Upcoming trip to NY & Greece with Meggerz!

Me in NY in 2007! I've been back several times since but I didn't get any typical touristy photo's.

Me in NY in 2007! I’ve been back several times since but I didn’t get any typical touristy photo’s.

Meggerz & I have had a blast together in Vegas. NY & Greece will be EPIC!

Meggerz & I have had a blast together in Vegas. NY & Greece will be EPIC!

The Cupcake Girls suite in Vegas 2014.

We kind of look like we’re going to get up to no good…don’t we? 🙂

I have very exciting news! A very generous fan, a financial slave who serves my friend Princess Meggerz (http://clips4sale.com/12252), has covered all expenses for me to fly to NY to meet up with Meggerz & then for both of us to go to Greece on vacation for 2 weeks this summer.

I know, sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I was skeptical when she first told me about it but I have received my FIRST CLASS tickets to NY & Greece! This guy doesn’t fuck around. He’s treated Meggerz to a couple of these extravagant vacations before so she knew it was for real even when I doubted him. It’s all about the financial domination for him.

So although I’ll be in NY for a few days & I know there are many fans who would like to session with me, I don’t want to be inside a hotel room sessioning the whole time. I love New York & I want to experience it! I already have at least a couple of very generous fans there who want to take me shopping & out on the town, who just want to be in my presence. That’s perfect. I won’t be accepting any 1 hour standard sessions. My time is too limited & valuable. If you really want to see me & you’re willing to make it worth my while, you can throw your hat in the ring via email. Aim to impress.

As for Greece…well, it’s a vacation for Meggerz & I. I wouldn’t rule out seeing a fan under the right circumstances but again, no standard 1 hour sessions. You can propose something via email.

On a side note: I will be doing a big push on filming the first 3 weeks of July in VANCOUVER (before I go on vacation). If you are in Vancouver early/mid July & want to volunteer, I can always use stunt cocks for hand job vids: BIG cocks that cum a lot. I can use loose ass’s to fuck with big toys. Maybe a few other things too. Face not required. You can be headless. Ha ha. Model release/ID for age verification req’d.


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Peru Trip 2013

I never meant for this to turn into a travel blog. It’s hard to write about my life without all the travel stuff though. Travel has been & continues to be such a significant part of my adult life.

I’ve been to Tokyo, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Hawaii, Mexico, England, France, Italy, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hungary & all over the US & Canada. I’ve just returned from three weeks in Peru.

I went with a few friends. We saw places. Met people. Played with pet monkeys in the Amazon jungle. Hung out with talking birds. Had some adventures. Went to high elevations & suffered from altitude sickness. We checked one of the wonders of the world “Machu Picchu” off the bucket list. The last day I went paragliding in Lima which was exhilarating. Every time I do one of these trips I learn more about myself & the world I live in. More importantly, I learn about the world beyond my door step. It makes me both appreciate what I have in Canada & also see how I take things for granite. It gives perspective.

I’ve always felt that one of the best things a person can do is travel, see the world. Not just all-inclusive resorts & comfy cruises (although they certainly have their appeal) but do the more challenging trips & SEE the world.

Photo’s & video’s can not duplicate the experience of being there in the flesh but maybe it will inspire you to go on your own adventure.


Click to go to vid

Or click here to view the vid: http://www.mistresst.net/freemovie/highlights-peru-trip-fall-2013


Hiking around in the middle of god-knows-where in Peru tripping on Mescaline. Probably perfectly safe.


I made it to the top of this mountain so I guess I wasn’t too high.


Machu Picchu, obviously.




Cusco, Peru…a cute town with some seriously old buildings. Like older than Betty White.


A nice artsy shot, if you’re into that sort of thing. Selfie in Pisac, Peru. A tiny hippie-friendly town on route to Machu Picchu.



These fucking birds never shut up.



Pic taken just before one monkey chomped the other ones head off & spat it at me.
Okay, that didn’t happen. The monkeys were almost as friendly as Canadians. Super sweet.



The bugs in the amazon jungle were ridiculous. I have loads of pics of them but I’ll just add this one because it’s also a very lovely photo of me.

