UK / Europe: Fall 2012

My flights are booked! I will be in the UK the end of October – early November.

I will also be spending a week in another European city early-mid November…probably Barcelona but I’m still deciding.

Here’s my schedule (so far):

Oct 20 thru 23 – HAMPSHIRE, UK: I will be at Whiplash Towers filming AND seeing lucky fans privately. Double Domme sessions with Nikki Whiplash are possible as well as just one-on-one with me.

This is my 3rd visit to Whiplash Towers & I’m very excited. It’s always a lot of fun & very productive. She has an amazing fully equipped dungeon as well as a medical room, school room & domestic settings.

That’s Nikki Whiplash. She looks pretty mean here, eh? She’ll fuckin’ crush you, man. Look out! *smile*

Oct 24 thru 28 – LONDON: I’m going to at least one of the Torture Garden fetish parties on the Halloween weekend. I’ll be staying in a hotel in London for that. I’ll consider accepting a few sessions in London during those days. Preference will be given to those I’ve seen before or those who are very generous. I’d rather only see a few select fans privately at that time. Probably no filming.

Social time: Not sure you want an actual session but you’d love to meet me & spend social time with me? Yup, I do that: dining out/shopping/live music/theater, etc. It’s gonna cost ya, but less than a session & this is a very popular option for a lot of my fans. Why? Probably because I’m so darn charming.

This could be your view of me eating across the table from you! How awesome would THAT be?! Right?!

This could be you! Imagine the joy of taking me shopping while combining fetish play. Kinda blows your mind, right?

Oct 29 thru Nov 7 (maybe 8 & 9) – BATH, UK: I will be at The English Mansion with the illustrious Sidonia Von Bork. Film slaves & private slaves are welcome to apply. That’s right: I will be accepting PRIVATE BOOKINGS AT THE ENGLISH MANSION! Cool, eh?

Click here to see the full pic collage & Mistress Sidonia’s blog entry about my last visit:

IMPORTANT note for film slave wanna-be’s: I am selective about who I use as film slaves. Mistress Nikki & Mistress Sidonia already have a decent posse of tried n’ true film slaves so only apply if you are confident you will be valuable…and only if you’re prepared to either supply references or make a deposit to demonstrate you are reliable & serious.

IMPORTANT note for private session wanna-be’s: Due to the many time-wasters & flakes out there you will have to prove yourself worthy of an appointment. If you don’t have rock-solid references you will have to make some kind of deposit to prove you are reliable & serious.

A note about deposits: I know a lot of guys are serious but they don’t like making deposits. Hey, I get it. I wish I didn’t have to be a stickler on this. It’s a shame so many douche bags have wasted so many Dommes time that its come to this. I make it very easy for you to prove you’re serious. I offer lots of different ways to make a deposit…and again, if you have a reference you won’t even need to do this. If you really are serious about seeing me email me to discuss how you can prove it.

Nov 8-Nov 14: Where will I be??? Probably Barcelona, but I’m open to another European city, preferably one I haven’t been to yet. This part of my trip is more about pleasure than work but at this point I’ll be traveling solo…which can be kind of boring. I’d rather travel to a city where I have a generous fan or two who will show me around, spend social time & mix in a bit of casual play. Applications are welcome.


-Email only, don’t tweet me or apply by commenting on my blog.

-Prove you’ve read these instructions by providing ALL the information I ask for below:

1. WHERE do you want to see me? (Hampshire, London, Bath or other city.)

2. WHEN do you want to see me? (Date or dates that work for you.)

3. WHAT are you into? Specific activities. List them briefly, don’t write a novel.

NOTE: The MOST VALUABLE FILM SLAVE would be a cream pie eater and/or cocksucker willing to come to Bath to film at The English Mansion.

