually intimate, without actually doing much of anything. Grazing my nails & fingertips along their skin & through their hair, breathing softly on their neck, moaning quietly in their ear, pressing myself against them so gently they almost don’t register the pressure…

Sweet seduction followed by…

Nothing really. Maybe a little giggle at their squirming & discomfort. A bright smile at their frustration.

Nude Mistress T & a slave.

So close yet so far…

It makes me feel powerful, I admit. Having a man want me so badly. To have his body & cock screaming to do what is supposed to be ‘natural’. To go against nature & to leave him humping the air pathetically.

That might be why I enjoy cuckolding so much. I get to feed my desire to deny a man sex with me while at the same time getting my sexual needs met by another. My cake & eat it too.

I love to say “no”. And I love to say “yes”.

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The Year of Chastity: by Slave Self Denial (part 2)

Note from Mistress T: This is a continuation of the adventures & experiences of a slave who is currently serving me…attempting to deny himself an orgasm for a year. (Previous entry Jan. 6, 2013)


Mistress T


Chastity device.

Oh the suffering…a woman’s hand wrapped around your locked up cock…

Beginning of entry from Slave Self Denial:

Just to make my Self Denial more frustrating and “extreme,” on a recent business trip I hired an escort to come to my room. I had emailed her several times ahead to let her know that I would be wearing a chastity device and that all I wanted from her was to be teased and reminded how other men get to cum on her and in her yet I would have no release at all.

She arrived around 9pm, and when I opened the hotel room door she brushed up against my body and stuck her tongue down my throat. She reached down and grabbed my CB-6000 through my jeans and said “guess I’m not going to be sucking what’s in there!”. She took off her top to reveal her perfect tits, lay down on the bed and said, “ok strip so I can see that chastity thing.” I did and of course my poor cock was straining as hard is it could to break free…pushing up against the sides of the plastic casing, my balls swollen and dark.

She took off the rest of her clothes and had me kiss and lick her whole body. She then mounted me 69 position and push her wet pussy into my face. She started to lick my balls and run her tongue up and down the plastic case of the CB. It was driving me crazy! Eventually she pulled out a big pink dildo from her bag. She lay down in front of me with her legs up and pushed the cock inside her. She fucked herself for a while as I watched then she had me hold the dildo in front of the CB and “fuck” her. I held the fake cock with one hand and grabbed the back of her hair with the other, as I kissed her and looked into her eyes. This is what other men see when they have their cocks planted deep inside her pussy, this is what they see when they orgasm and shoot their loads. But I could feel nothing…and was certainly not going to shoot any loads.

We did the same thing with her doggy style. I knelt behind her, held the dildo in front of the CB and “fucked”. I looked at the curve of her back, her round ass, the tattoo on her lower back and again imagined how many men had seen the same thing while their cocks slid in and out of her wet cunt. All the male cum that shot across her ass and back…but for me nothing.

She had about three orgasms in our time together. She left and I spent a fitful night waking up every hour or so with a hardon inside my cage.

The next night I went to see a Pro Domme in the same town to have her remove my CB-6000…only to have it beaten with rulers and slapped over and over again…more on that episode soon…