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Burning Man Road Trip 2013

A road trip with my best friend is probably my favorite thing in the whole world. We listen to music & informative pod casts while blasting down the highway in his convertible. We stay in cheap motels, explore little towns, eat at roadside diners and talk. The kind of talking you do when you have endless hours to do it. It’s not a quick recap of your day, it’s the digging deep conversations, the meat of life.

Mistress T August 2013.

In the RV on the way to Burning Man.

My view as we drove to Burning Man in the middle of the desert in the RV.

My view as we drove to Burning Man in the middle of the desert in the RV.

My best friend & I set out for Burning Man with a sense of adventure. The road trip there & back, done many times now, is often even more special to me than the actual Burning Man event. We drove for a couple days in his convertible & rented an RV closer to Nevada where we continued in to meet our camp which included cherished friends we’ve been camping with for years & a few new additions this year: Ceara Lynch, her boyfriend & ‘Nate Bitch’ (sub boy that stayed with Ceara & I in Tampa & Vegas.)

Mistress T, Ceara Lynch & Nate at Burning Man 2013.

Lucky sub boy Nate Bitch, myself & Ceara Lynch, the morning after our all-nighter, watching the sun rise.

As always, Burning Man was great. Here’s a hodge-podge of pics from the week-long event:

Mistress T at Burning Man.

Behind the famous free bar at ‘Distrikt’. That’s right: free booze. It’s the Burning Man way.

Mistress T at sunrise at Burning Man 2013.

Sunrise after staying up all night with Ceara, her boyfriend & Nate. Those are naked fire dancers…yup, that’s pretty typical at Burning man: nudity & fire.

Sunrise at The Temple. Ceara is on the far left.

Sunrise at The Temple. Ceara is on the far left.

Early morning sun by a really cool art piece that they burned at the end of the week. Ceara in the background.

Early morning sun by a really cool art piece that they burned at the end of the week. Ceara in the background.

Mistress T in front of iron wolf at Burning Man 2013.

Another awesome art piece.

Ceara Lynch & Mistress T at Burning Man 2013.

Ceara & I goofing around in front of a giant “Worlds Best Grandma” cup. I’m sure all you boot bitches are jealous. Lol.

Mistress T at Burning Man 2013.

I danced every day & loved it.

Burning Man 2013.

This was my view at Distrikt dancing every day. Amazing party people!

I had a couple of nice visits from the famous Jack Hammer who I had met while filming at Kink.com a couple years ago. He’s an amazing performer & person. His fight with Cancer is inspirational (currently in remission).

Mistress T & Jack Hammer at Burning Man 2013.

It was great hanging out with fetish film star Jack Hammer.

With another amazing Burning Man under our belt we headed out to trade the RV back in for the convertible. The loose plan was to head to LA to film with Lexi Sindel but my friend didn’t feel like doing the long drive South so I spontaneously came up with another plan (& booked a separate trip to LA the end of Sept. See previous blog post). With limited internet access I got the address for a hot springs resort a couple hours away. I didn’t have much information and was surprised to discover a full-on hippie extravaganza. Sure, there were hot springs…but so much more. Naked people everywhere, healthy hippie food, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dancing, loads of self-improvement work shops…ya know, the usual new-age stuff for hippies with fat wallets. I’m pretty comfortable in that scene. I don’t necessarily fit in but they tend to be a friendly bunch & stress-free.

I loved it there. We soaked under the stars for hours & met some groovy folks. I was given a kind of water massage/hippie dance thingy that was fun & only a little creepy. It really felt like we were in a very different place, a different country or even a different planet really.

Photography was not allowed at all, actually no cell phones either, so the only photo I have is just outside the resort where a deer was enjoying the offers at an alter:

Just outside of the hippie resort where tame deer are well-fed.

Just outside of the hippie resort where tame deer are well-fed.

We were supposed to leave the next day but I met a fellow who caught my fancy. Actually it was his trouser snake that caught my attention…remember, everyone was naked, so ‘trouser snake’ is even funnier. We stayed a second night so I could have my pipes cleaned and it was well-worth it.

Those two days at that resort were surreal. We made fast-friends with many people who worked there or went there often. It quickly felt like home & I understood why some people go there & never leave.

Back on the road again we ended up in Portland for the night & were treated to the hospitality of Ceara Lynch. She just moved into her giant new house so had plenty of space for us. I’m so proud of her, at 27 to have put herself through school & bought two houses.