4. For WHAT? Private, filmed, social? All of the above?

5. DEPOSIT or REFERENCES? Either supply refs or confirm you are wiling to make a deposit.

6. BUDGET? My rates are high. If you’re a real fan I don’t have to explain why. If you’re on a tight budget I’m not your gal:-) If you are a very valuable film slave you might even get your deposit back but you’ll still have to prove yourself valuable first.

That’s it in a nutshell folks. Keep in mind that my time is always in high-demand in the UK, you kinky Brits…aim to impress in your email applications/introductions. I appreciate clear but brief and to-the-point communication. Respect my time.


Mistress T


Members site:


Miss Jasmine, in the UK July 14-25

My friend & fellow Domme Miss Jasmine (who resides in Vancouver) will be visiting London and the the vicinity July 14 – 25.

I expect you Brits to show her a good time!

Miss Jasmine will be seeing lucky subs one-on-one as well as teaming up with Lady Bellatrix. She’ll be doing some filming too.

Those wanting to meet her are instructed to fill out a little form here:

Jasmine is great. I’ve known her for years personally & professionally. She is skilled & experienced, very sadistic and sexy as hell.

If you’ve seen me and want to use me as a reference email:

Find vids of Jasmine on my clips store and members site. Just search ‘Jasmine’.

NEW INFO: Jasmine will be teaming up with Madame Caramel, Mistress Kiana & Lady Bellatrix for a FemDom party on July 19! All details here:

Mistress T

Members site:

Jasmine in the vid “Facesitting Fiesta”. Look at those legs! Wowza!

From the vid: “Giantess’s Jasmine & T”. Jasmine is pretty tall but she’s not REALLY a Giant! *smile*)

My European trip so far…

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Budapest. It’s Saturday night and I tried to have a night on the town but I just didn’t have it in me. I’ve had a lot of intense human interaction the last week and I was craving some alone time.

I’ll back up…a little over a week ago I arrived in London. My second night in town I went to the Torture Garden Fetish Party. It was fantastic. Lots of eye candy, some good dancing & debauchery.

I battled my old arch enemy jet leg those first few days and arrived at Whiplash Towers ready for action. I stayed there for four nights and had so much fun I didn’t want to leave. Nikki & her crew of deviants were a delight to work with. We filmed loads and loads of awesome content for both of our sites…plus had some great sessions. It was wonderful having a team of slaves catering to my needs both on and off camera. I love working with Nikki Whiplash. She has a wickedly creative mind and I could listen to her saucy verbals with that accent forever & never tire of it.

I filmed a bunch of vids for Nikki last fall & you can find me on her various EXCELLENT sites:

Teaser pic of Nikki Whiplash & I working over some poor slave.

Teaser pic of scene I filmed in Nikki’s dungeon with 4 slaves watching me….um…you’ll have to wait until I release the vid!

I loved staying at Whiplash Towers. It was chalk-a-block full of interesting things. Here’s a few fun snaps:

This gnome doesn’t go in the garden….so where DOES it go???

This is the famous ‘BAM’. If you know what the B.A.M. stands for EMAIL for a free 1 day premium pass to my site!

Not just artistic/decorative but handy in the event of an apocalypse!

Church hat, leather gloves, strap-on harness, coat…one of these is not like the other…

A typical Dominatrix bathroom: anti-bacterial soap, ass-toys, wet wipes, nipple clamps and a hair brush perfect for spanking that sternly states: “NOT FOR SPANKING!” Doh!

You also find the loveliest people at Whiplash Towers, like Nina Birch! (LOVE this woman! xoxoxo)

Here’s Nina’s site:

And you can also find her in many epic films on The English Mansion (you’ll find me there too, as well as Nikki Whiplash & Fetish Liza. It was, in fact, The English Mansion & the much loved Sidonia Von Bork who brought us all together!)

After four intense days with Nikki I flew to Budapest, Hungary to model for Fetish Liza’s kinky films. Liza is passionate about leather, latex, sexy heels and pantyhose/stockings. She’s always dressed to kill! She also has an amazing house with a beautiful wine cellar/dungeon which made the perfect backdrop for some pretty twisted scenes.

