Fan Mail – Fuckdoll?

I get a lot of fan mail. Most of it isn’t worth repeating but once in awhile one comes along that is worth sharing. This one made me smile, then laugh. See if you can catch the humor too…


Ode to an internet beauty
Mistress T,

You’ve written about getting messages obviously written one-handed. Don’t slight us or yourself. I’m here because the moment I first saw your photo, I experienced involuntary movement of a major body part. Has that ever happened to you? Can you imagine if you saw a really sexy guy and all of the sudden your arm moved without you making it do so? I couldn’t take my eyes off of you, and my cock got hard until it throbbed incessantly. When I very soon after watched that first brief video clip somewhere on the web, yes, I couldn’t help but watch with one hand. I had no choice but to masturbate. I had to. You beauty forced an erection on me, forced incredible lust on me, and forced me to masturbate. My hand grabbed my cock as if directed by a power beyond my control, tightly, and starting stroking it like it was a jackhammer. Seeing you, that classically beautiful face, the high cheekbones, the petite, thin frame, the tiny waist, the very round hips, the perfect-size breasts that are perfectly shaped and are firm and high, those legs, and, just as much a work of art as your sculpted face, that absolutely round, extremely high, tight, and symmetrical rear end that makes for a perfect outward arch–such an incredible curve, the best curve a woman can have and you have every curve, one word inhabited my mind, my hand, my cock, my heart, my soul as I looked….

…My brain function devolved back in time to its most primitive state where I could no longer even think. Primal instinct took over and it made my cock hard and throb, made my hips thrust in a fucking motion even though I was alone, and made me think, over and over and over as I was captured by your sexual power, only of one one syllable word: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck her.  Fuck that woman. I need to fuck the hell out of this woman before I die. I HAVE to fuck her. It’s an animal reaction you create in us. It’s what makes us view, subscribe, write. I lose control over my penis where you are concerned: I get hard even if I don’t want to, I jackoff harder than I intend to as my body acts as it would were I actually be fucking you, I come harder, I ejaculate more, and I come much sooner than I’d like to because you take over my mind, body, soul and cock. You own my cock, in a way. In real life, I’d want to drill you forever, but in reality would surely come very quickly given how much you turn me on.  You are a living fuckdoll in the most complimentary sense. We men fantasize about having Mistress T the fuckdoll as our personal fuck-toy. That’s the secret hope for some of us; we’re not all submissive wimps. I want to take you under me and have my way with you, touch you everywhere at once, lick you forever, and pound you until my cock falls off.

It’s real–you capture our core beings merely by looking as you do, by being you. I have had innumerable orgasms while watching your videos and looking at your photos. You have the best ass–when a woman is so perfectly round back there, I get overwhelmed with lust.  I love everything about your appearence, but it’s that extraordinary rear-end of yours that keeps me coming back, and keeps me looking with only one free hand.

You’re the best.


Mistress T new pantyhose

Ass encased in pantyhose...*sigh*

MistressT saddle up

Saddle up!

MistressT latex panties

Under that juicy ass!

MistressT Bum

Love that ass!

Teen Hormones

I almost entitled this entry “Sport Fucking”.

Wikipedia says this about hormones: “In essence, it is a chemical messenger that transports a signal from one cell to another.” It’s important to remember that we are really just animals. Evolved & complex yes, but really just animals. We’re hard-wired to reproduce. It’s natural for us to be horny, to want to mate. It’s our big, beautiful brains that keep us from fucking like monkeys. We learn to control our impulses to adjust our behavior…but when you’re young, with little life experience and feeling horny is new & powerful it can be difficult to avoid fucking like a monkey. Especially combined with the high of exploring your power over men.


That’s a long way of saying that I was very promiscuous, which Wikipedia explains this way: “In humans, promiscuity refers to undiscriminating casual sex with many sexual partners.” They are careful to note this behavior only has a name for humans because no one ever judges a monkey for being a slut.


I kind of feel about my teen promiscuity like Charlie Sheen feels about his party binges: proud of it. It was epic. And I know full well, as Charlie does, that others judge…but many of those who judge have never had that kind of fun. They’ve never LIVED. Some think Charlie is crazy. Me, I don’t care if he’s crazy. I don’t have to love EVERYTHING he’s said or done to love SOME of what he’s said and done. This isn’t really about Charlie, this is about making our own choices even when others poo-poo it. It’s about being true to yourself and as long as you’re not hurting others, do what you want.


I bet you’re hoping I’ll finish my soapbox rant and just give you the juicy details of my teen sex life?


I’ll share a little. Why not?


When I was 16/17 I had a 3some with 2 guys who were best friends that lasted for about 6 months. We were all close friends but had no illusions that we were boyfriend(s) girlfriend. It was just sex with friends and it was great. It only ended when one of them started a serious relationship with another great gal who he later married.


I’ve really just run out of time to write this blog entry right now but I’ll spend some time thinking about all the great sex I had as a teen and if there’s anything worth sharing maybe I’ll add it in later. It’s enjoyable thinking back to that time. Fun.


MistressT fetish goddess asslicking ass worship

Happy Slut