Mistress T & Ceara Lynch.

A quick Portland visit with one of my favorite people: Ceara Lynch.

We then made our way home to Vancouver after a rejuvenating & memorable two week adventure.

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An unusal day in the life…

It’s been an unusual day (for me).

I woke up at my Mothers house in Nova Scotia on my last day of my family visit. I opened my email & found out that I’d been dumped (more on that later). Mom drove me to the airport where we had our usual teary farewell before I spent the rest of the day traveling to an American city for a session I’ll have tomorrow.

I’m sitting in my swanky deluxe hotel suite reflecting on my family visit, my dying uncle, my dead relationship & mentally preparing for tomorrow. Between civilized conversations I’ll be administering extreme corporal punishment (beating him with various implements like paddles, canes, etc.), strap-on ass fucking/ass stretching with large butt plugs…& defecating in his mouth if I feel so ‘moved’. He has paid a ridiculous sum to have me come here…as is the case these days. “Make me an offer I can’t refuse” is my new slogan to those who want me to travel to their city for a session.

Another fancy hotel room...such extravagance...heavens-to-betsy.

Another fancy hotel room…such extravagance…heavens-to-betsy.

As for getting dumped this morning…it didn’t come as the biggest surprise. The ‘relationship’ barely had a chance to get off the ground before I left on this trip & I predicted it wouldn’t survive a month away. I’m a hellava drug, but my pull decreases with time & distance. We both knew that we weren’t compatible in the long term but the sex was fantastic enough to keep us both in play anyway. Well, until this morning when the dear boy finally mustered the courage to walk away from the best sex he’s ever had to seek a more compatible mate…one who wants kids (I don’t) & one who’s naked caboose isn’t all over the internet. Yes, as turned on as he was by Mistress T, he felt he could never introduce me to his family, friends & business associates.

When you’re married to your work all other relationships are just affairs. The combination of what I do & how much I travel is poison for relationships. This isn’t the 1st one I’ve lost because I’m not in town enough. It is the 1st one who has had that big of a problem with me being a Dominatrix/Fetish Film Performer. Probably won’t be the last.

“The best way to get over a man is to get under another.” ~ Mae West

I am lining up suitable candidates for when I’m back in Vancouver:-)

Nova Scotia was good except the whole terminally ill uncle thing. Heart breaking.

Here’s some random snaps of other moments like a lobster feed, farm fun & you know you’re at grandma’s house when the toilet paper has it’s own pretty basket.

Wish me luck tomorrow, ya know, with the whole bodily function thing.
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A Nova Scotia visit wouldn't be complete without a good feeding of lobster!

A Nova Scotia visit wouldn’t be complete without a good feeding of lobster!

An old barn that used to be so important for over 100 years, now just a home to cats.

An old barn that used to be so important for over 100 years, now just a home to cats.

Baby lambs: awwww.

Baby lambs: awwww.

Grandma's house...such a contrast to how I'll use the toilet tomorrow.

Grandma’s house…such a contrast to how I’ll use the toilet tomorrow.

Tropical holiday: so awesome.

Fans who have been following my twitter have been anticipating my blog post about my recent tropical holiday at an adults-only resort…& here it is! Complete with pics to make you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin & that familiar warmth in your crotch.

I’ll only mention in passing that I’m not a fan of Christmas. I’ve long threatened to make my escape from this commercialized nonsense & this year I finally made good on that threat. My goal was to find the most un-Christmasy way to coast through the ordeal. I settled on a sexy adults-only resort in a hot place…the kind of place where I could be topless & would be surrounded by sexy, open-minded folks.

I would have gone on my own but after some finagling I ended up being accompanied by an awesome girlfriend (who is the partner of one of my ex’s from 9 years ago who I’m still friends with) & another close non-sexual guy friend (who also happens to be an ex from about 7 years ago). I couldn’t have asked for a better crew.

The resort was great. We arrived at noon and made friends quickly. So much happened that first jet legged day no one was more surprised than me to find myself in bed with a charming, cute boy the very first night. I enjoyed him the next few days until he left…then I picked up another boy who I had had my eye on.