See more of the delectable Fetish Liza here:

Here’s a few pics from my phone taken at Liza’s:

Shoes? Check! Stockings? Check! Gloves? Check! Panties? Ah, screw it.

Nice day for a ride! I worked a pony slave to the point of collapse wearing this number.

Don’t I look mean? Grrr! This is the authentic wine cellar turned dungeon. Nice, eh?

So, I’ve got a couple days on my own in Budapest. I plan on having a spa day, traditional baths, etc. Then I’ll be taking an overnight train to Paris (I love trains!) and will have three nights there before heading to The English Mansion for the last week. We’ll be filming for both of our sites and I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be fun AND productive.

Mistress T

Members site:

Europe bound…

FYI, I’ll be in London this Friday, May 4…in case you missed all the previous announcements.

The new news is that my schedule has been rearranged to accommodate a couple of private bookings this weekend (Friday night, Saturday late morning & Sunday night).

I am booked pretty much the entire rest of the trip with filming…and I do not need any more films slaves at this point.

I will be at the Torture Garden fetish party Saturday night. You can respectfully say hi if you see me there.

I’ll be filming with Nikki Whiplash early in the week and heading to Hungary later in the week to film with Fetish Liza.

Between the 13-17 I’ll have a break and will consider taking a private session or two in Budapest and/or Paris. I’m also receptive to social time with fans who would like to share a meal/show me the sites, etc.

After that I will be heading to The English Mansion in Bath for the rest of my time in Europe. Sidonia Von Bork has some very interesting filming plans for me…

I am so excited to be filming with these amazing ladies. It sounds like it’s going to be very action-packed.

So, if you wanted to meet me in London this weekend send me an email telling me exactly what you’re into. Aim to impress as demand does outweigh supply and I will only see those I’m very interested in seeing.


Mistress T

Members site:

“Shower Time” might be a *golden* opportunity to serve me…

You could be licking those little feet! Slurp!

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my juicy ass!

You could be that boot-lickin’ gimp!

I’m bringing this dress & these gloves…and those tits too….

Twas the night before…

It’s 9pm the night before my flight to San Francisco. I’m finishing off last minute packing and details.

It’s been an interesting week. I sold my condo. Got rid of most of my furniture. I’m moving out of the temporary apartment I’ve been subletting the last few months. Most of the rest of my stuff is in storage.

It’s been a time of transition since my relationship ended several months ago. I have adjusted to running the business without a camera man and full time stunt cock. I have explored opportunities outside of Vancouver. I’ve had a lot of fun being single.

I wonder how much the casual observer picks up just looking at my vids. Do they notice that I’m different? Do they notice there’s been significant changes? Do they care? (Assuming their orgasm is the only immediate concern).

Tomorrow I fly to San Francisco. Next week I film with I wonder if the experience will be as epic as I imagine? I wonder what will happen next?

The following week I film with Glen from in LA which I’m excited about. I’ve seen him work & I like him.

I’ve been overwhelmed with emails from fans in San Francisco and LA wanting to see me and I simply won’t have the energy to see everyone. I’m careful these days to accept meetings only with those who I feel confident I will enjoy spending time with. Of the few I accept I’m anticipating some memorable times.

That basically sums up what the next two weeks will probably be like: memorable times. This is the kind of living that will comfort me in my golden years: “I remember when I was 35 & I went to California…” This is the kind of living I carved out of the lame existence I had during most of my 20’s. I wanted to LIVE my life, not just go through the motions. I wanted adventure, excitement and stories to tell. I’ve certainly gotten that and more….and maybe the best is yet to come!

Stay tuned as I tweet  (!/MistressTdotnet ) and probably blog throughout this adventure. I’ll be staying in a very nice hotel (compliments of a fan) for the first few nights and then moving into the Armory. Exciting!

By the way…if you are in London & you would like to see a Canadian Dominant women (I know many of you love my ‘accent’) I would recommend two lovely Canadian Dommes who I had the pleasure of working with and spending time with:
Lady Bellatrix & Greta Darklight.

Lady Bellatrix:
Since Lady Bellatrix relocated to London, she has made it her mission to unleash her signature cocktail of pleasure and pain upon the stiff upper echelons of British society. She is elegant, discerning and strict. Specializing in mind control, interrogation and elaborate role play scenarios such as blackmail this Lady will leave you feeling humiliated to the highest degree. She loves to be worshiped and a foot lover’s dream come true with her small but perfectly formed feet. She sessions from a fully equipped dungeon in London W4 but also tours frequently around the UK.

Lady Bellatrix

Greta Darklight:

Miss Greta is a sparkling muse, who combines holistic elements of Taoist practices, Tantra, and female domination into her tailored sessions. She is a genuine scholar of Tao, and a lifestyle BDSM enthusiast. One of her particular specialties is the healing release of emotional, physical pain and repression, through her unique practice which can be successfully combined with sensory deprivation and other play.

Greta Darklight

Greta Darklight

London: So far soooo GOOD!

Yesterday was a pretty epic day in London! The British have such nice manners. I received this email from the gentleman I had a private session with yesterday:

Hello Mistress Mommy T

i just had to write to say thanks again for an absolutely mindblowing session.  It
was everything i hoped it would be, and more besides!

What an amazing personality You have, and Your voice is totally hypnotic.

i was a little shy and tongue tied meeting You for the first time, but already i am
really keen to see You again - hopefully You will be back in London again soon - i
can quite understand why London loves You so much!  Maybe next time You are here, i
could be allowed to take You to lunch?

Well enjoy the rest of Your time in London. i am secretly hoping that You do spend
more time here in the future as we were chatting about!

Thanks again
Your panty pervert!

In case you’re curious about what I did with him it was a delightfully simple session. He loved panties and was a fan of my ‘Mommy’ vids. So I modeled a few pairs of panties for him, teasing him and guiding him through a masturbation instruction in my Mommy character. He knelt on the floor by the bed wanking himself while I stood above him on the bed, allowing him to get close enough to smell me, I teased him, grazed his nipples through his shirt, toyed with him not letting him cum until I gave him permission…

I also had a couple of great filmed sessions yesterday. One extreme blowjob tease & ruined orgasm with a cuckold twist. I was lucky enough to have a very thick cocked bull and a smaller dicked slave. I won’t give too much away but the vid will be dynamite.

That slave had this to say after:

“Dear Mistress

Hope the day went well for you, i just want to thank you again for being so understanding. I really enjoyed filming with you and as always i’ll still be recovering from the ache in my balls till next week…

Have a great stay, and let me know if you need anything while you are here.

Best wishes


Another film slave I did a combo bondage, satin glove HJ/stiletto trampling with a climax of me sitting on his face while he finished himself off.

He wrote this:

“Hello- thank you for agreeing to see me, it was (obviously!) totally wonderful… Would like to see you again.”


I’m off to Club Pedestal tonight accompanied by a wonderful slave from Paris who I met when I was there a few months ago. Tomorrow night I’ll be at Torture Garden with a very cute 18 year old female submissive. If you see me there you’re welcome to say hello just be respectful of my space if I’m having a sexy moment with someone else.

Things are getting pretty booked up this week but there are a few spaces here and there available until Oct 6 (Oct 7 is now fully booked for filming with Nikki Whiplash). Email me if you would like to be a film slave or if you would like to see me privately. I am receptive to just sharing a meal if you would just like to meet me. My first night I had a lovely dinner at a private members club with a fan. Sometimes delicious food and engaging conversation in a beautiful environment is even better than sex!

Double Domme sessions are also possible with Lady Bellatrix

Email to discuss:

Kiss Kiss

How's the view?