My fans have been requesting (begging really) for a vid with me & a black man for quite some time. I only film with those I’m personally into tho, I don’t hire professional porn stars & I just haven’t met a black guy who I wanted to film with…until this week. I know, I know…you have already looked at the pics before reading the words & you’re eagerly hopping from one foot to the other & clapping your hands in anticipation. Yes, I FINALLY had a tryst with a hot, hung black guy…& yes: I filmed it. (I can hear the collective excited squealing of my fans like it’s a Beatles concert).

The black boy & I started chatting in the pool. He was buff & cute. I told him he could call me Ma’am. He said I was so beautiful I could own him. I told him that had been illegal for quite some time but that I would happily rent him. He was mine to do with as I pleased for the rest of my vacation. I was snapping pics of us in bed when he suggested we make a video. I couldn’t believe my luck! Good thing I brought model releases & my camera.

That’s the big news…but for those who could care less about that…I had a wonderful vacation over all. I rested a lot, I read, spent a lot of time at the spa. I loved the buffets, the humid heat & the beach. I miss it already.

There are no crazy drunk pics because I just didn’t really party. It was a party place, but I was in a more leisurely state of mind. I did win a special contest though. I was kind of crowned “Miss …” for the week & there will be an online voting thingy that I will call on my fans to help out with as the grand prize is a free trip back to the resort. I’ll have a special blog post for that when it happens in the next month or so.

So that was my perfect little vacation. Great friends, lovers, food, sun & relaxation.

Mistress T

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Mistress T in sunset light.

Token pretty tropical sunset pic.

Mistress T topless at the beach.

Fun in the sun…I’m such a camera whore.

Mistress T bum crack.

You just wanna lick it, don’t you? *smile*

Mistress T in the pool.

Doesn’t it look like you could dive right into that wetness?

Mistress T topless with bikini bottoms.

Are you trying to look at my tits?! Pervert.

Mistress T at the beach.

The white sand compliments my untanned white skin, dontchya think?

Mistress T with black slave.

Kiss my ass boy!

Interraccial sex.

…and now for something completely different…

Mistress T in sexy lingerie.

What I wore for “Anything Goes” night at the resort.

Mistress T in heels and mini skirt.

Heading out to dinner looking like a tart.


I am in the UK!

I’m getting pretty good at this traveling thing. Like many things in life, you can learn to get better at it. With every trip I learn how to pack even smarter. I get better at coordinating my schedule. I figure out how to maximize my comfort & minimize my discomfort. I get more organized. I consider it an art form & I pride myself on being an excellent traveler.

I identified with the well-oiled traveling machine that George Clooney played in the movie “Up In The Air”. (Not a bad movie by the way, if you like Mr. Clooney, who is pretty much the same character in every movie….but I digress.)

This trip I was even more organized as I had planned on spending my last evening with my pal Samantha Mack screaming like little girls at Playland’s Fright Night (haunted houses).

Very scary night out with Samantha Mack (Playland’s Fright Nights in Vancouver)

All went smoothly. Samantha drove me to the airport in the morning, which is one of my favorite things: having a friend take me to & from the airport. When I take a taxi it’s just not nearly as much fun. There is something special about being sent off or welcomed with a hug at the airport.

I didn’t sleep on the plane as usual, but I watched a lot of TV which is one of my favorite parts about flying. I don’t normally watch much TV so it feels like an indulgence. (Johnny Depp’s ‘Dark Shadows’ is a fluffy bit of silly entertainment by the way. Without him, one of my favorite actors, I would have considered it rubbish.)

I arrived in London expecting one of my fans to greet me. I have been stood up once before by a slave who couldn’t make it at the last minute so ever since I’ve been very nervous about slaves no-showing.

He wasn’t there. He wasn’t answering his cell phone. I had mentally prepared to be disappointed so I calmly made my way to the Information desk to make other arrangements. I tried him once more on his mobile & was actually shocked when he answered and said he was there looking for me.

He was so nervous he could barely function. How a mid-20’s Muslim virgin ended up being brave enough in the 1st place to offer his services as a chauffeur to the Goddess he worships is a bit beyond me. That took balls he didn’t seem to possess.

He was sweet & I was very pleased with how thoughtful he was. He spent the car ride asking me dozens of questions. Everything from the usual like: “How did I become a Dominatrix”, to the more unusual like: ‘How to worship a woman’s ass’. It was at that point that I realized he was a virgin and I was delighted to give him lots of pointers to help him on his wedding night. Here’s some advice a bet a lot of guys could use:

Sex in reality is usually NOT like what you see in porn online. Porn is typically designed for men to jerk off to. The hard, fast thrusting & positions are designed to make your porn watching experience more exciting. In real life, you should care about a woman’s pleasure FIRST. Take your time. Go slow. SLOWER. Be soft & gentle, at least at first. If a woman wants you to fuck her harder she’ll probably let you know. If your new wife is a virgin too she is probably nervous as hell. Go slow & gentle. Take all the time in the world. Pay attention to how she is reacting and feeling.

Gently kiss & touch every part of a women. Don’t just go straight for her tits & pussy/ass. Kiss her shoulder, her neck, her tummy, her back, her hip, the back of her knees, etc.

It worries me that young men who learn about sex from porn are not learning the art of sensual love making.

Anyway. I arrived at Whiplash Towers after having a nice breakfast & picking up some groceries. It was like retuning home as this is my 3rd stay here. I love the view from my bedroom window:

Good morning English countryside!

This pic doesn’t do it justice, but I love the rolling green pastures of the English countryside. I see cows and birds. It’s so peaceful here. Well, peaceful when slaves aren’t in the building screaming & moaning!

I had a nap & then listened to Nikki molesting one of her collared slaves in the dungeon. It was great to see him again too. So sweet. Then I had a foot worship session with one of my slaves. A Hindu this time. A really big fan who has purchased hundreds of my vids over the years. It never ceases to amaze me when someone is THAT bowled over to be in my presence. I may never get comfortable with having that kind of fame.

It was great to see Nikki yesterday too. She is one of the good ones. A real stand up person. I’m honored to count her as a friend.

It was a wonderful first day in the UK & I slept well. As the sun started to rise, so did I. I could hear birds chirping. That was it. Today begins probably the most grueling schedule I have ever set up for myself. Nearly every day for the next 3 weeks is FULL of filming & sessions. I plan to update my twitter feed as I go along. Follow it here:


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Pics from my Nova Scotia trip…

I was in Nova Scotia last week to visit family. My best friend came with me & we did a little touristy stuff along with the family time.

I had a wonderful time. It was great to see everyone. Most of my family has a loose grasp of what I do for a living, they don’t want the graphic details but they accept & love me. I know a lot of my peers have to lie & hide their work from their families. I feel grateful that I don’t need to do that.

They can see that I’m healthy, happy & successful. They don’t need to worry about me & they’re proud even though I have chosen a nontraditional path.

Here’s a bunch of random pics:

This fridge magnet on my religious Grandmothers fridge means something else to her but I found it hilarious!

Me in Lunenburg, NS….

We had a night out on the town in Halifax & I met a super cute 26 year old wearing a t-shirt that I loved (see below). I asked to take a photo of it and we ended up hanging out for the next couple of hours…then smooching…then having a scandalous romp in the backseat of my rental car parked on a busy street in downtown Halifax.

He said “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) & that pretty much summed it up. *smile*.

The t-shirt that led to a quickie in the back seat of my car in downtown Halifax…

Me out for a night on the town in Halifax, NS…

A ‘dirty’ lobster pic from a seafood restaurant…

Me in front of a cool backdrop…

Me feeding sheep…

Me in front of the terrible Chinese restaurant we accidentally went to for Digby scallops…

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A little of this & that…

This will be kind of a hodge-podge blog post.

Banana’s don’t really go in Hodge Podge…

If you’re not familiar with that term…when I was growing up hodge-podge was a dish my mother made with fresh veggies from the garden (potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, etc.) boiled, water poured off and then cream and salt & pepper added. I loved it…and it means a bunch of stuff all thrown in together.

#1. Follow up to blog post about my judgmental neighbors.

About 5 months ago I wrote about my neighbors finding out about my profession. There was talk of them forming a lynch mob to drive me out of the building:


I received an outpouring of support and many inquires from folks wondering how things turned out. At this point, nothing else has really happened. Their worst nightmares or fears never became reality. I have been quiet and considerate. There has been no drama with me so no cause for them to take further action. For now it has blown over & I hope it stays that way.

Happy to have a home…for now:-)

#2. Follow up to my man-hunt.