Black Bull Auditions: London

I will be in London Sept 28-Oct 7. London has a much higher percentage of kinky black men than Vancouver I’m sure, so I thought it would be a good place to look for a black bull for a cuckolding vid.

For those unfamiliar with cuckolding, the ‘bull’ is the one who gets to fuck the women, usually while the husband watches. There are variations on the theme but usually the wife is very attractive, the bull is well-endowed and fit, the husband is less attractive with a smaller penis. This is one of my favorite fetishes and I enjoyed making cuckolding vids for the last several years with my previous partner. Now that I’m single I still have many ‘husbands’ (slaves who want to play the role of my cuckolded husband) but I don’t have a bull.

The interracial aspect makes it even hotter. Who doesn’t love BBC? (Big Black Cock)

Please apply:

-if you are black, attractive and have a thick cock (must be THICK, length is not as important)

-if you feel confident you can get hard, stay hard & cum while being filmed (production is small and intimate, possibly just the 2 of us with the camera on a tripod, at most a cuckold & a camera person)

-if you have excellent manners (the bull doesn’t have to be submissive or Dominant but I have to like you so if you’re a cocky jerk it’s not going to work out)

Safe sexual practices only, condoms, etc. Interaction between you and the cuckold is optional. NO MASK or HOOD and you must sign a model release & show ID/age verification.

Please send a pic of your face/body & hard cock along with a little introduction to:

It would be hotter if he was black, right?!

London Bound!

I’m excited to confirm that I will be in London, England Sept. 28 – Oct 7.

I will be attending Club Pedestal on Sept. 30 and Torture Garden on Oct. 1:

If you would like to attend one or both of these parties as my own personal pet, slave or play thing email to apply.

I am accepting applications for film slaves and private slaves Sept 28 thru Oct. 7.

Emails should be polite and brief. Include the specific activities you are most interested in, what you would be willing to try for my pleasure and hard limits.

Offer a couple of dates and times that you are sure you can commit to. Be respectful of my time. I network with other Dommes and we share no-see lists. If you have a reference and/or if you offer a deposit to demonstrate your level of interest you will be rewarded.



Strap-on Training: Learn to suck it properly and take it in your man-pussy...

mistress t bootlicker
Boot worship: Lick the filth off of my boots!

Roleplay: Mom's good boy...

Foot worship

Foot Worship: Lick my feet like you would lick my pussy...


Spanking: Naked, on hands & knees...

mistress T trampling

Trampling: Beneath me, where he belongs!

London Fetish Weekend Sept/Oct?

I’ve been invited to London Fetish weekend: (Sept 30-Oct 2) and am gathering information to help me decide whether the trip is do-able. I would stay several days longer and film with other producers and/or film for my own site with London film slaves and possibly accept private bookings.

If you are a producer located in London and you would like to work together during that week, email me.

If you are a potential film slave or you would like to have a private booking, email me.

If I get enough interest and IF I can juggle my schedule it would be great to come to London for Club Pedestal and Torture Garden. I’ll keep you posted!


MistressT red corsette

Party in London?

Story paused: London Rubber Ball

I’m pausing the story to share a photo I just received from the lovely Nina Birch in London. It includes herself and the diabolical Fetish Liza (red latex) and Moi.

MistressT NinaBirch FetishLiza Skin Two Rubber Ball in London 2011

Fetish Liza, Nina Birch & Mistress T in London for Skin Two Rubber Ball May 28, 2011

I had an amazing time recently in London. This photo was taken the night that we all shared a hotel room and attended the Skin Two Rubber Ball on May 28. 2011.

Just a couple days before we had all been at The English Mansion’s FemDom Ball. I met some amazing people (these ladies included), made some great business connections and personal friendships. Maybe in a future blog entry when the story gets caught up to this point I’ll delve into more detail…like the hot tub scene that seemed to be the highlight for many…

More on Nina:

More on Fetish Liza:

More on The English Mansion where you’ll find films featuring Nina, Liza and myself (although not all together at the same time):