About a month ago I wrote about my search for a partner:



I did not receive the avalanche of applications and proposals you might have expected. I tried a little online dating but other than that, there’s not much to report. I’m still single and often wonder if I really want my life to change. There are pro’s & con’s to being in a relationship vs. being single…and often the grass seems greener. My life is pretty awesome right now…

Awwww, pretty cute, eh?

#3. I just went on a swingers camping weekend.

And I didn’t get laid. Shocking, right?

There were about 40 people, all couples except myself and one other solo female. I was there with a half dozen wonderful friends who I’ve known for years…these friends just happen to be in open relationships…and they are an inspiration. They have the healthiest, happiest relationships I have ever seen…I’m referring to MY group of friends, not ALL swingers. Oh, by the way, they prefer the term lifestylers to describe the modern version of swingers who are younger & more physically attractive. (Although a google search for the definition of lifestyler will reveal that the term is used in a whole lot of other alternative lifestyles other than swinging.)

The highlight of the weekend was a very fast motorcycle ride along winding roads with breath taking scenery. It was thrilling being on the back of a motorcycle going that fast, feeling so vulnerable and so alive. I certainly get the whole adrenalin junkie thing. Zing!


#4. What’s happening now and what’s coming up?

I recently commissioned a portrait of myself. The artist/painter is working on it as we speak. The process has been very interesting as his art is more about telling a story about a person. He needed to get to know me which meant making myself very vulnerable to a complete stranger. He’s very talented so I’m excited about the end result. I may or may not post the image on my blog. I’ll decide when I see it if I feel comfortable exposing it to the world or if I prefer to keep it private.

The artist is Drew Young: http://dyoung.co/

I have been answering loads of interview questions lately which has been an interesting experience. It’s made me look at what I do in a different way. I’ll post links when interviews go live.

Thinking so hard smoke must be coming out of my ears…

This week will be busy with filming & editing. This weekend might be a bit of a crazy party weekend…then Monday I leave Vancouver for a bit. A couple days in Chicago with a special long-time client before I hit Tampa for FetishCon:


We are still looking for good quality film slaves and I now have an opening the evening of August 1 in Tampa (for a private meeting or for filming). Email: MsT@MistressT.net

I might be heading to New York for a couple days after Tampa before returning to Vancouver. A very generous slave is making it difficult to say no even though Vancouver is my favorite place to be in August. It’s about the only time of year we get decent beach weather here…& I love being naked down at our beautiful clothing-optional Wreck Beach. A couple days in NY with a fun, generous slave is pretty tempting though…we’ll see.

So that’s the next couple weeks…I am still planning to head back to London/Bath in the fall. Probably late September but I’ll know better by the end of August.

Lastly, I’d like to share part of an email from a fan who had the privilege of spending time with me recently:

“How often can you say in life that the reality was so much better than the dream.
I thank you for a truly wonderful experience.  I can genuinely state that I have never experienced anything like you gave me this evening, I repeat never.  
I would have willingly left without cuming just to have spent that precious time with you.
I will contact you the next time I am in Vancouver and if I have a long enough stopover in other places I’ll try and establish your availability.

Thank you for access to your site.  It was most unexpected and I am delighted.  I love the site password :).
However, I must admit I was very touched that you gave me a hug after.  I really appreciated that experience.
Please take care and safe travels and I hope to see you soon.

Happy Fetish Porn Star:-)

I did warn you it was going to be a hodge-podge blog post!

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Home from my fun road trip!

I’m back from a great week-long road trip with my gal pal. She turned 40 this last week and this is how we chose to mark the milestone.

We set out with a loose plan of making our way to Calgary to visit another friend of hers, stopping along the way to check out some wineries and hot springs. We were traveling in her parents camper thinking we would be ready for anything but we only slept in it twice the whole trip. Once just randomly on a side street and at her friends place in Calgary who already had company in the spare room and living room.

We took a couple little ferry’s during our trip too…fun & so beautiful!

Check out our cool ride! The scenery was breath taking.

We spent a couple nights at Halcyon Hot Springs in a posh cabin:

Hmmm, camper or cabin? I’ve made my choice…

We ended up doing quite a few hot springs: Halcyon, Radium, Upper Banff, Fairmont and Ainsworth. I loved how fancy Halcyon was but my favorite was Ainsworth with it’s very cool cave! It was hard to get pics inside the steamy cave but I managed a couple:

Hot n’ steamy inside the cave at Ainsworth Hot Springs.

Here’s a better shot of the actual cave with therapeutic hot springs water pouring in. It was VERY atmospheric.

Spending hours on the road talking to my friend about everything under the sun was wonderful. We stopped when we were hungry and ate at quaint diners. We got junk food when we stopped for gas. We ate tons of cherries, strawberries and peas from road side farmers markets. We stayed in some nice places and not-so-nice-places. We saw a lot of wild life along the way: bears, deer, elk, etc.

The time at her friends place in Calgary was interesting. A small horse ranch in the middle of no where. The kind of home with needlepoint pictures of horses on the wall and lots of nic nacs like toll-painted cats. I knew the other visiting friends were going to be interesting when I noticed the tattoos on his arms: a marijuana leaf, an eagle and a winged unicorn…and she started talking about the end of the world on Dec 21. All very down to earth friendly people who reminded me of my family in Nova Scotia. Rural people tend to be very different from city people and although I prefer the city, it was a good reminder of my roots to spend time with them.

The trip was fairly tame. We didn’t end up hitting too many wineries or partying very much so we decided we should go out with a bang on the last night. We got a room next to the most happening bar in the small town of Osoyoos. We sat at the bar drinking and waiting for it to get busy but even at its peak there was probably no more than 40 people, most under 30. I was approached by a boy who said his friend had a crush on me but was too shy to come up to me. I asked how old he was, they were both only 21! I explained that I’m 36 but he didn’t care. We spent the last hour of the night sitting with a table of 21 year olds, dancing and chatting. It was flattering, but it felt a bit silly.

They were very sweet but I didn’t go home with any of them. The one who liked me seemed more interested in dating me than having a one-nighter (he actually lives closer to Vancouver, they were tourists in Osoyoos too.) I wasn’t really interested in either….again, it was flattering but it felt a bit silly.

Speaking of silly…here’s a hand full of funny pics I took along the way:

We didn’t stay here or go see the bands but I bet they were good…:-)

Hmmmm, Hummer?

T-shirt proudly worn by a young guy in a pub…

It was a great trip. Good for the soul. Now back to work!

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Museums can be boring…I’ll save you the trip & just give you the entertaining highlights.

The first one was the Hospital in the Rock museum in Budapest & it was my favorite museum of the four I’ve visited this trip. It was creepy but interesting. We were forbidden to take pictures but I managed to get a couple interesting ones anyway:

They were well-prepared for nuclear attacks with loads of gas masks. Now most of you pervs associate gas masks with fetish attire. Oh, how things change…

There were cases full of old medical tools & equipment…again, most of you pervs will pick out items you’ll find in the dungeons of most Dominatrix’s: a mouth spreader, sounds, clamps, etc.

Yesterday I visited the quirky Museum of Hunting in Paris. Here’s some pics:

A cabinet of dog collars I assume? They would make lovely slave collars, don’t you think?

Of course, there were loads of stuffed animals in a hunting museum!

I just couldn’t BEAR to not take a funny pic…(I know, I know *groan*)

Why stop at just one funny pic? I was just BARELY getting started! Okay, I’m done now. Promise.

What the hell is this? Seriously.

I visited The Louvre today. It’s my third visit to Paris, I had to finally check it off my list. I did not love it. I actually preferred the Museum d’Orsay, which had a lot more pervy paintings. I found The Louvre painfully conservative. Below was the best I could find for kinksters:

Not sexy, but funny. Jesus looks pretty stoned & is showing a little nipple…

I never get tired of pics of Jesus tied up and abused…

Yeah, take it Jesus! Suffer for MY sins! Suffer!

Is it just me or does Satan look pretty fucking hot here? Bible-thumpers need to sex Jesus up a little to compete with Mr. Hell Hunk there…

Ok, last pic of Jesus getting the b’Jesus beaten out of him. I’m obviously not the only one into Jesus bondage & corporal punishment, there sure were a lot of these paintings created!

Now that’s how a lady should look after a romp in the sheets! Spent with a satisfied smirk on her face.

Here’s a little somethin’ for the ass lovers out there. You’re welcome.

Here’s the token pic of me standing in line to get into The Louvre.

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